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Published: Sunday, Oct. 21 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Brighton Alum
Salt Lake City, UT

You can make a different decision in both of these cases because they are different (Timpview and East). The rules give discretion to the panels to make rulings that MAY include forfeit but do not require it. This allows them to consider the facts of each particular case and give sanctions accordingly. These situations are not one size fits all. For example East's punishment requires a 3 game suspension of their coach while the Timpview coach has no suspension. This happens in our legal system every day and this is no different. And since none of us know all the details of each of these cases we can not truly comment on the differnet sanctions that were handed down

South Jordan, UT

The panel seems to have been moved by a bunch of sobbing athletes. Dispassionate observation, but so it seems.

The rules typically call for forfeits and if the forfeits knock them from the play-offs then that where the chips should fall. I support complaints that East shouldn't be in. I support the arguments about values.

But for the complaints about the timing of facing East in the play-offs, not much sympathy here. If you want to claim to be the best team in the state, then why not relish the chance to beat what is arguably the best team in the state in any round, and even better if played on your home field?

A few years ago, the team I support was able to play and defeat all three of the other region champs (1 in regular season and 2 in playoffs). Makes it more satisfying. I don't believe East should be in the play-offs, but since they are, wouldn't you want to be the team that knocks them off? I'm assuming that the real challengers for the 4A title had all assumed they would have to go through East anyway.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

The whole thing is a travesty. Why can't we disband the UHSAA, play where you live, and let the Utah State Legislature handle those cases?

Herriman, UT

I think the reason coaches, schools and communities are upset is because of abstract nature of UHSAA's two boards...the Executive Board and Board of Trustees. The Executive Board, which is made up of high school princpals, appears to have ruled based upon UHSAA's policies. However, the Board of Trustees, which is made up of politicians, business owners, community activists and so forth, was very arbitrary in its ruling. I say thing because in their ruling the are essentially saying that even though Timpview self-reported itself...that Timpview was trying to cheat. However, in regards to East, even though another school reported the violation...that East was not cheating, it was merely confused.

This is hard for people to understand. What did Highland see that caused them to report the infraction? Whatever Highland saw...why didn't East already know about it? Then...to simply name them as the #4 seed is totally arbitrary. If you contact the UHSAA...they cannot tell you East's overall record and they cannot tell you East's regional record. East is either (1-8,1-4) and out of the playoffs or (8-1,5-0) and the #1 seed.

Prep Supporter
Salt Lake City, UT

Herriman wants to sue the UHSAA because they have to play a good team in the first round after they had a three way tie for winning region? I understand that you do wish to play better teams later on in the playoffs but I also understand that the Best Team should also be the one to win state. If Herriman is the best team, they should love the chance to have a home playoff game against east. I have read earlier quotes of how herriman fans argued that had they played Riverton at home and not at a neutral site it would have been a different story so how about the opportunity that have to prove they are the best and beat east! That would show the state who they really are.

Holladay, UT

"Herriman wants to sue the UHSAA because they have to play a good team in the first round after they had a three way tie for winning region?"
Wow, that's what you got from that? Well, some people have their mind made up, no matter what they hear I guess. I believe Herriman would love to play East, or any other team for that matter. This is not about that. Would you stand by while the body responsible for your profession made decisions that you felt had a direct and unfair impact on you and others, for mistakes that someone else made? Would you allow yourself and others to be put at a disadvantage because a competing company did not follow rules? Or would you stand up for yourself and others? Why is everyone OK going to bat for East, who has not done everything right, but when those who do follow rules try and stand up for equitable treatment for all, they are whiners? Did you not notice that there were several other coaches from around the state who feel the same way? This is not just a Herriman thing!

Big U
Salt Lake City, UT

In our legal system people charged with the same crime receive different punishments EVERY SINGLE DAY. Based on the circumstances of each particular situation-with variations for Judge, Jury and Attorneys involved. This is not any different. As long as rules and laws are applied different outcomes are allowed for the same charges. And frankly unless any of us have the entire story--which I am guessing no one does--we really can not comment on these issues intelligently

Salt Lake City, UT

I have a friend that teaches at East...and even he doesn't see how the panel could just make up something and not do the same for Timpview. What a double standard.

But my friend also said East is now worried again and told everyone to start attacking the blogs and defending Easts position. They are worried common sense will prevail. Not just the emotional verdict gift they received.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Common sense won the day.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Do not look past the fact that the original decision was that East forfeit the wins due to violation.
There was no compelling "new" evidence presented to allow the overturn of the rule 24 hours later, the governing body just caved in to a bunch of tears.

