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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

I hope the Des Moines Register's endorsement does make a difference. But then I think of how few people in this state will pay any attention to the Salt Lake Tribune's endorsement of Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

An endorsement that should get more press is the one that isn't - from the voters of Massachusetts. The citizens of that state went out of their way to elect Romney once, but will not do so again. Obama leads there by a insurmountable 15%. As a result, Romney has given up campaigning there. Who knows Romney best - the voters of Utah or the voters of Massachusetts?

Kaysville, UT

For a newspaper of a neighboring state of South Dakota to endorse Richard Nixon over George McGovern must have been a hard thing to do. However, Watergate hadn't been investigated thoroughly, by that time, sort of like Benghazi where there were 4 deaths from the diplomatic mission in Libya, which there weren't deaths in Watergate.

Also, it is ridiculous, even for a Democrat to compare Richard M. Nixon with Governor Romney in any kind of light, red or blue. Their personna and character are completely different over their many years of service. Their integrity and honesty levels are completely opposite from each other.

They, however, were/are both Republicans, that is agreed. President Nixon was a deficiency for all of America and not just the Republican. The Des Moines Register must note that difference, also, to break with the past 40 years and support Romney.

If the President ever had a plan for the economy instead of making anti-American political statements to every country while he traveled to their country, he would have done a better job.

His first mistake was hiring a Secretary of the Treasury that couldn't spell budget but could avoid income taxes.

Ogden, UT

lost in DC,
"I guess you turn a blind eye to Bush's critics "

But I thought you conservatives wanted us to stop bringing up Bush era stuff, like his bungling of the economy, or his unfunded wars, tax cuts, and prescription drug benefits, his government bailouts, the fact that he was the worst president in living memory, and the unbelievable fact that you voted for him twice? Is all that stuff back on the table now?

A question for you, though. If it irritated you that critics called Bush childish and rude names, and you find this to be a moral failing, why would you accept this behavior from conservatives? Should you simply drop your standards when it is expedient to do so?

Draper, UT

@One Vote: I wonder why Obama had his Attorney General held in criminal contempt of Congress for his efforts to cover up Operation Fast and Furious? I wonder why Obama fired an Inspector General of Americorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case? I wonder why Obama repeatedly lied about the murder of a U.S. Ambassador in Libya? I wonder why Obama spent a trillion dollars on "shovel-ready" jobs, only to later admit there was no such thing as a shovel-ready job? I wonder why Obama redistributed $26.5 billion dollars of taxpayer money to his union supporters in the UAW? I wonder why Obama increased food stamp spending by over 100% during his presidency? I wonder why Obama presented budgets to outrageous that nobody, not even his own party would vote for them? I wonder why Obama presided over America's credit rating cut? I wonder why Obama would skirt bankruptcy law, in a Hugo Chavez-ian move, according to the Wall Street Journal, in order to turn control of Chrysler over to his union supporters? There are so many things I wonder about this president, and those who support him?

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT


Here we go with Bush again. Romney isn't Bush and their policies are different. Democrats say that republicans don't know how to fix an economy. You ever heard of Ronald Reagan? You know the republican who fixed the economy successfully while cutting taxes?

As for Bush, he was dealing with the worst terrorist attack in American history and two wars most of congress and this country wanted so give the guy a break.

Draper, UT

@Emajor: No, please, go ahead and bring Bush's failed policies up, and then go ahead and explain why Obama continued and even expanded most of them. Please explain why it was a good thing that Obama continued Bush's government bailouts. Please explain how Obama's expansions of Bush's over-regulation of the auto and healthcare industries have been a good thing for our economy, to name a couple examples. I agree that Bush is one of the worst presidents in recent history, so perhaps you can explain why Obama, who has continued a lot of Bush's worst policies, isn't . . . well . . . worse? Also, read my other post and explain how any of those are qualities we want to have in the leader of our country. Please.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT


I've got a new campaign slogan for Obama.

"Bush did it."

I'm so sick of the blame game. Obama has been blaming Bush for four years. Time to man up Obama for the six trillion dollars of debt you have racked up when you said you would cut the deficit in half and if you didn't you would be a one term president.

(You called Bush un-American for four trillion so what does that make you?)

