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Published: Sunday, Oct. 28 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Utah will not beat Arizona or Washington. No bowl this year!

U 90
Corona, CA

whoa... lets not get ahead of ourselves. Two more wins before any bowl talk please.

Springville, UT

Pinstripe Bowl... awesome opportunity!

By the way that was a good win last night but I'm afraid Washington and Arizona are going to be the show stoppers this year.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Since you can see the future, tell me, will the cougars ever again be in consideration for a major bowl after September? Inquiring minds doubt it, but still want to know.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Way too early to start talking about bowls, but it would be amazing to see the Utes play in Yankee stadium.

Here's to hoping!

Granstville, UT

Yes, because the Utes can not finish the season against jv squads, and must continue to play actual D1 level competition, getting bowl eligible will be quite an accomplishment for them at this point of the season.

On the other hand, winning the wac championship for the second year in a row, then playing a team from the mwc in a bowl, leads many to believe this is a formula for relevence in the national landscape of college football. YAY, team!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think you should have mentioned Utah State in the bowl mix. The WAC has only one bowl tie with the Potato Bowl in Boise. But Utah State and Lou Tech are headed to a showdown game for the WAC Championship and the bowl game. The the losing team will still have a glossy record and most likely take one of those Big East bowl slots. So you may see Utah State in Yankee Stadium.

Not sure why you overlooked the Aggies. After all that potential 7th loss (if they have 6 in the conference) that could keep Utah out of a bowl game was administered by the Aggies.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

I would consider going to the pinstripe bowl if the Utes were playing in it.

Richmond, VA

I'm a huge Cougar fan but I don't buy into the notion that Utah will not go bowling this year. I think the Utes are much better than their record shows so I wouldn't count them out as of yet. I believe they have finally turned the corner and I'm rooting for them, the Aggies and my Cougars to all go bowling this year!

Go Utes! Go Aggies! And go Cougars!

Arlington, VA


Same question for U; will the Utes ever be in contention for a major bowl after September?

btw, being "mathematically" in contention is NOT the same as actually being a contender.

Even IF the Utes hadn't belly-flopped against Colorado last season, the Utes had absolutely NO CHANCE of actually beating Stanford or Oregon in the PAC 12 championship game.

Being in "contention" is like pretending that a 6-win Utah basketball team could win the PAC 12 championship and then win the NCAA tournament. Mathematically, it's possible. Realistically, it's IMPOSSIBLE.

You can continue believing that the Utes are still in "contention" after September if it helps you sleep at night, but that's the reality of power conference bottom dwellers - always in "contention", but never contenders.

The exact same argument you're using for Utah, could be made for Ol' Miss, Vanderbilt, Duke, Northwestern, Washington State, and a host of other perennial power conference bottom dwellers.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I love all the haters. The insecurity is amazing. Utah will go 6-6 and end up who know's where. Thats the beauty of playing in a BCS conference. The bowl possibilities are pretty endless. Unfortunately for BYU, after one loss they are pegged to the Poinsettia or Holiday bowl. I liked it better before all the bowl tie ins. It's too bad BYU doesn'g get more opportunities as an independent.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Not so Rosy here. Think about it, those Zonas has benn sniffing dead roses foever. If you do win the remaining 4 games would you go to Yankee stadium that more likely have some spotty fans around that stadium? I didn't think you want to play at NM near the pit? SF would be nice there next to the bay and SF and the world champ SF Giants would be cool place to be. But against WA and AZ will dashed your plan. Good luck at Colo like what happened last year. Good luck!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Great post and totally agree. I can't believe all the BYU fans (Utah Haters) who come on here like a wet blanket. I hope all three schools go bowling and I think they will!

Highland, UT

I've never even heard of the Pinstripe Bowl. It would be pretty cool to go to New York though. Even if it is cold New York at the holidays is a fun place to be. I wouldn't get to optimistic about it though as I highly doubt utah will beat either az or wa. But it is possible.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Im otimistic, the Utes usually finish strong and yes, Arizona and UW are pivital. I don't think you can sleep on WSU either, especially after watching them at Stanford on Saturday. Nice win by your Cougs on Saturday.

Bluffdale, UT

The Utes will dominate their home games. Which will make everything hang on the Colorado game again.

Woods Cross, UT

Isn't it interesting. The only way Utah can have a worse bowl game than BYU is not to have one at all. At 6-6 Utah still plays against a BCS team. Even if BYU were 11-1 and probably even if they were 12-0 (given that they play an average 78th place team and have yet to beat a team in the top 50) they would get Fresno, SDSU or whoever is runner up in the MWC. Independance has got them worse competition in bowls and given the current bowl setup BYU would never again play a BCS team in a bowl game unless of course they were to play a strong 7-8 game BCS schedule and actually win some. The problem is all the bowls that have BCS teams are slotted to specific conferences so there are few openings available and essentially none against BCS teams let alone against teams in the top 30 or 25. Sure Utah may not make a bowl, going to one is better than not going for the fans. But going to one nobody cares about does nothing for a program and that's BYU's fate as an independant.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

First of all, let's not count Utah out of a bowl game. They could go.


Your logic makes no sense. You say that a 12-0 BYU would play in the Poinsettia Bowl because they have yet to beat a team in the top 50. Huh? If BYU were undefeated, they would have beaten 2 opponents in the top 10 (which, last I checked, is in the top 50). An undefeated BYU would have played in a BCS bowl game. BYU is a lot better than their record, with all their losses being realistically possible wins if Riley Nelson could throw the ball well.

All in all, does it matter what bowl you go to if you're not playing for the national championship? Until we have a playoff, all other bowls are meaningless in the long run.

cedar city, UT

I think CRB meant with the 12-0 comment that even when non bcs teams go undefeated, sometimes it is up to the other top 8-10 teams records and how they do if that team will actually go to a bcs bowl game, but I can see how that would go misinterpreted. It's frustrating because, yeah, I'm a Utah fan but it's nice to see other state of Utah teams do well too so when a team is pinned to just a couple of bowls after one loss, it gets rid of the excitement and the fun of where they will go because the system has made it so predictable. Hopefully the play off system gets rid of the political bcs crap and just lets everyone play. Yeah, I like the Pac 12, sure, but I would love to see everyone on an equal playing field for the national championship and we all know it's not even close.

Gilbert, AZ


"At 6-6 Utah still plays against a BCS team."

A bcs team that's currently 3-4, with 4 straight losses - sound familiar?

It's laughable how Utah fans like to throw out the "bcs" label whenever they need to validate a Utah opponent.

btw, the Baylor team that CBS is "projecting" to meet Utah in the Pinstripe Bowl, plays at #12 Oklahoma, then finishes at home against #2 Kansas State, #18 Texas Tech and #24 Oklahoma State. Kinda makes you wonder what the college football "experts" at CBS are smoking.

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