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Published: Monday, Oct. 22 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

CNN post debate poll: Who did the debate make you more likely to vote for?

25% Romney
24% Obama
50% Neither - no change

I felt like Romney was smart playing the bigger person while Obama took the position of the challenger with personal attacks. Romney was smart not to fall into the war-monger trap that Obama was trying to paint him into. Loved the closing arguments.

Eugene, OR

CNN's poll also said that Obama won tonight by 8 points. And in CBS' poll of uncommitted voters, Obama beat Romney by 20 points.

Kaysville, UT

Mitt Romney didn't get pulled into any of the traps that the President was attempting to snare the Governor. In watching the pundits of the President's campaign acting like cheer leaders instead of advisors were unprofessional in how they did spinning what happened during the debate.

The President was very real acting the same as he did in previous debates. Callers to programs in the various media forums were listening to the debate and used the President's terminology of all over the board or map is what they used in their conversation, especially on the liberal type television stations. It will be interesting to listen to the conservative moderators on Tuesday radio stations. Liberals do the calling to their liberal stations and even some call in as undecided and then say they are Obama.

This President looked at Governor Romney all night with disdain and almost with hatred as the Governor made some challening remarks that questioned the President's integrity and honesty.

I believe Mitt Romney did very well in controlling his words and actions acting like a Commander-in-Chief. People that are enabled with welfare and other government or taxpayer handouts devinitely want Obama.

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

I'm certain that the "undecided" voters have already made up their minds. If they live in Utah, their decision was made 4 years ago.

As for "undecided" voters in the so-called Swing States, I think they have become so tired with all the telephone calls that they may just say that they are voting for the other guy just to confuse the pollsters. Although I don't think that a truly "independent" voter still exists, the behavior of the national polls only confirms the closeness of the race.

What was interesting was the two Obamas sitting at the desk during much of the debate. You wondered where Republican Primary Romney was since he was not in evidence for much of the debate I watched. As Newt Gingrich complained, was Mitt Romney really just a Massachusetts moderate dressed in Tea Party vestments in order to win the nomination? It was so confusing. I began to see some of his father in him after all these years of campaigning.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

JWB Kaysville, UT

"This President looked at Governor Romney all night with disdain and almost with hatred as the Governor made some challening remarks that questioned the President's integrity and honesty."

One might assume with 100% accuracy that you are a Romney true believer. This is OK and your comments reflect this attitude. It only goes to show how differently people may see an event. Your "distain and . . . hatred" is someone else's "respect and attention". Fortunately you live in Utah and your vote will make no difference. Your opinion is noted.

Extreme partisan comments like "People that are enabled with welfare and other government or taxpayer handouts devinitely (sic) want Obama" only reaffirm that attitude. However, I don't think that major corporate executives who benefit from "government or taxpayer handouts" are pro-Obama.

Kaysville, UT

The unions and many billionares support Obama and not just normal people. He gets very large donations from outside the United States, also.

When I looked and listened to the debate tonight, I saw that Governor Romney could work across the aisle even with this President. The President showed so much dislike to the Governor, I can see why the President didn't discuss Israel with their leader a month ago. To listen to the President say how important Israel is to him, I had to pinch myself and see if I was actually listening to the President say that.

This President went to Hollywood to be with people he emulates instead of doing his Constitutional duties and the diplomatic protocol. The President avoided almost every question that was against what he wanted to talk about.

It is discouraging to listen to people discuss their entitlements. The economy needs to improve or this money for those programs cannot be managed or run. The President thinks he can spend, spend and spend. He has an open purse and people just want their share and the President will do anything to get re-elected.

This President won't deal with real people.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am in Paris France today and the businessmen here want Romney for POTUS! He clearly won tonights debate, he has the momentum and will coast into the white house.....good bye Barak Hussien Obama!

Provo, UT

With the lesson of Candy Crowley having in her hand, an out of context quote regarding Libya, and her aggressive interference and double-teaming with Obama in the second debate, Romney was being careful not to step into planned traps.

If Romney didn't have to worry about the mine-field set by the media, then he could have been bolder, but at this point, liberals will do anything to derail Mitt.

It least Mitt was finally able to nail Obama on his lie about the auto bailout. Four years ago I watched Romney say exactly what he claimed. Obama got away with that lie far too long and he was furious and sputtering when Mitt didn't roll over on that point.

