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Published: Monday, Oct. 22 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Tremonton, UT

I'm sorry, but anyone who has been half way paying attention at all, and is still undecided about the Presidential Race, has no business being in the voting both. The choice couldn't be more stark for the future of this country.

Continued economic catastrophe, unemployment, crushing debt with compounding interest, higher taxes, more of the 47% wanting "theirs" and their "Obamaphone." Weakened military. Aggression by third world despots not deterred by a weak Obama. Putin waiting for Medvedev to "Transmit" instructions (..."must kill Moose and Squirrell.... only baby boomers will get that reference).

Or vote for a real commander-in chief who respects strength, strong economy, jobs, and national defense.

Gee....hummm...... Such a difficult decsion.... NOT!

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT

Romney's closing remarks reminded me of a Miss America pageant... the naivety was so thick It made my eyes water. It's now clear Romney holds the same world/ historical view as the majority of his congregation: Airbrushed. I sure hope Romney gets the picture after his second campaign fails, though it wouldn't surprise me to see him run again. He seems to love the campaigning.

Kaysville, UT

Obama doesn't have a foreign, domestic or economic policy. He talks down to all people and not just us common folks that live in His country. Having lived in dictator type countries, the way our President talks down to us and to the person he is debating or probably talking with, such as the leaders of any country, whether an ally or not, people know they are being talked down to.

It is easy to see why he has Czars and not just a Cabinet, these people have to do the important talking for him. I bet those people, except for enjoying the power and prestige they get working for the President, really don't like him talking down to them, also.

When dictators rule, such as Syria for now, with so many of their citizens dead, injured, maimed and just plain afraid of the end of a weapon or being blown up, people are not anything. The way our President treated Romney is not much different.

Showing up on television and radio with the talk down to voice and diction is very demeaning.

Our country deserves more than we have had in the past 4 years. Peace Prize?

Kaysville, UT

Undecided probably means they are still trying to figure out what the definition of "is" is from our President. With the downtrodden Hillary and the highly professional and dedicated Intelligence community, we know they are licking their wounds everyday. Benghazi was not discussed much last night, as Bob Schieffer, a professional journalist, is still siding with Obama when he made a snide remark about Mitt loving teachers.

Obama spent his whole 3 debates avoiding to discuss his record. He thought he could just show up with his excessive number of Czars and staff and everything in the world would be better for the past 4 years.

He wanted to make us bow at his every wish. Pelosi and Reid found out that included them, to their dismay. I don't know where they thought diplomacy was but it wasn't there for them as they attempted to lead their parlimentary positions and abilities for the good of the country.

When Pelosi said to pass the bill and then read it, that shows you how frustrated she was to make that kind of statement, publicly. What an embarrassment for her and her potential legacy.

I can see how some are undecided.

Orem, UT

RE: JoeBlow's re=phrase. Liberals claim Romney is warmongering but never cite statements that would show an established hawkish position. Labels are so convenient and easy to use because you can just throw them out there without substantiation. The only war mongering I saw last night was a president on the defensive using smirks and stares and personal attacks to hide a woefully poor record. We heard, "I'm going to do this" which beggars the question, "why are you just now starting?"

Wanda B. Rich
Provo, UT

It was enlightening to watch the CNN undecided voter panel and then switch over to the KSL/DN panel. It was pretty funny. The CNN undecideds sounded like genuinely undecided voters. The KSL/DN people all sounded like Romney supporters who were convinced by his unconvincing performance that, yes indeed, they were now even stronger Romney supporters. Where did they find these supposedly undecided voters? Hilarious.

spring street

@fitness freak

Romney came ready to endorse Obama and practically every foreign policy Obama has.


Romney appears to have a foreign policy its called I will do everything Obama has ben doing.

well that depends on which Romney you are talking about the primary Romney or the Romney last night. The Romney last night wagged his tail and drooled all over himself in agreement with everything Obama said are far cry from the Romney that tried to paint Obama as wrong on every foreign policy when he was in the primary and even just a week ago but no worries I am sure he can give his etc a sketch a good shake and get back on track.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Obama is the most disingenuous person to run for office since recording devices were invented.

