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Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Vote for Mia Love. We need to give Mitt Romney the support he needs in the Senate and House. Every vote counts! We must reclaim this country from financial ruin.

Romney-Ryan 2012 God bless America!

Steve G.

They say that as a person gets older they lose the "filter" that sensors what they say. It sounds like Senator Hatch has reached that point.

Saint George, UT

Too funny...

DN Moderators are always eagle eyed in their search for readers making hatch-like comments.

Hence, the denied e-mail.

Yet hatch gets a pass?

Looking forward to more encouraging civil dialogue and thoughtful comments from hatch..

Brigham City, UT

Forty two years in the senate is wrong; a lot of years on government health care. Term limits for Congress.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Hilarious! he's got my vote!

Danbury, CT

This is unacceptable speech for Hatch anywhere, especially with school aged kids. And a poor example coming from someone who should be acting as a senior statesman. He is demonstrating the kind of crude discourse that many want to impose on us in talking about our politicians today.

I heard Hatch at my HS in his first campaign. I was unimpressed then and sad to say, have no respect for him today. And I'm a lifelong Republican.


My Mom has always told us that the use of any profanity only shows, "A lack of culture." A man of Hatch's supposed character, not to mention that he is a Priesthood holder, using such language is embarrasing.

I guess the question for me is this, with the many years he has been in the House, why hasn't he been able to solve the problems that he is complaining about. What will he do differently if Governor Romney is elected? In my opinion, Senator Hatch has out lived his usefulness to the People of Utah, I don't know why they keep electing him.


Vote FOR Jim Matheson - THE only moderate Utah representative in Washington D.C. Mia Love is too far to the right.

Retire Orrin Hatch who campaigned 36 years ago that 3 terms was too long for a senator.

Heber City, UT

What's hilarious is the support he's getting on this discussion board for this language. If Scott Howell, or any Dem, had done this, we would be subjected to days of "this is just more evidence of the party's irreverence and disrespect for civility." Shameful display from a tired old man who needs retired.

Idaho Falls, ID

Hey Oral, thanks for reminding me why I'm no longer a republican.

La Crosse, WI

Its sad to see Senator Hatch pander for votes to the young crowd by pretending to be one of them. Apparently it worked for at least one commentator on this page. I like the senator, but I like him less knowing his unrefined manner of speech. His gray hair suggests he should have grown up by now. His language suggests he's still figuring that out.

Utah Observer
West Jordan, Utah

Mia Love is trying to back away from her earlier comments made to win support from GOP delegates to win the nomination at the convention. She used terms earlier in the year that had the ring of the Tea Party rhetoric to impress people that she was just as conservative if not more so than Wimmer or Sandstrom. Now she is attempting to move more to the center, thinking that her image will prevail against moderate Matheson so those delegates won't be so mad why she is backtracking. Why do politicans like her and Hatch play these silly games with words? Must be a GOP requirement for office.

one old man
Ogden, UT

One more illustration of the truthfulness of a comment made by David O. McKay (I think it was): "Foul language is nothing but the pitiful attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully."

Nampa, ID

"Our Blacks are more conservative than yours." The very fact that hatch brought that up shows how old school he is. Or how too old for school he is. He isn't going to change. Time for him to go.

Orem, UT

I'm a Republican conservative, but this type of language to the youth of this nation, is not acceptable, and appalling from a man of Hatch's supposed stature. I'm ashamed of him hanging on for so many years, and not letting younger, fresher minds have a chance. What ever happened to serving a mission for one's church? Time is passed for Hatch.

I'm voting against him at all costs.

Wasatch Front, UT

1) Very disappointed by Hatch's crude language, and his "pandering" to the young people in this shameful way.

2) Hatch has been in office so many years, I believe HE must accept personal responsibility for the HUGE MESS this country is in. If his seniority in the Senate has made him SO powerful and invaluable to The People, then why the heck has he let OUR country drift into the horrible condition it's in.

3) I believe we (The People) MUST establish Term Limits on these servants!!

4) BUT.... until that glorious day comes, it does us NO GOOD to turn Sen. Hatch out of office UNLESS *EVERY* OTHER U.S. Senator is under the SAME edict.

5) If we (Utahns) fire Hatch now, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot, and damaging Utah's position of power in a corrupt, antiquated system.

6) It's gotta be ALL OR NONE when it comes to Term Limits. A level playing field for ALL 50 States. We've GOT to hold our noses and vote for Hatch once again!!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

There's no excuse for this.

Hatch once again, demonstrates his lack of class and complete and utter hypocrisy.

Then Hatch complains about the nation being divided and how uncivil the political climate has become?

YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM HATCH!!! You've been part of the problem for decades!

Get Hatch Out!


Hatch may have been in congress too long, but will be hard to replace him with Scott Howell, Hatch has done more than any person elected to congress from Utah to champion womens rights, and keep what little civility there is in the senate.
So until the Democrats of old come back, probably not in my life time I will support him or whomever the opposition selects.
Mia Love is a breath of fresh air compared to Matheson, who is nothing like his father, Jim has become a Pelosi surrogate. Has anyone asked Jim who he would support as speaker of the house if by chance the Demmies would gain back control of congress?...just saying

Steve C. Warren

@One old man

Re: One more illustration of the truthfulness of a comment made by David O. McKay (I think it was): "Foul language is nothing but the pitiful attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully."

You were very close, but it was actually Spencer W. Kimball who said: "Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.”

Grandma Char
Kaysville, UT

I think Hatch was trying to relate to the college students. I don't agree with it.

I supported Dan Liljenquist in the primaries, but Hatch's opponent now is not worthy to be in the Senate. He definitely will not help us get this economy going again. Hatch is what we have. Knowing that he will work with Mitt will do.

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