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Published: Sunday, Oct. 28 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@PAC man

You say "If BYU was in the PAC 12, they would have won the PAC South last season with wins over Colorado, California and Arizona State" Exactly what are you basing this conjecture on?
Your team has 4 losses and should have lost to Utah State, making int 5 losses. If it had a decent November schedule, they would most likely lose 2 to 3 more, and most likely ineligible to play in a bowl.

Also, as I recall, your team did lose to your rivals again for the 3rd year in a row.

Arlington, VA

Two For Flinching

No, it's that time of year when Utah starts beating up on the other PAC 12 bottom dwellers and all of a sudden they think they're PAC 12 contenders.

BYU beat Utah State which beat Utah and the Utes will end up with the worst record in the state, obviously proving that the Utes aren't anywhere close to being the best team anywhere.

Arlington, VA


BYU is three plays away from being 8-1, with a road win against a team that's now a national championship contender.

Without BYU's mis-snapped scoop and score gift to U, the Utes would already have 6 losses and Utah's bowl chances would be on life support.

cedar city, UT

How is byu even relevant to any of this conversation? Kudos to Wilson for that block and for playing a pretty good game. I do still stick to my pick of Hays at QB, however, Wilson is developing nicely and looked very good. I nor most fans of any team hardly agree with announcers when they say things, but this time the PAC 12 announcers were right: Defense and special teams is what Utah football is about and Saturday we brought that back.

We have been so worried about our offense doing better and being 'the best' that everything kind of got put on hold. I can say one thing, I hope Shakey saw both of Dunn's TD's. It showed great patience and what I saw in Dunn as a freshman is finally coming back out again. Hopefully we can stay consistent with this high and take it to the end of the season. Yes, Arizona and Washington will be tough, but if we come out hard again and don't get complacent, we can do it. Go Utes!

Gilbert, AZ


"How is BYU even relevant to any of this conversation?"

Utah fans are obsessed with their big brother. No analysis of any Utah accomplishment is ever complete without a comparison to BYU. It's what U do. It's engrained in your MUSS DNA.

cedar city, UT

Um, not what I do. Too bad this isn't like the trib comparison of this article. It's nice hearing from the Utah fans their point of view of the game and their opinion of what highlights were the best from the game. Also note the byu fans that actually congratulate our team.

That is what real fans do, congratulate for success, not talk about their own program because honestly Utah fans don't care. I'm proud that our team showed up and kept it going. It was also nice to see our second and third string get reps as well. Anyone know if York is going to be playing this next week?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


I haven't seen anybody (who isn't a troll) claim Utah is a PAC-12 contender this season. In fact the consensus among Ute fans is that this is a rebuilding season.

In this very thread though we have seen a BYU fan say that the Cougs would be a contender in the PAC-12. They can't beat the Utes, but for some reason that leads people to believe they would fare better than the Utes. Makes perfect sense?

Alpine, UT


"I haven't seen anybody (who isn't a troll) claim Utah is a PAC-12 contender this season. In fact the consensus among Ute fans is that this is a rebuilding season."

That's not what Utah fans were spouting at the beginning of the season, in fact, all the talk on the hill was that Utah would likely finish 11-1 and would be fighting National Championship contender USC to represent the PAC South in the PAC 12 championship game. Not a single Utah fan even hinted at the beginning of the season that this was going to be a rebuilding year for the Utes.

LOL at your spin though!

Highland, UT


scott is exactly right. You may be saying "recuilding year" now but that was definately not what utah "fans" were claiming all year leading into this season. You guys were claiming pac12 south title and rose bowl, some were even saying undefeated. It is all on here in the off season articles, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. To pretend otherwise is ridiculous.

cedar city, UT

You're right, lots of fans thought this would be a great year (and it did have potential) but we have gotten complacent in games which made us lose unfortunately. Overall, I'm just hoping we lose some of the bandwagon fans whom hopefully give up their season tickets to me :) I love my Utes, no matter what happens. Things happen in the season and that is just how college football goes.

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