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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 24 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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For every story "humanizing" Romney, there is another side to Romney--such as the one that cut a classmate's hair (and doesn't even remember it). Or, what about the workers who lost their jobs when Bain shipped their jobs overseas or leveraged-to-the-hilt their companies which then went bankrupt?

The Romney i see is the one that won't/can't explain his proposal to give himself a $674,000 tax cut and wants to maintain the special loophole-carried interest--which allowed him to amass a great fortune.

The Romney i see enacted healthcare reform as Gov., but now wants to repeal the same reform for Americans. He falsely tells people pre-existing conditions will be covered but doesn't tell them they have to have had continuous coverage.

Not buying it...


The suggestion that this portrayal of Mitt is offensive is pure hubris. Mitt didn't do acts of kindness because they would make him look good - if he had he would talk about them. He didn't do them so they could be shown in campaign ads years down the road - a campaign that he didn't know he would be running and in ads that weren't even created by his campaign organization. He obviously helped this boy because he cared about the boy and his parents, the same with the many others he's helped along the way. He's a good and decent man, and I'm grateful and amazed that he's been willing to endure the garbage that's been flung his way. And we wonder why it's so hard to get good people to run for office...

Syracuse, UT

I think that the left hates these stories due to their very low self-esteem. When they see or hear of anyone on the Right doing something that is of high moral character, they turn their heads or make light of it because it makes them feel bad about themselves or their "side". Most of them do not have the courage to step up to the plate. Like Obama who would rather go on some looney daytime show and say he is just there as "eye-candy". I guess he could go to Church every Sunday for a couple of decades and listen to Rev. Wright preach and claim he just doesn't ever remember him preaching negative things or saying anything bad about America. Two very different people with two very different ideas. Be careful Americal how you vote.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

So then, this story is actually an ad ABOUT an ad?

Kaysville, UT

When President Obama hears anything about Mitt Romney doing good things for people, the President will talk around those happenings. I believe he doesn't have a heart that can do those kind of things for the heart's sake and for charity. Romney has shown he cares for people and that is so foreign to the President. To have a VP that shows he has donated a total of $300.00 a year is definitely not showing very much caring for other people. Their demeanor in the 4 debates didn't show any kind of caring for their opponent or the things they were talking about.

The current President and VP showed the opposite of caring. The President didn't listen to what Romney said as he was spending all his thought time preparing for his own statement as the moderators didn't make him answer questions.

Seeing the President say "Bob", almost pleading for some intervention from the moderator was not showing he was Chief or Commander-in-Chief, even after 4 years.

Bill Clinton was one that really used polls and focus groups to show his performance. This President can't even use the BLS for that.


Why should he have to be "humanized"? His policies speak for themselves. Lets take healthcare, college, and any other opportunities away from the poor to keep them where they belong....waiting on me. It's a good think he can't flip flop on his good deeds like he does on his bad ones.

Spanish Fork, UT

This is a very nice story about Mitt Romney. I'm not surprised that he showed this kind of character and several people I know who know him say he still shows that kind of character. But I've also heard several stories about President Obama stepping aside, away from the cameras, and helping individuals in need, both before and after becoming president. So they are both nice men. Which brings us back to square one. Which one will enact policies and sign legislation that will put our country back on track? I'm glad the president is a nice man. I'm glad Mr. Romney is too. I don't need a nice man in the White House, nor do I need a bishop (Romney), community activist (Obama), lawyer (both of the them-horrors!). I need some one that will create jobs. Obama has proven he can't. Romney has proven he can. Please look at what this country needs and vote for the person who has the track record of doing that.

Kaysville, UT

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is in Chicago. The President's campaign staff has been positioned there for a long time and are waiting for him to vote. He could vote absentee to save money for our country but he will go there to ensure he gets face time with his buddies there.

We should all be so happy for him as he sat with Jay Leno last night getting free advertising for his Hollywood leadership course he took. He definitely knew how to be joyous and happy being in the limelight in Hollywood.

Hopefully, he may be able to take over Jay's job or Letterman's job after November 6, 2012 and then that would make us all happy. That would also give those people time to transition to their next job and that would make the employment statistics look better. Their transition pay would probably add to the economy.

At least the American citizens wouldn't have to continue to pay $200M a day for his security to high security locations and for vacations at our expense. He would still have his secret service agents covering him.

Conan could claim he didn't get equal time.

Provo, UT


If it was wrong to have inspiring stories about someone ministering to their flock then we wouldn't have the Bible. For those of us who are LDS, we love to hear stories about President Monson ministering to people. It inspires us to do better.

Romney's staff had to pressure him to allow people to come to the convention and share personal stories about him. He refuses to do these things himself because of modesty.

People complain when he doesn't humanize himself by this kind of thing, and then they complain when others finally do. Some will criticize absolutely anything to do with Mitt.

Castle Rock, CO

I have no doubt that in his personal life, Romney is a good man.

More troubling are the policies he is promoting as a candidate. He would eviscerate the nation's safety net and leave the most vulnerable to struggle even more.

I have a son with Down syndrome and I am terrified of what will happen to him should Romney win. It's easy for Romney to say that on Day 1 he would do away with Obamacare, but Obamacare means that today an insurance company can't refuse my son because of his pre-existing condition.

And when he's older, if there is no Obamacare, his only option for healthcare will be Medicaid. But Romney wants to cut that program too, so who knows what will be left for my son?

All the while, BTW, promoting a 20% tax to be paid for...who knows how?

The true measure of a candidate should not be his personal life, but what he proposes to do for the citizens of this country. And based on what he's said so far, the least among us will not do very well under Romney/Ryan. Think long and hard before voting for him.

The Great State of, TX

I was at the Republican National Convention as a delegate. 'Not a dry eye in the convention'? False. Most of the people there saw Romney for exactly what he is: A politician. His arm did not need to be twisted to get people to extoll his awesomeness. And, the reality is that presidential candidates' campaigns are aware to a certain extent of the activity that PACs supporting them organize on their behalf. There is overlap among people in these groups. There are close relationships between campaigners and major PAC contributors. This isn't anything mindblowing. And, Romney's campaign is run just like any other politician's campaign. ANY altruism publicly attributed to a political candidate during an election campaign is an attempt to garner votes. Pure and simple.

Ogden, UT

Has Romney done good things for people? I don't doubt that he has. However, I have heard just as many, if not more, accounts detailing a distinct lack of compassion and caring for people for whom he does not have an affinity. Two examples. The woman he threatened with excommunication if she did not place a baby born out of wedlock with LDS Social Services for adoption. The woman in the early stages of pregnancy who had life-threatening pelvic clots causing her doctor's recommendation (confirmed by her Statek President, a MD) to terminate her pregnancy to save her life who was berated by Romney for being "selfish" and not thinking of the "baby" (his only concern -- no concern or compassion for her). Her father got the same type of visit, and her father threw him out of the house. There re more.

People who know this side of him say he casts himself as a white knight in shining armor coming to the rescue, but his real record is something very different. He's a political chameleon who has no true moral core and cannot be depended on. Not what the country needs.

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