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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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metamora, IL

After having read a number of the posts here, most seem to forget that Des Moines is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Iowa. It Register's endorsement of Romney may not throw the election in his favor, but it certainly could be enough to throw the state in his direction.

salt lake city, UT

One more week before this debacle is over. I don't think our real choice here should be between Obama or Romney but between sanity and insanity. The Supreme Courts Citzens United ruling has changed our country forever if we don't change campaign election laws things will become worse. The amount of money being spent is abusurd!! I have not heard Romney's opinion on the matter but have heard BO say many times how the ruling is bad for America. If we don't fix this our future leaders may still be elected but they will be funded by unseen, selfish forces. It's all about the money.

Orem, UT

Sounds to me like the Des Moines Register has a lot smarter editorial board than the one in Denver.

Orem, UT


As an independent, I've read all the things that are wrong with Romney, most of it coming from far left websites.

What I see coming from the right are realistic expectations of Romney. They aren't proclaiming their candidate is the messiah that will cause the 'oceans to recede' and the world come together in love and harmony.

Romney is not perfect. He's a politician and plays that game well. But the info coming from the far left leaning websites and MSNBC are ridiculous. They believe that Romney will cause women to digress back to the '50s and shove grandma off the cliff. Seriously?

Reality is much more disturbing. What I see from Obama is a disastrous first term. I see the country in worse shape than I can remember in my lifetime. Washington has never been more partisan. He's failed as a leader. He has lost my confidence and it would be disastrous to this country if voted in a second term.

Romney's real-world experience is worth giving him a chance. He's a family man with very little tarnish on his record. He's a far better option than Obama...

Orem, UT

The thing why this endorsement is making news is not that it's coming from the Des Moines Register, but because it's coming from a left-leaning newspaper that hasn't endorsed a Republican in 40 years. This represents a definite shift from 2008 and away from Obama.

Where is Obama's 'Change'? All we are hearing are excuses. No doubt the same opinion being expressed by left-leaning newspapers...

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"But I thought you conservatives wanted us to stop bringing up Bush era stuff, like his bungling of the economy, or his unfunded wars, tax cuts, and prescription drug benefits, his government bailouts, the fact that he was the worst president in living memory, and the unbelievable fact that you voted for him twice?"


HIS bungling of the economy? The housing bubble burst due to policies by the Democrats. Bush had an average of 5% unemployment. What was Obama's? How about rather than blame Bush, how about you democrats start telling the nation what Obama would actually do.

Government bailouts? If Bush was horrible because of his government bailouts, then Obama must be inexplicably worse. And Bush couldn't possibly be the worst president in living memory for anyone who lived during the past 4 years. What would be even more unbelievable is if we vote for Obama twice. That would be an embarrassment to the United States. We would really have to apologize to the world for that!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I see your abilities to twist and distort have not diminished one iota.

I was not referring to his critics who criticized his policies, but to those who distorted his name to come up with a “childish, disrespectful, and slightly insulting nickname” as you’ve indicted the right for.

I’ll ask again, since you ignored it the first time. Do you find calling the POTUS the droppings a male bovine more dignified and acceptable than calling the POTUS by his initials?

See, you make a broad generalization of the right but refuse to recognize when the left is guilty of worse abuses.

I’ll accept your silence on the question as an indication you feel the left can get with anything; since they have no standards, why should they be held to any. (does the name Bill Maher ring a bell?)

San Diego, CA

I'm curious about Pres. Obama supporters' opinions, at least on this site. Specifically, what do you like about this administration? I remember the appeal of Candidate Obama in 2008: restoration of normalcy, decency, restraint, and the rule-of-law, both at home and abroad. Has he in any way met your expectations? I'll cite a few specifics that I find particularly disappointing:

Number of prosections of Wall St. criminals = 0
Number of prosecution of torturers/enablers = 0
Number of meaningful financial reform regulations = 0
Number of insane wars in Afghanistan ended = 0
Number of large-scale alternative energy projects started = 0
Number of high-speed national/regional rail projects started = 0

Now, please, tell me, what's the appeal? In responding, please, please don't refer to the killing of Osama Bin Laden or the bailout of GM. I have heard those talking points, ad nauseum.

(FWIW, I voted for Obama in 2008, but Rocky Anderson got my vote this year.)

Santa Monica, CA

And yet--Obama will win Iowa. Book it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: xert Santa Monica, CA
"And yet--Obama will win Iowa. Book it."

And yet Romney will win the overall election. Book it.

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