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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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River Falls, WI

Nice win Cougars. Riley Nelson has made some real progress in the last two weeks. Last week he took sacks instead of throwing picks and this week he was able to throw it away instead of settling for sacks. Eliminating sacks will go a long way in improving the momentum in games... too bad there are no real opponents left this year. Oh well, at least Nelson was able to shine in his last real game as a Ccuugar.

Montana Mormon
Miles City, MT

The Cougars desperately needed that win, especially on the road.

Congrats on a good game.


Go Cougs. Awesome win against a very sub-par team. Is this is a signature win of the season? Boy this whole indy thing is hurting.

Centerville, UT


It's one more signature win than the PAC 12 proud Utes have this year, isn't it? Georgia Tech is not that great, but it's a good win and what BYU should be capable of.

Anaheim, CA


BYU's defense held the #3 rushing offense in the country, a team that have been averaging 350 yds/gm, to 117 yds.

We'll see how the mighty weak Utes do against Cal.

btw, 5-4, feels a whole lot better than 2-5... just sayin'.

Bonneville, ID

Riley looking better come on. Another pick six. Against better competition it might have been to much. It is good the defense gave them very short fields. The offense is very boring and not explosive. One long ball.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

mighty mite please remember that your signature win is against BYU whom you delight in bashing.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

This game proves that we would win the ACC.

Go Cougs. Another 9 win season and national ranking is on its way.

Logan, UT

Not too impressive a win at all. Middle Tennesee State beat Georgia Tech 49-28...Georgia Tech is no good.

Mcallen, TX

Great weekend for BYU sports with vooleyball, soccor, basketball, and football.

Now to wrap it up:

Utah 10
Cal 35

Gilbert, AZ

Hmmm...funny how Yellow Jackets are only "no good" this year...when only 10 short months ago they were a storied program from an elite conference when they played in the Sun Bowl?

Nice win Cougs, the defense was great today, this GT team has hung more yards and points on highly rated teams. GT is by no means elite, but they are above average in an above average league.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


GT is 3-5 and was ranked 69th before losing to BYU. Also the ACC is ranked 6th out of 11 FBS conferences.

I think you mean they are a below average team in an average league.

Heber, Utah

worf- 49-27 Utes BTW.

this is a good win for the Cougars. Still waiting to see how many Riley haters are going to get on here and reclaim him. But overall, a win is win. Dang, ND is now going to be like 3rd in the BCS. Oh what could have been.

A1994- I actually agree with you. Beating the Y is not the signature win, because they just aren't that good this year, it feels like beating your little brother. Of course, losing to USU is the same, like losing to your little brother. The U doesn't and won't have a signature win this year. That's OK, though, repair, recruit and rebuild. I'll save some bucks not going to a meaningless bowl this year, and put it toward the future Rose Bowl. Even if it's 10 years away, at least we have the possibility. I guess that is good. We've both moved on. Some of us anyway.

Mildred- ya, but without a conference, you can't win one. sorry. And rankings mean nothing anymore, unless you end up in the BCS, who cares if you are 25th? No trophy for that

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Jamal could win the Hizeman.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


10 months ago they finished 8-5, now they are 3-5 (with only two road games) and about to play 3 of next 4 on the road vs. better teams. Look for GT to finish 4-8 or 3-9.

BTW you posted on a Ute article how bat 3-6 Cal was, but 3-5 GT is a great win?

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