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Published: Monday, Oct. 22 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Holladay, UT

Yes, USC, Ohio St., and Penn St. all got post season bans, but not during the seasons in which the violations occurred. But those schools all would benefit financially and with recruiting by playing a bowl game. High schools get nothing for winning a football championship. Besides, the players at those universities weren't really penalized. They were allowed to transfer to another D1 school and play right away. Silas Redd (Penn State to USC) took advantage of this opportunity. So inform East High that they can't participate in the playoffs next year and allow any student to transfer to any school of their choice and play right away. Sounds fair. I bet one or two schools would get loaded with a lot of talent.

Provo, UT

To answer your question, the UHSAA is the governing body of high school athletics in Utah. It is set up by the state board of education for this stewardship. They are not like the AP, UPI,but their state titles are sanctioned and recognized as such by the schools, media and participants. Their sanctioning of events protects the schools and participants in case of injury. I guess schools could break away from the UHSAA but not sure that is practical.

The UHSAA has three levels. The first level is the Executive Directors. I believe there are five of them. They are usually former coaches and and administrators. They are to administer competitions, track paper work and make recommendations to the Executive Committee which is made up of principals across the state. Usually each region has a representative and there may be at-large members. The Board of Trustees, who actually made the final decision, is made up of citizens usually, perhaps former administrators, coaches etc. but no longer in those positions. They are often school board members. Ultimately they have the final say though the Directors/Executive Committee will make most decisions. They usually make decisions on appeal.

Provo, UT

I would look at the Board of Trustees as sort of the Supreme Court with the final say on most things regarding the UHSAA. I think the structure is provide some checks and balances but the Board of Trustees have final say. The Executive Directors, usually actually the most knowledgeable and reasonable of the bodies, actually have the least power. They may make recommendations but often aren't even allowed to hear the evidence in the final hearings, let alone make the final decision. The Executive Committee has the power to make most decisions and often the Board of Trustees is only involved in cases on appeal, such as this one, or perhaps broader issues like realignment. The Board of Trustees is the the structure of the UHSAA that brings in private citizens, and again many are elected school board members (NOT educators, current coaches or principals thus slamming public education and teachers and principals on this matter may not be appropriate at most levels). The overall structure of the UHSAA relies greatly on schools to self-police and self-report violations and often even relies on regions themselves to discipline schools first and will affirm/overturn region decisions.

Washington, UT

I don't think anyone has any better idea how or why things turned out the way they did. Give atraight answers instead of the jargon only lawyers understand.

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