Comments about ‘'You got away with murder,' judge tells Roberto Roman, acquitted of killing Millard Co. sheriff's deputy’

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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 24 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Eureka, UT

Looking at this I see a jury of peers looking at evidence and the law and making a decision. Then I see a judge who doesn't agree with the decision and offers his opinion. Then finally I see a lot of people commenting one way or the other about who they think is right. Well all I can say is I'm glad we live in a country that is ruled by law and not by opinions. I'm happy we are entitled to our opinions and that we can speak them but when I think about being governed, I'd rather be governed by the law and not opinions.

Clearfield, UT

The Judge was correct in this matter. After all the evidence, and a sudden change of venue by a sleazy attorney looking to make a name for himself......Yes, it was all legal loopholes, but what now? How many muderers are going to play this card brought on by an old defense attorney looking to make a name for himself? or a BYU law student on the jury looking to make a name for himself? Only and only ever could this travesty of "blame it on the dead guy" work, except for in Utah county..........Utah county better get ready for numerous changes of venue in the hopes that the murderous lowlife will get away with their crime. Selfish? Yes. Justice? No. Where on earth has the short bus IQ Roman's testimony been for the past two years? IMHO, this attorney needs to go down with Roman!


I speak nothing of the facts of this case. I am not familiar enough to do so and unless you sat through the entire trial I doubt that you are either.

I speak to oaths, duty and how 12 people form that community did the best they could to decide truth. Yet somehow because I am from California I am brand a liberal fool. Well 12 good folk from Utah made the call on this one - does that mean the only 12 ACLU members magically appeared onto this jury?

These jurors did what they felt was right - all 12 of them - after looking at all the evidence and careful deliberation. Yet somehow a few of you think that because you know a little something about this case that they are fools and I am a nut.

I get it - we see something bad and want to have justice - and maybe your right that this guy got away with it - but then again maybe you are wrong and if so what a real tragedy. Trust your fellow man for a change, respect jurors for the job they do - after all they are each of us.

Salt Lake City, UT

Judge Eyre's "got away with murder" comment was highly improper, and paradoxically, it will provide Roman with a solid issue for appeal. If the judge really thought Roman was guilty of Josie's murder, he should have just imposed a severe penalty and kept his mouth shut. As an attorney, I'm shocked that an experienced judge didn't know better.

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