Who would the people get if they re-elect Obama? The guy who insists on spending more on a bad healthcare program nobody wants or the liar who keeps saying, Governor, that's just not true? (Hint: same person, same character)

It's one thing to try and change your record, another to change facts when confronted with the truth.

Apparently Obama is unaware that what he says is recorded (even in public) and can later be used to prove he's "misleading" or outright lying.

Never qualified for the job.

Not honest in what he says or does.

He acts and sounds like someone on commission, who will say anything to get the sale.

Durham, NC

" The President showed so much dislike to the Governor, I can see why the President didn't discuss Israel with their leader a month ago. To listen to the President say how important Israel is to him, I had to pinch myself and see if I was actually listening to the President say that."

What a mind bending statement. The idea that Obama needs to be having brunch with the leader of Israel to prove we are dedicated to protecting our friend is a statement that illustrate just how little people understand foreign policy. As in criminal justice, the way you make a town safe is by spending time keeping an eye on and making sure that would hurt you understand the stakes. Hanging with buddies doesn't do that. Going to those nations that have direct influence on Israel's safety is not only the prudent thing to do, it is the way make sure these nations understand our policies, and our intents. Making political picture ops does nothing to enforce peace.

The fact that you didn't see both families talking together on stage afterward shows some people don't understand where politics ends, and civility starts.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

"his" congregation? how about the upcoming landslide in his favor not from his congregation.

Durham, NC

JWB - put down the talking points. "Obama doesn't have a foreign, domestic or economic policy" is probably one of the most false statements made here.

Obama does have a foreign policy. 3 dictators dead. Syria is about to have regime change. Hundreds of Terrorist dead. Samalia has a recored sense of peace in its capital. Hugo Chavez is not even covered in the news anymore. China and Russia are support sanctions agains Iran - something the previous administration couldn't do. No one is backing down to North Korea anymore. Piracy on the open seas has come down through enforcement by a global protection force. We are out or Iraq. Afghanistan is ending. What part of that don't you understand? And there are no active wars - big change compared to just 4 years ago. Things are going on - just because the DN doesn't cary it, doesn't mean we aren't actively engaged in many theaters in the world. The US doesn't do PR on covert operations.

MItt showed no foreign policies of his own and agreed with most of what has been done.

So please, turn off the talk radio and Fox.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

Folks, it is politics plain and simple and we all have a different take on what was said. In the end regardless of the debates and what happens in the media or the polls the out come is totally in the hands of the voters. The only guide you should follow is your own mind, make it up and vote. Quit tearing at the candidates because in the end the only poll that counts is when the votes are counted. Both Obama and Romney are fine men, both want the best for there country and no one goes in to politics to do harm. They each have different plans, pick the one that suits you best and vote for it but regardless of the winner the the United States of America will stand strong not because of who is elected President but because of the strength of her people

USS Enterprise, UT

Romney could have beat Obama into a pulp using Obama's own words and policies. However, since he didn't, you should ask yourself why. Some commentators are guessing (supported by poll results) that Romney was out to prove that he is the the war monger that Obama claims, nor is he out of touch. Romney set himself up to let Obama attack and show his true colors. We were able to see that Obama does not have a grasp on facts, and that when confronted with his own record will attack the person rather than defend himself.

Romney is running on Obama's record more than Obama is, and that should worry the Obama supporters.

Obama showed how he is out of touch with the middle class because he keeps saying that the economy is fine, while fewer people work and more people give up looking for jobs.

Durham, NC

"Romney could have beat Obama into a pulp "

... and there you have it. Thankfully, some people understand this is just politics, and reframe from statements like this.

"Romney set himself up to let Obama attack and show his true colors. "

And those colors would be what? That Romney has spent the last 4 years running for office, that he has criticized the president at every opportunity, and now, he decides he isn't going to do the critical thing anymore. Do we really need to post all the claims Romney has made about the President? Really.

