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Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Please tell us who is holding the risk here.
Is it the pensioner who will get less than promised?
Or the politicians who will need to come up with more money at the last minute to pay up as agreed? ...and doesn't that really mean us, the taxpayers?
And do public servants really deserve more than the people they serve? In the private sector we have 401Ks with a bit of company matching at the outset. After that, we're on our own. Tell me why public workers deserve better? Are they nicer people? Do they work harder?
Please explain.

American Fork, UT

Say no to WiMiRo. Whether or not public servants are seen to 'deserve' more than the public, they entered into agreement with an employer. Moving forward, maybe we should have a defined contribution plan rather than a defined benefit for public servants. However, it isn't the public servants who failed to actually invest the money deducted from them each month for a pension up to this point.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

...just like the innocent employees of Enron and Worldcom, eh?

Mcallen, TX

Obama is Hillary Clinton's boss and he takes full responsibility for Libya and death of Americans.

Isn't Obama also Eric Holder's boss, and over
two and a half thousand weapons passed through ATF to Mexican cartels? Many men, women, and children were killed with American weapons. Obama put out an execute order to block an investigation.

Instead of focusing on Romney's binders, and stand on abortion, why doesn't he explain fast and furious to the American people?

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