While it is true that you have to beat the best to become state champions, there is a policy in place to set up the seeding of the brackets so that the best 2 teams meet in the finals (based upon region records) not in the first round.

Remember most teams usually have 4 goals for their seasons...
1 - win region
2 - make the playoffs
3 - make it to RICE
4 - win state

This is an example of UHSAA NOT thinking things through and not thinking clearly, and making a knee jerk reaction to East after their initial ruling. What a travesty.

Logan, UT

Yea, maybe we should call a special session of the legislature every sports season so they can decide who broke the rules. Who will hire, schedule, and pay the game officials.

This is NOT the legal system per se. We are talking about rules and regulations which, in sports, are to be applied in a consistent manner. What if a referee decided that a holding penalty was warranted but since "It wasn't that bad" the penalty would only be 7 yards instead of 10.

What, in the long run, is being taught to the athletes? Justice will be served if East loses and they do not get a State championship. Logan stomped East and will beat Timpview this week.

Allen, TX

@D-News: How does this comment violate your rules? It is just about the most innocuous thing I have seen posted about this topic.....

Smells like home cooking to me.....


I don't think anyone who has dealt with the UHSAA has much faith in them.

Saratoga Springs, UT

For those who keep saying that this is done everyday in our legal system. You have no idea what you are talking about. There is no set punishment for a crime in the court's of law. So when a judge and jury decide different punishments in different cases, it is all based on evidence. That is what sways judge's and jury's.

In the case of East. The rules are printed black and white, play an inelgible player and you forfeit every game in which that player participated. I will not say East cheated. What I will say, is they knew about it and tried to cover it. They got caught. In the transcripts of the hearing East High stated that they were unsure of what actually to do. So instead of assuming you are right, make a call. Had you done that, everything would have been fine. The punishment is for East, not select individuals. East is one as a whole. They should be out.

And for those of you who say nobody knows what really happened. The transcript of the hearing was posted. So we know, you don't because you didn't read it.

Saint George, UT

Re: " I fell off a sofa " Great comment board name! Yea, the UHSAA has definitely had their work cut out for them in 2012 with all the decisions they have had to make. It would be tough to be on that board and make these decisions.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

First off I agree the original ruling shouldn't have been overturned. You play in eligible players your forfeit the games they played in. Cut and dry simple as that. Secondly I feel that to be the best you have to beat the best. Logan proved just two weeks ago that mighty East was beatable. Just as life wasn't fair for all the other East players after the initial ruling life has continued to be unfair to Mt. Crest by having to play arguably the best team in the state. Life isn't fair and while I think the UHSAA was correct to levy the original consequences and the board who overturned that decision was way out of line people can whine and complain about it or start preparing to defeat East.

Herriman/Salt Lake, UT

I agree with Timpanogos head coach Ed Larsen who pointed out, those who don't understand why it's a problem don't understand competition or how successful programs are built.

Herriman was the first team in 5A history to make the state playoffs in their first year. In their 2nd year they had to play a playoff game to get in, then lost in the first round again to Logan the eventual state champion.

This year they were seeded 1st in their devision, expecting to have an easier first round opponent - thus making it past the 1st round and possibly even into the finals & eventual state championship. Now with the decision of the UHSAA, they find themselfs again facing the top team in the state. All the victories, all the work, all the preparation apparently went for naught because the UHSAA in grapling for a merciful decision for east completely lost sight of the terrible effect it would have on the tournament seedings. I have no problem with them letting East play - messing with the seedings, however shows a serious lack of insensitivity to all the other teams/kids involved.

Orem, UT

While I hate to support the actual board of the UHSAA, Cuff and team did make the proper decisions in both schools cases. They were overturned by the Trustees of the UHSAA. Something needs to be done to put pressure on these people and/or their businesses for their actions. WHo are they and what companies do they run. Let protest their businesses and vote with our wallets if they don't flip flop back to the correct decision to apply the rules fairly and equitably across all schools.

Sugar City, ID

I am a graduate of East High and acknowledge that East has a lot of influential alumni (I'm not among the influential ones). I suspect some people caved to political or some other kind of pressure from influential people so that East got this break. It's a sad lesson to the students all over the state: it isn't what's right or just or legal, it's who has the political clout in Utah. The whole state would be better off if we just dropped football and devoted time to education instead.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

@ Ted... hahaha Thanks. You would be suprised at how many people don't get it.

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