Clearfield, UT

Romney wants to dramtically increase military spending. I know from the first hand experience there is a lot of wasteful spending in the military. We can cut military spending and still maintain a strong national defense. Romney seems to want to give the military a blank check to spend as they see fit. I am voting for Romney. I hope he comes to his senses on miltary spending.

Ogden, UT

"He said 'peace' a lot, and that just really stuck with me," she said, along with a statement about the country's greatest generation passing a torch. "I felt it."

So this is the kind of reasoning some people use when deciding which presidential candidate to choose? Lovely. Maybe the power to vote shouldn't be given out to everybody after all. We tend to think of undecided voters as being more thoughtful and deliberate than party hardliners. Apparently not all of them! Seriously, if this is the kind of rationale you find yourself using when deciding on a candidate, just stay home.

"We have to educate ourselves," Hudson said. "We can't make a decision on a debate."

There you go, that's more like it.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Romney came ready to discuss foreign policy. Obama came ready to talk about Romney. But then if I were Obama I wouldn't want to talk about my foreign policy either.

If the lamestream media weren't cheerleading for Obama, Romney would be ahead by 15 pts. Obama just doesn't have the leadership qualities we need.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The moderate from Massachusetts leaves the right wing. Fox and friends were confused by the low flying dove.

Durham, NC

So this group of "undecided" voters all praised Romney, and had only complaints about Obama..... ah.... yes.... imagine that. Evidently the debate was a knock out. Utah truly is a unique place in the nation.

If these undecided voters so glowingly praised Romney - and were so critical of Obama, why in the world are they still undecided? Only two possible explanations. 1) there is still something fundamentally wrong with Romney or 2) they weren't undecided at all.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Mitt is the most disingenuous person to run for office since recording devices were invented.

Who would the people get if they elect mitt? The warmonger who insists on spending more on the military or the guy who kept saying I agree with the president's position but more?

It's one thing to change your opinion when you get more information, another to satisfy your donors or audience.
Apparently unaware that what he says is recorded (even in public) and can later be used to prove he's "misleading" or outright lying.

Not ready for the job.

Not honest in what he says.

He acts and sounds like someone on commission, who will say anything to get the sale.

salt lake city, UT

If you're an undecided voter at this point the only reason can be because you like all the attention. The candidates and the two parties are very far apart on most issues. An undecided voter is the person that came to a fork in the road and sits there for all time and eternity debating which path to go.


How is it even possible to be undecided at this point? Either they have not been paying attention for the past - seems like forever that this campaign has been going on - or they've decided this is their path to their 15 minutes.

Pretty much every person quoted in this article is obviously "decided."

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

A sample of nine undecided voters is a quote factory, not a valid analysis.
Then again, in our polarized state, maybe nine is the total number of undecideds.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Did anyone else notice how bo danced away from the "apology tour". When Romney started to give quotes from bo himself as he went around the middle east and apologized that the United States is the greatest country in the world. I guess that's why bo got rid of our space program and made their new mission, to help muslim nations feel good about their role in math and science. Really?

bo comment about the horses and bayonets was stupid. First he worded it wrong. I think he meant to say that the military uses fewer horses than they did in 1916. Although Mitt was talking about 1917 and on (minor detail). But in case bo hasn't noticed even though he claimed ocean levels are rising. There is more water than land. The country that controls the water controls commerce.

I loved Mitt when he had to point out to barack how much we export compared to imports. It wouldn't be in china's interest to start a trade war when it's that lopsided.

Then again clinton and obama's big donors come from china. Again overseas money influencing our leaders.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: KJB1 Eugene, OR
"CNN's poll also said that Obama won tonight by 8 points. "

Yes but Obama lost the most important critical first debate that lead to his steady drop in the polls ever since. After the dust clears and they conduct an autopsy on Obama's failed re-election bid they will blame it on that 2-hour disaster.

Real bummer for the liberal crowd.

Far East USA, SC

"Romney was smart not to fall into the war-monger trap that Obama was trying to paint him into."

Let me re-phrase

Romney successfully avoided reiterating his previous, war-mongering positions that were necessary to get the right on board.

Basically, with only minor deviations, gave a full endorsement of Obama's foreign policy.

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