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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Sanpete, UT

I was flipping through channels and saw this. It was pretty hilarious. Both of them made jokes about self and the other. Good entertainment.

Mcallen, TX

People are finding that Romney isn't the stiff unfriendly person the Obama campaign tried to paint him up as.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Get over it.
This event opens our eyes and shows America how disgusting politics has become.
These two guys might be able to be friends, if not for Super Pacs, hatred, etc.

Salt Lake City, UT

@no fit in SG
"These two guys might be able to be friends, if not for Super Pacs, hatred, etc."

Romney was my favorite Republican 6 years ago. Problem is he's moved so far to the right since then that his past views are completely unrecognizable which makes it hard for me to figure out what Mitt Romney would govern. Safest bet though is he'd sign whatever a Republican Congress (if he wins there's a good shot they're getting the senate too) passes. I trust Romney a lot more than I trust the Republican Congress, but I don't trust Romney to tone down the crazy in the Congress.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

@no fit in SG

I would take your posts seriously "if not for hatred, etc."

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

atl134 Salt Lake City, UT

Grover Norquist said that he wants any Republican president with five functioning digits to sign whatever Republicans put in front of him.

New Mitt definitely has a problem with Old Mitt. Let's hope that New Mitt is Real Mitt.

As for Mitt's stiffness, well, Mitt is Mitt. He's not very layed-back by his very nature. He was taught to be the way he is. There's nothing wrong with being the way his is. The argument that he cannot relate well to everyday people goes far beyond how he presents himself in public. He's a boss!

He can tell jokes. He's a former CEO used to having and using a great deal of power. He (and Donald Trump) are probably the only two people in the world who can tell the President of the United States to "cool your heels".

salt lake, UT

what hate? where in alts post does he express hatred? once again you are not a victim.

Ogden, UT

Obama DOES Have Investments In Cayman Islands Trust... and has a bigger pension than Romney!

San Francisco, CA

These two dudes are fabulous comedians! It's pretty clear where their true talents lie. Now, if we could just get them to stick with what they do best, maybe America could have a real President.


Just so you know OBAMA WAS BOOED BY AUSSIE PARLIMENTARIANS IN Australian Parliment. With you guys current Pres. in charge as far as Aussies are concerned - America IS gone. 2009 precisley- With Obama in charge we know our relationship means nothing to you. It's like we are the affair or some nuisance like that. That's the feeling we are getting. Whatever he says. With you guys current Pres. in charge as far as Aussies are concerned - America IS gone. 2009 precisley- it just took a few years for the mid-east hate to get you in the heart and you didn't even see yourself fall. Signed the historical ALLY still wondering where his mate went.

Fern RL

This is the funniest article I have read all year! Thanks. Thanks also to Internet Explorer for clearing up one of Obama's jokes...Chrome typically has a problem with the first line of a paragraph next to the videos/graphs/etc. in the sidebar.


care to back up the claim with some credible references? I thought not.

spring street

@happy girl

I realize you maybe new to the forums but TYPING IN ALL CAPITL LETTERS is a good way to loose any credibility.

Ogden, UT


"care to back up the claim with some credible references?"

Don't be so lazy. Do your own research.

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