You know, it would be so refreshing to have a discussion where people actually acknowledged the good and the differences between the people instead of falling off to the silly my guy is perfect - the other is a complete idiot. Can we not get any more integrity into the conversation.

Lets be really clear about the economics of top down policies. When Reagan took office, the deficit sat at a little more than 900 billion dollars. By the end of the Reagan run, the deficit was a little over 3.2 trillion. So please, lets stop the word play and silly false comparisons.

Orem, UT


Does it surprise anyone that Obama has failed in his promises to cut the deficit in half or to grow the economy? When he was elected, many overlooked the fact that he simply wasn't qualified to be president! Because of his leadership, our government, and thus our nation, is in the shape it's in today.

He was a community organizer. He went to Harvard and was the president of the law review. But this does not qualify you for the hardest job in the world. To say he was unqualified is a huge understatement.

How do we know Romney will do any better? He was a very successful businessman. He has real-world experience when it comes to business. In fact, he's uniquely qualified as anyone in our country today to tackle the problems our economy faces based on his time at Bain Capital. His experience as an ecclesiastical leader should also be considered. He was a Republican governor who worked with a Democratic congress to get many things done. Obama's leadership has divided the Congress unlike anything that's been seen in Washington.

Obama has failed. Romney is a far better alternative, period.

Orem, UT


Why has Obama's White House lied about terror attacks? Why does he consistently deny that terror still exists? Bengazi was a fatal blow to Obama's foreign policy. He has no answers other than he's going to 'track down the perps'.

Obama takes credit for so much of what he didn't do! He's apologetic and has weakened America in the world's eyes. Through Obama's leadership, we have become a weaker nation as evidenced by our continuing slide in education, our economy, etc. We see China beginning to gain power. He's promised Russia more leeway once the elections are over. This should terrify every American. Iran is closer now to a nuclear weapon than it was 4 years ago. They have over 10,000 centrifuges in operation. How's he going to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon when he's been so unsuccessful thus far?

Terrorists see this. They see our weakness and the weakness of our government. They are not afraid to attack. We are less secure because of it. Our nation is in a terrible mess! Why defend this president?

Centerville, UT

Blue Devil alleges that due to Obama "Somalia has a recorded sense of peace in its capital".

The British take on Somalia: "We advise against all travel to Somalia. There is a high threat to western, including British, interests from terrorism in Somalia, including Somaliland. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers. Since the death of Osama Bin Laden terrorist groups operating in Somalia have made threats against Westerners and those working for western organizations in Somalia, including Somaliland. There is ongoing serious violence between opposing factions."

He also states "No one is backing down to North Korea anymore."
A recent statement by North Korea on October 9, 2012. "We do not hide ... the strategic rocket forces are keeping within the scope of strike not only the bases of the puppet forces and the US. imperialist aggression forces; bases in the inviolable land of Korea but also Japan, Guam and the US. mainland"

Centerville, UT

Blue Devil states "And there are no active wars - big change compared to just 4 years ago. Things are going on - just because the DN doesn't cary it, doesn't mean we aren't actively engaged in many theaters in the world. The US doesn't do PR on covert operations."

No active wars but "actively engaged in many theaters", don't call it a war and it is ok. Remember in the fifties it was a police action in Korea, in the sixties it was a police action in Vietnam. If we are actively engaged we are at war.

Cedar Hills, UT

Well by George if the final debate didn't do it then most certainly this new 20 page "How I'm going to save America" booklet will (better known as Wealth Redistribution For Dummies). Expect to see a big government plane with Obama's smiling face painted on the tail flying over a neighborhood near you dropping thousands of these propaganda pamphlets ... just like the Nazi's did in 1940 over Europe. Yes this 20 page gem ought to really do the trick - answer all the unanswered questions and explain - in detail - how only Barack can. I think a new Obama phone would be worth more!!

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