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Published: Saturday, Oct. 20 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

Ernest T. Bass is on his game tonight. I really want to hear from Mildred in Fillmore!

The good news for Cougars fans is that BYU will win the rest of its games and Bronco will never have to admit that he was wrong in being such a toad to Jake Heaps. The local media is too soft to burn him for not playing fifth year senior James Lark, a player who was recruited ahead of Nelson. People forget that Lark was one of the top 25 recruits in the country when he came out of high school. Lark has a cannon for an arm and could have been hitting Hoffman and Apo in stride with deep balls all year long. But who cares about accuracy and ball control from the quarterback position, right? After all, we have Scrappy Doo at quarterback!

Bonneville, ID

Riley has no confidence in throwing the long ball and is not all that accurate on short passes, high low or behind receivers. I don't know if the play calling is conservative because they don't trust Riley not to make mistakes or bad passes or if we are play not to lose.
The BYU of old would have done the two minute drill when they got the ball right before the end of the first half. They should have tried it just to show they are hungry and really believe they can win. One more score would have taken the heat off of the defense.

Vernal Mom
Vernal, UT

Please, please.....a quarterback that can throw a decent pass. Is that too much to ask? So frustrating to watch!!

Orem, UT

oh, one more thing...that interception that will be called a "tip" and not your fault? Well, as all your balls are, it was too high, and behind him...so of course it got tipped...and that was all on your arm and lack of arm. Sad for us fans.

Saint George, UT

Where is Lark
This is getting ridiculous

Bonneville, ID

We won't see Lark unless Riley is hurt. If Lark came in and did well it would make the coaches look bad for sticking with Riley. They one game away from winning with any QB for the rest of the season. We probably will never know how good Lark would have been.

Omaha, NE

ND had just as bad a QB but did you see the holes the line opened up. Defense can't be on the field all day and stay in the game

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

I hate to say it but,.... Bronco, Doman,..... I have now become apathetic. I don't really care how this season plays out anymore and frankly it appears that neither do you. I'm not upset that you lost. It's the way that you lose that has turned aggravation into apathy. You know you need a QB change but you won't. So, if you don't care enough to try something different like seeing if Lark can hit targets that the other QB obviously can't, what am I supposed to cheer for? Nothing. We are at an impasse.

Durham, NC

I think what many are missing here is this years team is playing one of the hardest regular season schedules BYU has had to play - back to back top 10 teams, heading east more than most years. Yes, they have their issues. No, I never believed they could be ND - anyone who did was fooling themselves. But BYU rose to the occasion - and did better than most gave them a chance to.

Remember, the old glory days teams when they got to bowls had come through cream puff WAC and MWC schedules, with only a couple of challenging games all year - so they stayed healthy longer. Now they are play a real schedule, they are playing tougher teams, that has a lot more wear and tear on the teams.

So, don't get down too much. This is what the top 20 teams in the rest of the country have had to endure year in and year out. Get used to it - your not playing in the MWC or WAC anymore. Expectations need to be set accordingly.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

"In my time here, I've been a part of some blowouts against some good teams," he said.

Riley has a 60 QB rating vs winning teams. This season he gave Boise all their points, Utah 14 and Oregon St 14, while denying BYU a chance to score with each INT, He has 12 INT's and at least 4 fumbles lost, and in the first three losses it was his 10 INT's vs ZERO, zip, nada, for the opponents. I charted each of his passes in this game, and several before, he tosses a wobbly ball, too low, too high, behind the WR, and on long throws, its RAINBOW time. A gutsy, gritty competitor that Bronco loves because it reminds him of the player he was in college, but not a guy who can pass well enough to stretch the defense or to play error free. It seems that every one gets it but Bronco. I don't want to be negative but it will be a great day when Brandon Doman no longer has the key to the offense. Alums (Detmer, Heimuli) visiting claim the BYU offensive DNA is gone, let's get it back.

