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Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Rexburg, ID

Retire the jersey. It is time. Jim deserves it.

Mesa, AZ

Jim's hail mary to Clay Brown in the miracle 1980 Holiday Bowl is the all-time greatest play in BYU Football history, bar none. His number should go up without the degree!

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Should already have been done. A no brainer.

Montana Mormon
Miles City, MT

Great idea! I was an undergrad and grad student at BYU between 1977 and 1982. Jim McMahon was an incredibly exciting player to watch and is an important part of that era of BYU football.

That honor is long overdue. The sooner the better, Mr. Holmoe.

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

As great as McMahon was, I don't think it sends the right message to the fans if BYU administration retires his #9.

Over the years, I have loved watching replays of his games both at BYU and in the NFL and I feel bad for his current condition. However, should he really be counted with the greats who were great AND followed the honor code rules?

Kearns, UT

Even as a Utah Ute fan, I agree MacMahon's number should be retired. That was the heyday of BYU's passing attack and MacMahon took it to a whole new level. Give the man credit and retire his number and put him in the Hall of Fame. He deserves no less.

Proud Ute

It would be the classy thing to do and just might go a littl ways towards acknowledging that if BYU had promoted McMahon for the Heisman like they promoted those to follow he probably would have won it.
Just ask Clay Brown....

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I remembered Jimmy Mac was really ticked at Marcus Allen who won the 1981 Heisman. I was disapointed Jimmy didn't win it. Thank you Tom Holmoe but the University is the one going to have to do the change to make it work. Jim deserve the BYU Hall of Fame soon. Interesting to what I read in Wikipedia that Jim was a Punter back in 1977 which was really surprising.

U 90
Corona, CA

it would be the right thing to do


Awesome. Finally some respect for the man.

Chris why haven't you rained your comments here yet?

Provo, UT

The time has come (a long time ago)...

Common Cents
Lehi, UT

Yes, Jimmy Mac needs his number up there.

That stadium is largely there anyway because of him....not just Lavell.

Tom, you have the fans support!!!

rock springs, wy

McMahon's number should be retired while he can still enjoy the day. And, Broom Hockey Champ, can you tell us which of the Honor Codes McMahon violated? Under the law, if a person isn't charged or convicted of a crime, it didn't happen. Along with Young, Detmer, Nielson, Wilson, et. al., McMahon defined "Quarterback U." He was a unique player and individual and he deserves to have his number retired and as soon as possible.


Jim McMahon did NOT graduate and his jersey number should NOT be retired. Retire Tom Holmoe instead.

Murray, UT

Holmoe, you should spend your time figuring out where to find a few new coaches! I loved watching McMahon play, too, but he doesn't represent what the school's values are. If you want to send the message that football values and the school's values are different, go for it. And while you're at it, explain it to the great athletes you've crucified along the way.

Dietrich, ID

McMAHOn bragged about drinking and such at BYu. Seems to have gotten away with a lot or put on porbation numerous times. What he said about the institution could of effected the schools descision too. Happinwess Provo in rear view mirror.

Spanish Fork, UT

Oh my goodness. Get it done--yesterday. This is an Athletic Hall of Fame--not a Comprehensive BYU or LDS hall of fame. And kudo's to Tom Holmoe for the courage to move forward on this.

Granstville, UT

typical hypocrisy once again at BYU.

McMahon did not "leave" byu short 10 credit hours short of graduation. He was expelled the week after the Miracle Bowl game and was not given the chance to earn those 10 hours during spring semester.

And, until that time, graduation was NOT part of the requirement for induction to the hall of fame at byu. That came after the expulsion.

Now, they make a big deal of retiring his number, in the name of trying to cover up the fact the administration messed up by expelling Jimmy Mac, trying to save face in an otherwise embarrasing fiasco.

None other than Dick Harmon wrote the article several years ago as he was promoting McMahon for inclusion into the hall of fame, in the name of erasing a hall of shame moment by byu.

Layton, UT

Of all the BYU quarterbacks I would take Jim McMahon over all the others in a pinch to win the game. He was an amazing leader with a swagger that we now lack at BYU. Come on Cougars, retire the jersey, give him an honorary degree. It needs to be done now.

Henderson, NV

To those who say his jersey should not be retired and he should not enter the hall of fame because they ask "should he really be counted with the greats who were great AND followed the honor code rules?" I say the institution cannot have it both ways. If he was 'allowed' to play there then the institution endorsed his behavior enough to permit his play.

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