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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Brighton Alum
Salt Lake City, UT

InterestedSportsFan you bring up a very interesting point with the questions about if the East players are "eligible by definition". I was told that each one of the players in question would be eligible with a simple form and would not have required any special consideration from UHSAA. They said that these players had not played high school sports anywhere else ever except for 1 and he hadn't played for two years. If this is in fact true I think it is makes a big difference. If these players would have been deemed eligible I think that is totally different then players who are ineligible for other reasons (ie. recruitment, grades etc).

Salt Lake City, UT

The UHSAA needs to be dissolved. They are just a bunch of power hungry people who don't know what they are doing! The best thing that could happen is if the other teams protest EAST. East can just play themselves.

Provo, UT

It is important to realize who the UHSAA actually is. There is the board of directors led by Rob Cuff. He has four associate directors I do believe. They are to administer the competitions, keep track of records etc.

But who made this decision? It was the UHSAA Board of Trustees who are principals from various schools. So when one bashes the UHSAA, for this particular issue, they really should be bashing the high school administrators across the state. Of course Cuff or the lawyer for the UHSAA (VanWagoner) has the unenviable task of explaining or defending these decisions.

But in reality, the UHSAA is really just a governing body of high school administrators with the front people who administer the competitions, handle the paperwork, keep track of records etc. who often get the blame for these silly decisions...


So UHSAA, please enlighten us: what is East's final record that puts them as the 4th place team in Region 6? Oh, that's right, you won't say. Just be honest: You arbitrarily decided that because enough East kids, administrators and coaches cried on camera that you let them in the playoffs. Either they're guilty (forfeit ALL games with ineligible players) or not (they then remain #1 in Region 6).

Forget the integrity of the game. Forget the mess that you've created now and in the future. Forget the impact on all of the other players and schools who played by the rules (Cyprus, Mtn. View, Logan, Herriman, etc) who now get the shaft because you caved to the East pressure. Forget the fact that you've created a double standard that if your East it's OK to play with ineligible players, but if you're Timpview it's not.

I have a simple solution: Let's abolish the UHSAA. It's clear that this is an organization that is not interested in the welfare of Utah high school athletes.

Pirate Mom
Magna, UT

Step into the shoes of a Cyprus football player for a moment. You have a brand new coach from out of state that you know nothing about but you and your team rally to have the best season in a long time. You end with a 5-5 record but because you play in one of the hardest 4A regions you don't make the playoffs. Until East is penalized for cheating then you get to be in a play-in game. But wait East gets rewarded for cheating and is back in and you are back out. How would you feel? Everybody says "poor East". What about poor Cyprus who is ranked 18th in 4A in the state but Mtn View who is ranked 20th and has a 2-7 record is in! Maybe it is time to get rid of regions and just let the top however many teams play in the playoffs!

Pirate Mom
Magna, UT

How is it that a school with a 4-6 record (Mtn View) is in the playoffs but a school with a 5-5 record (Cyprus) is not? Maybe it is time to do away with Regions and just let the however many teams with the best records play!

Provo, UT

How about Salem Hills and Springville who were left out of the playoffs because the UHSAA BOT decided to enforce Timpview's forfeits but not East and gift wrapped and appearance for Mountain View in the play-offs.

I would say the losers of this were 1) Salem Hills and Springville tied for first 2) Cyprus who should be in if the UHSAA enforces its rules like it should 3) Mountain View/Herriman who get to play East now in the fourth spot 4) Logan who now has to play Timpview sho slid to third because again the UHSAA enforced its rules against Timpview but not East.

The biggest winners are East obviously. But WX, Bountiful and Highland moved up a spot an got easier opponents. Maple Mountain goes from playing Logan on the road to getting Box Elder on the road, I would say this worked out well for them. Mountain View, yes they will play East but avoided a play-in game with Salem Hills and Springville due to gaining fifth place via a forfeit win. Orem moved up as well and got an easier first round opponent.

The decision(s) had huge impacts...

South Jordan, UT

I'm just curious...who is the Utah High School Athletics Association accountable to? I assume they are paid with Tax Payer dollars. Regardless of what side you are on, I think everyone can agree that the handling of this issue was really messed up. Hopefully the powers that be will be held accountable. I think the UHSA are confusing themselves to be a bit more than they really are. This shouldn't be a power trip for them like the Commissioner's of Pro Sports or even the NCAA...they should take a step back and really look at who they really are. I think their is a real competency gap and it will be addressed...I guess that is the one positive outcome of this mess. In the meantime, let's get the focus back on the kids and move forward support our student athletes and quit feeling sorry for ourselves that we are stuck with playing Timpview or East in the early rounds. If we are a legitimate contender...we are going to have to beat them eventually anyway.

Provo, UT

Again, the people that made these decisions are HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. There is directors that work full time to coordinate the different state competitions, track paper work and put together record books etc. Perhaps if these directors, many of which have administrative and sports experience and who are non bound toschools or other friends in administration could have made this decision, I think things would be differently. This is the change that needs to be made with the UHSAA. These directors truly need to be trusted to make decisions and thus we know who made these decisions. I wonder if the names of the Board of Trustees could or should be released so we know who to hold directly accountable for these rulings. Were they the same people in both decisions? If so, could some have axes to grind with Timpview, which had the rules enforced against them, but friends to East where they didn't get the same treatment but in a sense skirted punishment? Also, it seems that no thought was given to the unintended consequences of these decisions. Good journalism and transparency is needed so we know who actually made these rulings...

Brighton Alum
Salt Lake City, UT

In our legal system people charged with the same crime receive different punishments EVERY SINGLE DAY. Based on the circumstances of each particular situation-with variations for Judge, Jury and Attorneys involved. This is not any different. As long as rules and laws are applied different outcomes are allowed for the same charges. And frankly unless any of us have the entire story--which I am guessing no one does--we really can not comment on these issues intelligently.


@ Eagle

You stated the decision was made by high school administrators. Let me clarify...

The Executive Committee that made the original decision to have all games forfeited is made up of high school principals. They reversed the decision of the Region 6 Principals which went against what has always been adhered to across the state when a school uses a player that is not deemed eligible (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

The Board of Trustees that then reversed the decision of the Executive Committee is made up of school board members from each of the Regions throughout Utah. They trump the Executive Committee. For some unknown reason, they went away from the decision and tried to create some quasi-policy that has no hope of being enforceable in the future.

If you are familiar with a school district setting, it is the same as a high school principal making a decision which is consistent with district policy. Then the parent goes to the school board, cries and begs for a different answer only to have the school board cave in. I too would love to know the BOT members that created this mess for all future regions to deal with.

Logan, UT

Logan Worked East and will do the same to Timpview. Bring it on!

south jordan, UT

the reason why u guys were able to "work" East was because u guys are different style football teams. your pass offense vs their run offense and on that particular night (especially with what was going on) i admit u guys did outplay them. but make no mistake, ive seen both Logan and Timpview play and im sorry but Timpview is basically a better version of Logan so be careful what u wish for.
Go Miners! this may not be our year but anything can happen!

Orem, UT

I have been confused by the various new reports, did East play one or four ineligible players?

Lindon, UT

In reading all of the information on the rulings, I have not seen one thing that mentions what exactly does 3 years of probation mean for East and Timpview. What does probation mean for Utah high school programs? Do they not have football programs for 3 years, lose scholarships, fewer recruiting trips, etc? What does probation mean in this sense? Someone please enlighten me.

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