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Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

McMahon has always and I repeat always shown contempt for BYU. The rules are the rules. If he really wanted this he would have completed what was necassary to make it happen.

South Jordan, UT

Obviously he was a great player. It just bothers me that byu probably compromised. Its principles a lot to have him stay there and here we are again with pondering compromising principles to let Jim have an honor just 10 credits short. Where I come from honors are earned. They aren't given out to people because we feel bad for them. Jim's had like 30 years to complete his degree., its only 10 credit that's only a part-time semester. Why doesn't Jim for once change himself instead of society changes for him?

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

From an Aggie... hang his number up, he deserves it.
It is about a great athlete being honored, nothing more.
You want to count his stats and all he acomplished for your school and you won't honor one of your greats?

As far as the honor code, pull your heads out of the sand. I know and talk to a number of current players at BYU and hear story after story of CURRENT honor code violations that occur weekly that are not reported.

It is about FOOTBALL, not grades or honor code or degree to have your number retired.

Hates off to you Jim! and YES, I remember the HUGE fight the last time you played at Romney Stadium!

Wrong again
American Fork, UT

I need to correct TheNun

The Miracle Bowl (1980) was after Jim McMahon's junior year. He went on to play his senior season in 1981, missing only two games due to injury.

I don't know if he was expelled after his senior year, but those who read your post may be tempted to pass it by when they see inaccurate information.

Nampa, ID

I want Tom Holmoe retired.

Albany, NY

Getting credits from BYU is easy. Just ask Michael Oher of "The Blind Side" Fame who is the Right Tackle now for the Baltimore Ravens. Online courses in "Home-Ec" and "The Book of Alma" will get him the requisite 10 credits in no time at all.


Henderson, NV

I couldn't agree more. If they let him play they must let him into the hall. Plus it is true he was expelled! He's also practically begged the university to let him make up those credits.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Even I believe his number should be retired, and he should be in BYU's Hall of Fame. If he can't complete his degree, and that is an inflexible requirement, then give him an honorary degree. The Y didn't worry about his keeping the standards of the university when he played for them, they shouldn't worry about them now

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Holladay, UT

Retire #9. Give Jim the love he deserves!

Cedar Hills, UT

Have to agree with those that have commented that he should get his number retired. If he was allowed to play then, his number should be up with the greats by his performance. All this distancing because of things said after the fact is silly.

Be what you proclaim to be byU.... accepting of all. (especially when he is one of the greatest to ever play in your program)

Even Chris B gets it.

Riverside, CA

Wow. Never thought I'd agree with Chris B on something.

Sandy, UT

Its time for the University to do the right thing. I hate when stupid policies stand in the way of doing something that should be done. He deserves to have all the praise and accolades his career earned him regardless of his graduate status. Do the right thing and honor Jim. In the words of Spencer W. Kimball..."Do it!"

North Las Vegas, NV

Not a chance! This guy hasn't had a good thing to say about BYU in his life! Never forget the free education, Mr. McMahan! Never forget the exposure you got for playing under a great coach!

Ogden, UT

Do they give a touchdown to someone tackled on the five yard line just because he played hard the rest of the game. Folks you have to cross the goal line. The graduation is the goal line. McMahon has always known that and has chosen to ignore it.

Orem, UT

I'm for the boo-birds on this one.
McMahon was an incredible QB in his time at BYU. I loved watching him play.
However, after leaving BYU, the great QB sullied his time at BYU by bragging about his drinking binges after [college] games, constantly breaking the honor code, and by using numerous disgusting epithets in describing his time at BYU. Any sports reporters from those days can look this up.
So, now Holmoe wants to retire McMahon's jersey?
Sorry, but a retired jersey means that the athlete was great not only on the field, but in his personal life as well, and it sends the message to current and future athletes about the overall character they should emulate while playing for the University.
Jim McMahon, while a great player, was NOT a great example to any athlete in conducting his personal life, not to mention his lack of appreciation for the institution that was the vehicle for his college and professional success.
As great as McMahon was, endorsing that sort of character is NOT in the best interest of BYU or its athletes.

Orem, UT

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be a Cougar...stop with all the judgmental stuff. We all loved watching Jim play and he was one of the greatest. A loose cannon? Yes. A great ball player? Yes. Retire the jersey.

Now, let's see if we can find another qb who can play like Jim.

Gilmer, TX

This is one more BYU fan who absolutely believes that, under the circumstances, Jim McMahon should be inducted into the BYU Hall of Fame and have his number retired--this year!


Jim should be in BYU hall of fame. He was an awesome QB. The honor code violation that got him expelled was drinking alcohol and smoking a cigar on national television @ the Heisman Banquet. Hard for the standards office to overlook such public flaunting of the code. Maybe Jim can get a BGS. I wish him luck. Thanks for all the great football Jim!


This is from the biggest Ute ever-IMO Jim was the BEST of the bunch and I saw them all woop on us year after year. Nobody could throw it as hard and strong and then turn around the next play with such touch over the middle to one of those big tight ends. I will always say because I'm red Alex Smith was the best QB I have ever seen in RES, but #9 is very very close behind.

Centerville, UT

@ Broom Hockey Champ

McMahon was the first great QB to place BYU on the map, but some of us have struggled with the perceived hypocrisy of suspending him one week following his football eligibility (preventing his graduation) as well as instituting the graduation rule (aka McMahon rule). Doesn't pass the test!

And as for the honor code, many young men and women have passed through BYU with mistakes on their record, and in a few cases disregard for what BYU stands for. A simple search on YouTube may provide an example or two.

After 30 years, isn't it okay for us to forgive a young man and HONOR what his parents were told during recruiting visits? Let's leave the past where it belongs.

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