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Published: Saturday, Oct. 20 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Window Rock, AZ

Buy the field goal kicker a new leg so he can make the field goals

Springville, UT

Oh well, good game to watch, some improvement, Cougars scored two touchdowns against a #5 team.

Cougars did as well against Notre Dame as any BCS team this year.

Another Ute beat down will make me feel better.

Go Beavers!

Spanish Fork, UT

What a frustrating game. With a decent quarterback BYU wins by two touchdowns. Grit is highly overrated.

Salt Lake City, UT

We didn't get spanked as badly as I feared. Nelson only threw 2 interceptions. Huge sacks really hurt! All in all, better outcome than expected. Too bad we don't have a QB with an arm.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Riley is such a poor quarterback! Anyone else would have won this game. Bronco says he likes Riley's performance. Big surprise. He "gave us a chance to win" would fit well someday on Riley's headstone. We would need to add, " but we didn't , again."

Inevitable R.Nelson Interception
Provo, UT

We were a couple bad plays away from knocking of the #5 team in the country!! And a couple more from an undefeated season.

American Fork, UT

You already have three losses, you're on the road of pulling off a major upset that can reinvigorate your program, in Notre Dame territory and you punt the ball to let Notre Dame run out the clock. Show some guts!

Highland, UT

At no point did I feel like BYU was going to win that game. The definition of what Bronco's team is this year was clearly illustrated when Nelson badly missed a wide open Hoffman for what would have been the leading TD in the 4th quarter. While Riley is a likable guy and I really would have liked to see him get this win and have just one win in his career that he could claim was a great win, the truth is that he just isn't good enough. Frankly he is a very bad thrower.

I wonder why Bronco has been so willing to stiff the fanbase, the school, and the rest of the team by allowing this guy to ineptly ruin game after game.

Layton, UT

The offense had to play a perfect game in order to win this one. The first interception ended up costing BYU the game. I think that Riley's back is still a problem. He couldn't throw a pass longer than 20 yards. On the positive side, this is the first game that the offensive line played a good game.

This game shows that BYU has a national power defense, and a fair offense. Notre Dame continues to be a class-act. I wish them the best. They have a great team.


South Jordan, UT

Can we please get a QB that is accurate? Hoffman wide open on that last drive for a TD, missed him by 5 yards.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Defense looked good for the most part. Offense not so good. Riley has a lot of heart but he has a 'water gun' of an arm. That wobbly pass that was a good 10 yards away from a wide open Cody Hoffman sums this whole season up.

Salt Lake City, UT

Norte Dame second string quarterback is worse than Riley Nelson, the second touchdown wasn't a touchdown. Byu was lucky to even make it close, bronco is the more dullest coach I have ever seen I have seen dead people with more expression.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


BYU's O-line was awful. 66 yards rushing and Riley spent the entire game running for his life.

That being said, The Cougs had a strong showing and probably should have won. The missed pass to Hoffman would have been the game winner. It's a tough break, but at the very least it will give BYU some confidence going into Atlanta next week.

Cinci Man

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised that they could play at this level. ND is an excellent team and it was understandable that we could sense the tide turning in the 3rd quarter. Riley has to execute better and make fewer bad pass attempts. If they had played like this the earlier games, they would have impressed far more folks across this country, including me, just a fan. The next two games will tell a lot about whether or not this was a fluke. Go Cougars. Please exceed my expectations as you did today. Make if an 8-4 season now.

Idaho Falls, ID

Defense played well enough to win. Although it would have been nice if they could have made a more timely stop toward the end of the game. Offense couldn't score in the 2nd half. Notre Dame demonstrated what an offensive line is supposed to look like. Truly dominating. They wore us down in the last quarter and we couldn't tackle #6.

Once again really untimely penalties and sacks toward the end killed us. Nelson makes plays but he just doesn't have the skill to take this team to the next level. Terrible passer. The deep ball is open but our QB can't get the ball to the receiver.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bronco and Doman chose Riley over Heaps? Wow. Most of Riley's throws weren't even close and it is obvious that he isn't a division 1 quarterback.

Players should feel good about the effort but tormented by the outcome. That one was there for the taking.

Keep your heads up.

Salt Lake City, UT

1st and 10 on their 35, down by 3, 6 minutes left. It's either 4 down territory, or you want to try a field goal. Either way, you don't call a pass, and you don't get sacked on 1st down. You also don't punt the ball away to a team that has been running it down your throat. 4 down territory or at the very least, keep the ball within field goal range (poor kicker or not).

BYU has squandered 3 potential wins through incredibly poor game management.


I wonder what dirt Riley has on Bronco where he continues to play him when he messes up,that pass that he missed Hoffman on was ridiculous,i,m 61years old and could have completed that pass,it cost BYU the game,everybody who is unhappy with the play of Riley needs to call Holmo at his office and protest and if you hold season tickets tell him that if there is not a change in QB,s that you wont be season ticket holders anymore,Give Lark a chance to see what he can do ,he certainly could not do any worse.

Idaho Falls, ID

BYU could easily be undefeated but for riley Nelson. Next week BYU will dip below .500 for the first time in a long time. Time for some changes.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

A very good showing! Next week could be interesting. Georgia Tech 3-4 with a win over "Presbyterian" gives hope. But regardless, after that game BYU will once again regain their football dominance. Finishing the season overwhelming opponents. Then the bowl game against a team with a non-losing record. Should be a great match-up.

(Note the time of this post. It's much easier prior to our game at OSU!)

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