Comments about ‘Hatch uses harsh words against Obama team in chat with students’

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Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Kate Hutch
Kenmore, WA

OldMan and Rifleman:
Nobody condones high school-aged people having sex. Condone means to accept and allow behavior that is considered morally wrong/offensive; or to approve/sanction something with reluctance. NOBODY approves of high school-aged students having sex. However, we MUST deal with the reality that, unfortunately, it happens. The adults responding here: how many waited? While nobody condones sex among young people, it happens. So, now what? How do we deal with that reality? Young people must not make that second mistake: create a life before they are ready to provide for that life. NOBODY likes abortion, so pregnancy avoidance must be top priority. Providing pregnancy prevention is essential for those children who will not wait as we can't watch them every minute. They must have the information, and it must be confidential and safe. Otherwise, we have those unfortunate situations we hear all too often of a baby being born privately of a teen, family did not know of the pregnancy, and the young mother, terrified, does not allow that baby to survive because her family might find out and she cannot bear to disappoint them.

Roosevelt, UT

There have been many comments about Hatch working with Mitt and that would be a great thing to happen. Due to the outdated electoral college Mitt will soon be looking for work and that is the best thing that could happen to this state is for Orrin to be looking for his next gig as well.

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