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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Brandon Gurney, the Iraqi Information Minister of BYU Sports (or is that Greg Wrubell…. I think it is debatable). I think it is funny that the Deseret News has basically become a glorified blog.

Anyhoo, kudos to Mr. Gurney for understanding that his fan base needs to be handled with care and that he needs to follow up bad news with some good news, even though the good news happened nearly a month ago.

When will we Mormons get over our persecution complex?

Saint George, UT

Welcome to BYU Trent. Cougar Nation is proud to have you on the team.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

No need for either fan base to get all excited. A verbal comitment doesn't mean squat. Kids change their minds; no big deal. I hope the kid signs for Utah and wish him all the best.


Proud Ute

Congrats to both young men for the opportunity to get an education and play Div I football.
Get that degree!

West Jordan, UT

What I found interesting was the final recruiting pitch made to Davion by the BYU coaches, which said (from Davion's mouth) he would "have a better schedule at BYU and it would it would be better for me - that there would be a lot of partying at Utah and it wouldn't be good for me because I need to be focused". The BYU coaches also said they would continue to recruit him to get him back.

I find it pathetic that BYU coaches have to go to the "Utah is a party school and will ruin you" card in recruiting. Why couldn't they just sell the good things about BYU's football program? I'm not sure why ANY recruit would choose BYU over Utah if they are looking at the quality of the CB position. Just look at the recent NFL success of Utah CB's and it's easy to pick the better path as far as football goes. Utah is a fine place to be. There's no honor code, but in no way does that mean everyone is partying it up. Sad, sad method of recruiting in my book.

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

I'm quite comfortable with this transaction. BYU seems to be getting the better defensive players, anyway, as evdidenced by the performance on the field.

South Jordan, UT

Are we comparing again?

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BlueCoug,

People find what they want to find at the school they choose, depending on the type of person they are. I attended the U and loved it. You may find it hard to believe, but while at the U, I never drank alcohol and never engaged in immoral "partying." I did find my wife and was sealed to her in the temple. The U is a great family atmosphere. Certainly one who is looking for it can find bad things. NEWS FLASH: so can someone who is looking for it at BYU. Get off your unbecoming high horse. Glad you enjoyed BYU; good on you. But know that there are thousands of Mormons and other good people who have a great experience at the U and live fulfilling lives even though they were deprived of the apparent and purported celestial bliss that is BYU.

Your attitude represents one of the main reasons I declined my acceptance to BYU and chose to join with other great Mormons and other good folks at the U. Glad to see that that attitude is still alive and well after all these years. Keep it up BlueCoug.

Las Vegas, NV

Don't kid yourselves people, a kid who wants to party, have girls, do drugs, etc., will do it regardless of where they go to school or what code they have agreed to. It happens all the time in Provo, if you think it doesn't, it's only because of your blue blinders. Don't be so self-righteous as to condemn a team, a school or a community just because it is outside of Utah County. There are great people on the Utah team who are solid LDS, including coaches, and many - MANY great fans who are solid LDS, including ..... The Prophet! If byU were the only place for LDS players, there would not be high profile LDS players on other rosters, including Manti Te'o on Notre Dame and Jake Murphy (the ex - four star byU commit) on Utah.

Get off your high horses. Davion picked the better program for him. He wants to play in the NFL, enough said!!

Nice to have Davion aboard. It has got to be painful to you southies that Utah got byU's highest rated 2013 recruit (per Rivals) to date.

Las Vegas, NV

What I like is that Davion said that Bronco told him that byU has a better schedule than Utah. Really?? Besides throwing out the "they party" card, that was particularly humorous. I'm surprised he didn't claim that byU puts more people in the NFL!!

Welcome home Davion!!

Las Vegas, NV

Better schedule at BYU? The latest Sagarin ratings lists the four worst FBS schools in order: Massachusetts, Idaho, New Mexico State and Hawaii. I may be wrong, but, aren't three of those schools on byU's schedule this year? BTW - cougar blue just might be beyond ecstatic by their home November schedule this year!!

No wonder Davion Chose The Red!!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Broomhockeychamp

"Performance on the field"? Utah has beaten BYU three years in a row, and 8 of the last 11. Utah has 3 times the amount of current NFL players then BYU. Try again.


@ IdahoCoog
Disappointing comment you made judging these two young men that you have probably never met. Neither of the two has made a promise to anyone until a LOI is signed and even then minds can be changed. That is always a right they have and not knowing the cirumstances we have no ground to pass judgment.

Cedar Hills, UT



the truth
Holladay, UT


Any one recruited this year WILL NOT be playing against any of those teams except perhaps Hawaii which has traditionally been a competitive team. Having one down year does NOT mean they won't be decent in the future.


When arrogant hypocritical Ute fans stop persecuting BYU and their fans.

Highland, UT


LOL! that you think all schools don't bad mouth all other schools recruiting the exact same kids. And yes I can give you examples of utah coaches saying far, far, far worse things about BYU than the one you are so sillily outraged over.


Atlanta, GA

ModerateBob, thank you for all the time you spend on the Deseret News "glorified blog". Must be worth your time or you would not be here.

Salt Lake City, UT

Their is a simple answer for the negative commentors toward BYU. I believe it is one that they fully understand but choose not to come right out and talk about. Why? Because is can be a positive or negative thing for their school also.

The honor code at BYU is a very big issue. Same reason that many people do not join or attend the LDS church and speak negatively about it. They choose to not live the lifestyle. On the other side of the fence, for athletes who do not want the liberal college lifestyles or the requirement to play on Sunday, then BYU becomes a good fit for them regardless of LDS membership.

It would appear that that gap is widening. Utah is gaining a liberal college reputation and as time goes on it will most likely be even more apparent. Sunday play will become a bigger issue for many kids also.

Bottom line there will be kids who choose Utah over BYU because of the lifestyle available there. But the reverse will also apply and those who choose the LDS lifestyle will more likely end up at BYU.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT


"Many hormonally challenged kids with no thought for the future will always gravitate to places where they can get drunk, laid and mess with drugs. U of U, by your description, seems a better fit. That's fine with me. BYU will take those with a greater desire for education and morality than an extension of being a high school jock."


So BYU lost a commit to Utah. Big deal. Your post is one of self-righteousness and pure arrogance. It is the reason why so many Ute fans despise the BYU fan base. Not to mention that it makes all Latter-Day Saints, who many associate BYU with, as stuck-up snobs, which isn't true of course, but it is hard to defend against the claim. Fortunately, I won't judge all BYU fans by your remarks, but many will. Sadly, however, over 20 people "like" your post.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Glad the kid made the right choice to join the best program in the state and the conference of champions!!!

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