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Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Rocklin, CA

Maybe after we get Jim into the HOF we can get Nixon on Mount Rushmore.

gchris - These are institutional issues, nothing to do with the law. If you are going to use your standard than every kid every booted for an honor code violation ought to be recompensed.

thenun - Lavell Edwards lifted his protection after the bowl game, and Jim enjoyed driving away and never looking back. Read his book.

Virginia Beach, Va

It's time to heal old wounds. Lets stop with old resentments and show love and compassion to a guy who isn't perfect.

Rock Springs, WY

Jim McMahon along with Leon White, Kurt Gavaia (spelling is wrong), Great players for BYU and great NFL careers. Sports hall of fames whether its the College Hall of Fame, NFL or your schools should be more about what you did on the field.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

In regards to Jim Mac Mahon and those that would like to keep him out of the BYU Hall of Fame,
Let he/she without sin, cast the first stone.

Orem, UT

Sad they haven't done it yet. They give honorary doctorates to all kinds of goofy people. Sad thing really is, Bronco would not have a Jim McMahon today...everyone wants perfection now...not later...not down the road. Now. Doesn't work that way folks.

Clearfield, UT

If McMahon had been a mediocore player or even average athlete he would have been expelled from BYU and told to go find another school to play for. The message is if you are a great athlete the honor code does not matter. BYU chose to ignore flagrant and documented honor code violations. I agree McMahon was a great QB and contributed to BYU's success. So did a lot of others athletes who will never be recognized. A say let McMahon graduate and retire his jersey. As far as the hall of fame I am not convinced that would be the right decision. I Can see both sides on this issue. Tough call.
GO Cougars.

Proud Ute


Best post to date on the topic!
Well said.

Murray, UT

No way. Not now; maybe not ever. When he chooses to follow the rules, maybe. If not for the honor code, what have we to distinguish ourselves from the common and ordinary? Holmoe - you've done some dumb things in your tenure (all of which got you fired by Cal) but this stand takes the cake. Has the disaster of a football season (several) beaten you to the point of pandering to the misguided fans? If so, you've hit a new low.

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