For being dishonest about Libya and acting weak in the face of terrorism. I want a real man for president instead of a little boy who when his hand is caught in the cookie jar says "bush did it."

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

These newspaper endorsments are a total waste of time at this point in the campaign. Half of the voters have already voted early and the other half have already made up there minds who they will vote for. There are no so called undecided voters left, anyone that says they are undecided at this stage is just simply not going to vote anyway. Both Obama & Romney are preaching to the converted, their job now is to get all of their converts that haven't already voted to the polls on November 6th.

Provo, UT

Utah Bill,

Same ole tactic of the left. Tell half the story. While you are correct in stating that MA will not go for Romney, you act as if they know something we don't instead of being honest and admitting that 87% of MA are democrats.

Salt Lake City, UT

What's Mr. Obama going to answer about the failed green jobs, transparency in the White House, a bumbling and/or incompetent foreign policy, crony capitalism, a ballooning debt, pandering to the unions and left wing radicals, refusing to submit a budget, ignoring his own Bowles-Simpson recommendations, an unfunded health care plan, and on and on. His cool charm can only take him so far before voters and unbiased journalists catch on. The New York Times and other left wing papers will go down with the ship.

Saint George, UT


If Which Romney is elected, repubs will not blame the previous President of The United States of America for ANYTHING?

I would not take that promise to the bank...

However, I will hold repubs to it anyway...

Thank you, very much.

Provo, UT

The writer of this article is making it sound like the Register is just endorsing Romney over some kind of petty rage at being told the president's comments were off the record. That's not at all the case. Their endorsement is entirely based on the issues. To quote the linked plea for the transcript to be opened:

"It’s important that I emphasize the White House’s decision won’t play a factor in our board’s final endorsement decision. That would be petty and ridiculous. We take far too seriously what’s at stake this election and what our endorsement should say."

Idaho Falls, ID

@ emajor...

"Romnesia" thanks to our illustrious and respectful Mr. President.


Re: VST,

"The Deseret News does not endorse candidates."

You can really sat that with clear conscience? How often do you read the dnews or do you just have those mormon blinders on?


re:Millsap Fan
"You know the republican who fixed the economy successfully while cutting taxes?"

No, the Republican Reagan who cut tax rates and then raised taxes 11 times.
The Reagan who ended up with a large budget deficit?

Gov. Romney was a moderate when he was Gov.--and had Democrats who were willing to work across the aisle. If elected Pres. Romney will inherit a far-right House of Representatives who view compromise as immoral. But who knows? It appears Republicans can embrace the far-right Romney one minute and the moderate Romney the next minute. They can embrace a 180 degree shift on policy as long as it has an "R" attached.

Congressional Democrats are much better at working across the aisle than Republicans.

Ogden, UT

Romnesia? That's actually pretty funny. Pretty accurate too. If conservatives can come up with something that clever and descriptive, I might give it a pass.

Clinton & Millsap fan,
I can tell conservatives have real regrets about voting for Bush, because you are awfully touchy and sensitive when anyone brings it up. That wasn't really the point of my last post, but now that you've brought it up, 4 years is not enough to simply forget what a horrible president he was, and that fact that you passed over two competent but boring challengers who probably wouldn't have made those mistakes. Bailout & some deficit issues aside, Obama is nothing like Bush. He didn't lie to start a war that killed over 3000 soldiers, did he? We can't all have Romnesia about the fact you elected and then reelected the man.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"No, I think I'll follow the example of so many conservative posters here and come up with a childish, disrespectful, and slightly insulting nickname for him and use that instead. Then I'll blame him for every problem the country has .."

Emajor - no sympathy for you here. And when it comes to "childish, disrespectful," etc., etc., look no further than Joe Biden and his boss. Their photos are in the dictionary next to that definition. Those two hit new lows everyday. Time for real hope and change.

Provo, UT


The Deseret News does us the courtesy of sharing stories that the majority of their readers have an interest in. How strange it would be if they did not do that.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"No one pays attention to the Register's endorsement"

Actually Mitt Romney made a clean sweep in Iowa. All four major newspapers, including the state's largest paper, The Des Moines Register, backed Mitt Romney.

What part of this story is it that the liberals don't understand?

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