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Appeal could be heard this weekend

Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

This is why utah needs to eliminate transfer rule and become like California where there is a 30 day waiting period.

Sandy, UT

I am not an East High fan,in fact, I grew up in Logan, but this seems to be a little extreme. Did the four players have that much impact on the games? According to the newspaper reports (which is all I have to go on), these alleged ineligible players did not play much. It is a shame that the whole team should be punished for this. The sanctions by the Board should've been sufficient. Kudos and or condolences to the 75-80 other players who were eligible.

Holladay, UT

What a sad deal all the way around. My son plays for Skyline and I can't even imagine what the players and parents who followed the rules and did every thing right must be feeling.

In this day and age taking this kind of risk with a team, especially a team as talented as east, is simply moronic. East would have had the same success in their season with or without the players in question.

I guess the old saying is true, "You win as a team and you lose as a team". Funny, that statement just doesn’t seem right in this case.

Mad respect goes out to the boys and parents who followed the rules. My heart goes out to you all.

Herriman, UT

This is sad for the other kids on the team who did no wrong, but like so many things in life, poor actions by leadership at the top have an impact on the "little guy" even when the little guys don't deserve it. You can't ignore/reduce consequences or you will simply invite more abuse of the system.

Magna, UT

While I feel bad for the East players, who had a great season, this is the only decision the UHSAA should have made. Otherwise, they needed to uphold the Region 6 sanctions and give Timpview back their Region 8 title. Until open enrollment is gone and kids play where they live, this type of thing will continue. It's nice to see the rules applied evenly to every school.

Lehi, UT

First off, let me say that I have no vested interest in what happens to East High football. That said, if a athletic director of 23 years has a problem interpreting the transfer rule, then there is a problem with the rule. Make it clearer. Give training. Do something besides punishing the innocent football players.

UHSAA should be looking at itself for someone to punish, not the kids.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Sad, but it needed to be done. Doesn't matter if the players were used sparingly, doesn't matter if the players had that much impact on the games. Football is a team sport, they win together and they lose together. This was not just a box checking error. If you look at the guidelines for transfers it is very clear what needs to happen and how it should happen. If done properly the coaches, kids and administration would be aware. East high tried to cover it up and hide thinking they wouldn't get caught and they did. I am sorry to all the very talented boys, especially the seniors who just lost their last year of football. Out of all of this, I hope the UHSAA makes some changes so that this does not happen again. It happens far to much, especially over the last few years. Who's next?

Woods Cross, UT

Stop all athletic transfers. If you want to play, you play for the area school. Anything less severe leads to recruiting kids and some of the problems of collegiate and professional sports creeps into our schools.

Thinking Deeper
Lindon, UT

This is beyond sad this is abuse of power by the UHSAA. I hope this decision will be utilized by the Utah Legislature to strip the UHSAA of much of its power. In an earlier article that describes in detail the special circumstances of these youngmen I found it hard to beleive that any reasonable adult would put in place a set of rules that would consider any of them inelegible to participate in high school athletics. It is time to pull back the power we allow this organization to have over our children. When the Legislature takes up this issue I will be there to testify against the UHSAA.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Fire the athletic director not the 120 kids that did not make the error.

Understand rules but if the kids are not the ones doing the crime then punish the ones that are. Find a new person that can figure out the rules and actually send a email, text or how about an old fashion phone call. Again punish the adults that make the mistake and not the kids and the studentbody.

Mountain View, CA

UHSAA has always been on a power trip. This seems extreme. UHSAA almost always misses the big picture. Meaning, education is the #1 goal of schools. If a transfer student is good at football but gets a better opportunity to better themselves academically, shouldn't that be the goal? Shame on them

Salt Lake city, UT

I have a hard time believing a woman doing her job for as long as she has just slipped up this one time. Tough break for the other kids.

Logan, UT

To all of you saying in comments that this is unfair is ridiculous because it clearly states in UHSAA EXACTLY what the rules are for all high schools! You play the kids you forfeit your wins simple as that. These rules are so clear that they couldn't be more clear and to those saying that they need to be, its like saying we didn't know about that rule...Very fair punishment because I am sure that the school will make sure that it will not happen again. The school let down the rest of that team when those five kids slipped through the cracks. GO RAMS

Man O War
Salt Lake CIty, UT

Recruit kids, don't recruit kids, what ever. People still will move into boundaries to play, it happens all the time.

While this is completely sad for the kids, this ruling had to be made. Its called consistency. At least the UHSAA can do that. While its decisions may not always be in the overall interest of the kids at least they decided that while East has been awesome this year, the rules apply equally to everyone. Any other decision would have been the real violation.

One note the rules AREN'T that hard. Those kids with transfer issues have to go before the UHSAA and get approval. Coaches KNOW THAT. Blame it on the AD, because that's where the blame must lie but lets not fool ourselves that no one else had any idea. And then to call it just a simple clerical error is grossly understated as well.


@ UtahBruin -- to be clear, nobody at East tried to cover up anything. You can fault the fact that those who were responsible for recognizing that there were eligibility issues were simply ignorant of the rule change and therefore didn't catch the fact that waivers needed to be filed. In each one of these cases, had those waivers been filed, they would have been approved. There's a lot of speculation on here about what went down, but those are the facts. Nobody lied, nobody cheated, nobody tried to get away with anything. And now the players, who have given their all, all season long and for years leading up to this point, and have proven that they are clearly the best in 4A and perhaps any classification in the state, have lost out on the opportunity to earn their championship rings. It's a travesty all the way around.


I applaud the decision of the UHSAA. While it is a difficult thing for the students to be sure, the precedent has already been established by Timpview, Jordan, Snow Canyon, etc. Do the kids at East get punished due to the actions or in actions of the AD? Yes. However, failure of the UHSAA to make this decision would have sent a clear message that schools are free to look the other way on eligibility requirements, thereby punishing those schools that actually do enforce transfer and eligibility requirements. Thank you UHSAA for holding the standard!

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

This is absolutely the right decision. East High will learn to follow the rules, and other schools can learn from their mistakes.

Syracuse, UT

East High has been in the news for lots of things over the years, I don't think it is that harsh of a penalty, look at college's one person messes up and the team gets in trouble, look at Timpview there coach messed up and now there state championship was taken away so, maybe they should do there job in the athletic department and do things that are good for the student not the sport.

Bloomington, IN

For all of you calling for the cessation of athletic transfers, I just have one question...how would schools like East, Timpview, etc keep winning if they couldn't recruit throughout the valley to get the top talent?

This has been a problem in Utah for a very long time, and it's actually nice to see it enforced a little bit. I feel terrible for the kids who didn't do anything wrong, but I have no doubt the school administrators didn't know about this; this is why it needs to be punished the way it has.

Logan, UT

I'm not against transfers as long as the paperwork is filled out, that is the rule at this time. Here is a link to the uhsaa(dot)org website that outlines the paperwork: www(dot)uhsaa(dot)org(forward slash)transfer.html. They even have their own tab for transfers and rules. It is two documents of 3 pages each, one for transfer and one for hardship. What more training does the AD's of different schools need! just do it right! Don't get me wrong, I have a senior and I would feel bad if his team would have to forfeit games and miss the playoffs, just do the paperwork! If you have so many kids transferring into your school, shouldn't you be proficient in the paperwork?

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