Barry Obamo
Orem, UT

To Jonathan Eddy - most of us do not care what you think or that you are apathetic. And no, BYU football is not at an impasse with you. BYU football doesn't even know who you are. And for those of you constantly calling for Lark, you have ZERO clue. I suppose you are the same SO-called fans who we're chanting, RiLEY, RILEY, RILEY, at LES last year.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

The Riley/Bronco/Doman bromance continues.
Next Saturday could also be a very grim day, and San Jose State no longer looks like a gimme.
Spare us the "We came really close to beating the #5 team" talk. At some point just avoiding a blowout isn't enough. You actually have to beat a quality opponent.
This a talent laden BYU team being led on the field by a guy who can't make the throws to run a complete and effective offense.
But he is gritty, scrappy, plucky and he tries really hard, and that makes him Bronco & Brandon's kind of player.
With more talented players sitting on the bench and chased from the program, why would any other top prospect consider BYU?
Unfortunately, the most likely scenario has BYU destroying inferior teams to end this year and heading into next season without addressing fundamental flaws.
Is mediocrity an acceptable outcome for an independent BYU? Tom Holmoe should be asked that question.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

Nelson is haunting BYU!

Cedar Hills, Utah

"In my time here, I've been a part of some blowouts against some good teams," Correction, Riley Nelson you have not blown out or even beating any good teams. His best victory was against an average (7-6) Utah State team last year and they barely squeaked that game out on a lucky bounce. I would love to hear what good teams he thinks he has "blown out"!

samuel h wiscomb
Sun Lakes, AZ

Dear Jeff Call,

Riley Nelson did not miss just one key pass. He missed a truck load of them. Make him a fullback and bring in a QB who can throw the ball rather than hold onto it like it was the last one on earth. Give Lark a shot. He can't do any worse than Riley.

South Jordan, UT

For those who are more than willing to lay the blame on one or two players or coaches, just look at a replay of the game with your emotions in control. You will clearly see that Riley was harassed, chased, hit, sacked, etc. throughout the game. A repeat of the games that BYU has lost.

In the first quarter, most of BYU's drives ended with QB sacks. On the promising drive in the 2nd half that resulted with a missed field goal attempt on 4th down, Riley, on the previous play, was supposed to fake a hand off, keep his back to the line, turn and deliver a pass. Unfortunately, when he turned to throw, all he could see were ND players on him. It's hard to execute a successful offense when blocking is in short supply. No matter what players and coaches say, a defense will only produce at a successful level when they believe their efforts will be rewarded with scoring by the offense.

It is easy to speculate that the defense believes that if more than a TD is scored against the team, the offense won't be able to pull it out.

Salt Lake City, UT

In fairness those are back to back top 10 teams that happened to lose their starting quarterback the game before they faced BYU.

Sandy, UT

Nelson could not hit the broad side of a barn in the 2nd half even with wide open receivers that had for sure touchdowns open that would have won the game! Lark could have hit receivers that wide open without warming up and with his eyes closed! Are the coaches so caught up to Riley's blind loyalty that they are willing to lose every big and winnable game in a season so they don't look bad for going with the wrong quarterback all this time and getting rid of Heaps? I Love Riley's toughness and leadership, his arm is OK when he is healthy, but he is obviously not healthy, most of his passes were off by 10 yards in the 2nd half and a healthy Lark would have won that game for them in the 2nd!!! Bronco and Doman are losing their fans with their unexplicable coaching decisions and stuborness! I am beginning to think a coaching change might be required for BYU to take a step forward from the same old mediocre rut!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Bronco is not a coach. Doman is not an OC. Riley is not a QB.

In pee wee football they woupld probably go undereadted.

not here, not now,

Idaho Falls, ID

Riley is Utah States revenge. We beat them only by not playing him, but when he plays all we get are gritty losses. He will do great against WAC teams, where he should have been playing all along. Oh well, at least there's next year, maybe.

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