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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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IRS Agent

It looks to me like the right people are going to be punished, and not the kids who did nothing wrong. Afterall, it is about the kids, right? Or is this somehow offensive to us older folks who have nothing to do with the games, and can't get beyond our "glory days" when we were in high school.

For those other schools that are upset that East is back in the playoffs, can you really call yourselves the best, if East isn't allowed to compete? If the ineligible players can't play in the playoffs, then if you truly are a better team, you shouldn't have any trouble beating them (without all those amazing players they used to get to the playoffs). Right?

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Sounds fair from what I can see and from what little I know. Best is that the kids get to play. They did not not make the mistake. So looks like someone is looking out for the boys and not just the issue.

Orem, Utah

Shocked! A terrible situation is now made MUCH worse. This is a terrible precedence that will create havoc for years to come. No one wanted to see East not play but ADULTS understood why they couldn't. UHSAA made up rules as they went...everyday depended on who cried the hardest. Now it is Herriman's turn to file a complaint. Herriman got robbed if they have to play East in first game. Herriman worked hard to earn a #1 seed which has the HUGE reward of playing a #4 seed in the first game. Who cares if the head coach has to sit out a few games...their job is mostly over when the game starts and the assistants take over.

Salt Lake City, UT

Quit crying! You got what you wanted! The UHSAA made a big mistake!

Magna, UT

Ironic that Matich's first comment to the press is, "of course it's fair, because now my boys get to play"! All Cyprus did was play by the rules, with players from Magna, get told you're out, you're in, no wait now you're back out again, sorry for making you think the rules were for everyone, we forgot, you're not ranked high enough.

@IRS, spoken like a TRUE IRS agent, hey if you don't get convicted, your totally innocent!

The problem here isn't East's AD or Coach, or Cyprus and the handful of others that play with their own kids, the real problem is the UHSAA not policing the recruiting that requires the bogus paperwork to be filed in the first place. Hats off for now to Cottonwood, Herriman, Timpview, Skyline, Bingham and the rest for properly filing the phony paperwork properly, it makes it much easier for the UHSAA to look the other way when you fake it properly.


How is it fair to penalize Logan and Herriman due to the failings of East and Timpview? Logan and Herriman played a great season and should have easier first-round match-ups.

Pac 12 Fever
Salt Lake City, UT

Why did Timpview have to forfeit when East didn't?

That's a joke. Then they just plug em in the playoffs as a 4th seed East?

Take out the crying and emotion out....

Someone explain to me factually how Easts decision is overturned and Timpviews isn't?

It's factual. Both punished or both acquitted. (Obviously the Timpview principal doesn't care and didn't fight for his team like the East principal) but besides that....explain please.

Saint George, UT

On the one hand I'm glad that the innocent players on East's team will get a chance to play in the playoffs, but how is it fair to let them keep victories over other teams when they used ineligible players? Four good players can make a difference.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

By dropping them to fourth you just punished another team that deserved a much easier draw for a first game. I would be way upset if I placed first expecting a good draw and then a top seated team that should be disqualified for cheating gets dropped down to face us in the first round. If the adults were to blame then the UHSAA should have left the seeds alone and not punished anymore innocent kids.


What a Joke! Im happy to see that the kids get to play, it wasn't there fault. The Coach should be out for all of this year and next year. I have friends that are high school coaches in the valley and when I have talked to them about the situation they and me put it all on the coach. He knows the rules and he played the players. When they have a transfer player come in they have them turn in all the paper work to the UHSAA, then when the player says he is cleared the coach calls the UHSAA and verifies that they are good. 4 coaches in the valley told me the same thing. It was nice of the AD to try to take the blame and save the season. THE COACH CHEATED and he knew it!

Paul H
West Valley, UT

In an attempt to save face, UHSAA backs down on it's unreasonable suspension of East High from the playoff's but slaps the coach with an equally unreasonable suspension and a large fine that will, no doubt, be borne by Taxpayers.

Why can't people just admit it when they are WRONG and reverse their decision instead of trying to justify their stupidity?


This is unfair to Timpview. You play an ineligible kid in a game, you forfeit that game! Leave it to the UHSAA to not uphold their own rules...

Salt Lake City, UT

FAIR????? Cheating and getting away with it is NOT fair!

Provo, UT

So let me get this straight, the two schools that got the most punished were Springville and Salem Hills who got eliminated from their chance to compete for a playoff chance because they were unlucky enough to play Timpview later in the season.

Then there is Herriman who by winning their region gets to play East, who let's face it might still be the best team in the state.

Then there is Box Elder who instead of playing Orem, a proven inferior team to TImpview, now gets to play Timpview.

Is there no wonder people have lost faith in the UHSAA as legitimate organization to protect the integrity of high school athletics.

What do East and get Timpview get as result of breaking the rules, a slap on the wrist while four other schools become collateral damage with two losing their right or chance to compete in the tournament so East's could be restored.

Give me a break, what a joke!

Provo, UT

So has anyone considered Salem Hills and Springville and their right to have a chance to compete at state? They were the biggest losers in this debacle...

Bountiful, UT

Do you really think the East High coaches ans players did't know who on their team had played at a previos high school ? The kids know!!! East got away with cheating! Shame on everyone at East! How are the rest of us suppose to teach our children! Just say'n!

Salt Lake City, UT

Not a good decision...a WIN-LOSE. Win for East, lose for Cyprus. Win for TV, lose for Salem Hills and Springville. More kids get hurt by UHSAA decision than if they would have stuck with their first decision...the REALLY innocent ones. Shame on East, shame on UHSAA!

St. George, UT

The UHSAA is a joke and a sham. Who is this person trying to equate East and Snow Canyon? SC forfeited all games and had to win out just to go to state as the 4th seed. If you make your case that inelligible players = forfeited wins, then stick to it. Don't make yourselves look foolish by having a double standard.

Holladay, UT

Ok people, please chill! Herriman won A LUCKY ( unlucky) coin flip to be the #1 seed. So what if they have to play East. It was determined by LUCK. Besides, would Herriman rather play East at home or at RES? To be the best, you need to beat the best. Quit whining!!

Taylorsville, UT

It's pretty simple. East broke the rule(s) or they didnt. If they did, they should be penalized. If they didn't, they should be placed in the bracket as though nothing is wrong. The other teams can deal with the idea that maybe there was cheating or maybe their wasnt. What they cant deal with is a decision that gives a greater advantage than actually having to play the games.

Instead of being unfair to one team, UHSAA managed to make it unfair for EVERYONE.

The implications of this decision are bigger that just one game or playoff round. This shows just how incapable the UHSAA is at doing the job they are supposed to doing in the first place.

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