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Published: Thursday, Oct. 25 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing like tooting your own horn, I see...

Pullman, WA

I am so glad these newsworthy stories are coming to light. The Church is constantly accused of being too secretive, but when one of a thousand possible stories come out thanking them for their goodness they are then accused of tooting their own horn. Good grief. I for one had forgotten that there are even greater needs out there in other countries than there are right here in America. I am going to go through my closets and see what I can send them. I too want to help. God bless, after all we can do.

American Fork, UT

Good for them. I've heard the term 'hygiene kit' before--what exactly is that?

Safford, AZ

Thank you for this wonderful news story. I love what our church does through out the whole world. The "Fresh Water" projects are very dear to me. I will be graduating from the Northern Arizona University Elementary Education program in May 2013. I am very excited to think if I can assist in helping educate throughout the world. The Fresh Water projects allow especially the women and children who walk hours and miles daily to have fresh water with their families instead of searching and drinking polluted water. Families in their villages can receive their education now.

I am so grateful that the Savior has organized the church to assist in bringing "JOY" to the world.
Debbie Adams
(Safford, AZ)


A press release from a Church? Interesting, there is little wonder why the church is seen as a business.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT


Funny that you pretend the LDS Church is some golliath with selfish executives making billions and sharing none. Can you please tell me of a Christian Church without any paid ministry? Can you tell me of one that encourages teenage men and women to put their lives on hold to spend their life savings teaching, sacrificing, serving without any expectation of physical compensation?

Don't get me wrong, other Christian churches have done wonderful things too but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands alone on the things mentioned above in addition to these many million dollar projects helping around the world.

Manti, UT

@ Economist Snide comment = democrat = call out for charity by taxing the rich, but don't contribute to charity voluntarily.

Appleton, WI

@Millsap fan - Local leadership of the LDS church are unpaid. General Authorities receive stipends (salaries).

Maricopa, AZ

I'm amazed to see the effort and sacrifice by so many to help those in need.
Especially those who live in a part of the world where most of us wouldn't even want to vist, much less live and donate time and resources.
It makes me remember, again, that we have it too good here in the US. And many don't appreciate it.

The difference I see in our society comes from the bitter critics who simply can't find kind words to express on an innocent yet inspiring topic.
I worry that God will not hold us harmless much longer if we don't become the kind loving people we promised to be.

Bakersfield, CA

Kudos from this ex-Mormon evangelical to the team in Syria. Their labor of love will go far in helping these precious people caught in this hideous cross-fire. These are times when we drop our theological differences and join hands to obey Jesus in the heat of the battle. All prayers to those in the line of danger.

Nice, CA

It seams no matter what we do there will always be someone who hate us so much they well have nothing but negative things to say. It seams in their ey3s we will never do any good because they will always have something negative to say.

Kramer's Corner
Penryn, CA

@WI_Member: "General Authorities receive stipends (salaries)."

Here is the definition for stipend. Stipend- a fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray expenses. I would underline 'defray expenses'. General Authorities are not hired. They do not consider saleries when they agree to a lifetime of service to the Church and their fellowman. They are not paid to preach the Gospel.

layton, UT

RE: Millsap fan, Can you tell me of one that encourages teenage men and women to put their lives on hold to spend their life savings teaching, sacrificing, serving without any expectation of physical compensation?
I was in NKP Thailand and LAOS in 1969-70. There were Catholic nuns (low pay) sharing Christs’ love in orphanages near and in combat zones.

There were young paid Christian missionaries (Protestant)feeding the starving mountain tribesmen, not Mormon missionaries.

The Salvation army, paid (evangelical Christians) feeding the hungry and preaching the Gospel in Saigon.
There were Paid Military Chaplains (Christian and Jewish) praying and serving communion in harms way. Some were killed and some received the Medal of Honor. (Non Mormon)

In 1Cor 9: 4,5 Ministers are paid like any other human. They must eat and they too have responsibilities. Paul reminds the Corinthians that the priests in the temple were paid there entire job was ministering to the people.

Appleton, WI

@Kramer's Corner - I would just appreciate it if members (Millsap fan) would be accurate when they are trying to point out things that make us "better" than other churches. We do have paid ministry at the highest level of church leadership. To say that we don't makes us look either naive, dishonest or both.

Mount Pleasant, UT

To Florwood...the kit includes, brush, toothpast, comb, soap, wash cloth, all the things needed to keep one clean. It's a great kit and I know it has helped millions over the world.

Wilsonville, OR

Last year when my brother passed away and we held his funeral at a local LDS chapel, the local Syrian Club made a donation in his name to the Church. I recommended giving to the Humanitarian Aid fund. Your article is proof positive that the funds contributed actually went to help Syrians.
While visiting Damascus in 2009, I learned that during normal times, LDS Charities helps Syria by upgrading the cattle stock gene pool and by providing neonatal suscitation training to local obstetrics personnel.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Economist Salt Lake City, UT
"Nothing like tooting your own horn, I see..."

Re: mightymite DRAPER, UT
"A press release from a Church? Interesting, there is little wonder why the church is seen as a business."

Why is it such a bitter pill for those who have such a dislike for the LDS Church to hear of the good things they do? An even better question might be what have these individuals themselves done to provide assistance to the Syrian refugees?

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