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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Lehi, Utah

The Snow Canyon comparison is interesting. I wonder if East High supporters had more access to the UHSAA than Snow Canyon did. The inconsistencies with the UHSAA are unbelievable.

Holladay, UT

This road to a state championship is simple and fair for everyone. Win four games (five for East or MV) and you are champions! Who cares who has tough first round match ups. You are going to have to beat some very good teams at some point in time to take state. By the way, East, at 8-1, has the most unfair path. Clearly a one seed, they have a road play in game, then possibly a road game against a one seed. Hmmmm. It would be an amazing accomplishment for East to regroup after this crap and win five games in a row.

Salt Lake City, UT

What a joke! I felt terrible for the kids at East, but like many have said, the rules were broken. End of story. I would be ok with this decision if there were not other cases (example: Snow Canyon baseball) where the written rules were enforced. You play ineligible kids, you forfeit the games they played in. Pretty clear to me. Why do we even have rules if they don't get enforced? Poor outcome in my opinion that now results in a lot of gray area and more problems to come. Good luck to all teams in the playoffs. I agree with JParkerfan from St. George: UHSAA=Double Standard.

Provo, UT

A little relatively unknown side story. Four years ago several students at Provo HS changed their attendance. Back then attendance was tied to academic grades, this is no longer actually the case but it was at this time. Several of the students were athletes including two baseball players. They actually earned or had high enough percentages to earn academic credit but since the changed their attendance they received a no grade in two classes, making them ineligible according to UHSAA rules. The two played very sparingly in two region games. The region met and made Provo forfeit these two games. The coaches and administrators supported that decision and took it no further. In this case the rest of the players nor the administrators, coaches or athletic director had knowledge of these kids actions until the scandal broke. So everyone was "innocent" except the players involved, who again by the way would actually received academic credit based on Provo School Districts recent decision on tying attendance to academic grades. Bottom line, it seems that East got off easy while Timpview, Snow Canyon and Provo here got worked over by the UHSAA.

Taylorsville, UT

DiamondDad- I dont think many people in Herriman are upset about playing East. Infact, the few I know there say "bring it on." But you have to admit this decision is quite a stretch. I mean, how often does a #1 seed have to play a #1 team because someone forgot to do the paperwork?

Herriman/Salt Lake, UT

Terrible decision - why didn't they just go along with the region decisions The UHSAA can order games be forfeited, but it can not change the quality of the teams. Letting the top ranked team come in at the #4 position upsets the entire seeking process. This will be remembered not so much for the lack of oversight by East, but by the way the UHSAA decision affected the playoffs. Now we know why the rule reads "may forfeit". By overruling the regional decisions and requiring forfeitures at all costs shreds the seeding process meant to assure the top teams meet in the finals.

Herriman, UT

It's ironic they said they wanted to treat them like snow canyon, because they didn't. They made snow canyon forfeit every game they used an ineligible player in. That's why the best baseball team in the state was a 4 seed in the tournament. Not becausethre the UHSAA "treated them" in any special manner. I'm fine that East is in, but they should be in the spot they earned or out. Don't mess integrity of the entire tournament. Unbelievable!

scrappy do

So Timpview takes a forfeit for each game where an ineligible player played but East does not... Were East's players less ineligible than Timpviews player???

Is that possible? What gives? Am I living in a parallel universe?

Salt Lake City, UT

Logan's coach Favero is right...this is about the integrity of high school sports in the state of Utah. Match needs to show integrity and resign, especially after Kathy Butler did so. Coaches have their responsibility in the eligibility process and he needs to take his portion of responsibility. East principal Sagers signed his name to documents that stated all listed players were eligible. I guess a case could be made for him resigning as well. This would show the state that those who had responsibility, took the consequences for their actions. That would show the players that it doesn't pay to be dishonest. Meanwhile, get the process fixed so this doesn't happen again! UHSAA needs to take responsibility for this immediately!

Kearns, UT

Not good for the integrity of the sport, 120 "innocent" student athletes excepted. Next stop, Bingham and Cottonwood.

Ogden, UT

Ok you fine both school 7500 total where does that money go?( a Xmas Party) Why not rent Utah State and have a double header Mtn Crest and Logan Both have Home field

Herriman, UT

This was an ugly situation all the way around. I had the chance to talk to one of the trustees when they were wrestling with the initial situation and I knew without him going into specifics that they were dealing with East and I could tell he was not happy with where they going with it all. Penalize the kids, penalize the coaches, penalize the administration?

With that said as a high school coach I will say that the ultimate responsibility of eligibility lies with the head coach and not the AD. Any question at all dealing with eligibility and the athlete sits. No question at all. Coach Matich didn't do his due diligence. And the athletes and their parents who were involved should be ashamed. They have forgotten that their first responsibility is to just go to school.

Orem, UT

Perhaps this is unfair for Mtn View. Now after they beat the real Region 6 Champion, they have to turn around on Saturday and beat the Region 7 Champion in their first round. Did anyone ever think of that!!!!

Tooele, UT

Leave it to Big Eudcation to teach kids cheating is OK.

Woods Cross, UT

High school athletics is a mess. We need to toughen up and enforce eligibility requirements.


I think Logan, got the shortest end of the stick here. After all is said and done.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think this was a merciful decision and I'm happily surprised that East gets to play. Can people really complain about lesser teams not getting into the playoffs, or about not having easier early round match-ups? I assume these people value fairness way over competition- understandable. In that case, respect that East has gone through a long and hard process, hardest for their student-athletes, who really didn't have a hand in the mistakes. Either way, a decision would have been controversial. Other than the fine, I personally like what was decided. It is really unfortunate that East and Timpview had region titles taken away, when they are clearly the best in their regions, but I guess it's "fair".

west point, UT

Not fair for Mountain View who is a 4-6 team have to play a number one team East, even though East is a fourth seed team with a record of 8-1. East (8-1) at Mountain View (4-6)

Salt Lake City, Ut

Why is UHSAA so difficult. So much of what I've read regarding this issue wouldn't be so controversial if the UHSAA implemented a better process. It's just like income tax. Require all schools to submit the proper forms. Reserve the right to audit. If an error can be fixed then correct it. If if can't then there is deception. Just like taxes if there is cheating or deception, there is punishment. The real question here is "are the East players by definition eligible?" Why didn't the UHSAA review each player in question and determine if in fact they would have been deemed eligible? Everyone seems so caught up with the idea this has more to do with a "form" and when/if it was submitted.

South Jordan, UT

Just because a bunch of kids and the coach cry on camera they should not be allowed to break the rules. Break the rules pay the price, all involved including the players

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