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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Let's hope that is a big enough gap for real change to happen:)

Salt Lake City, UT

Absolutely not too large. Rasmussen has Romney up only 1. IDP/TIPP has Obama up 2. Gallup is a pretty large outlier right now and none of any of these polls are based on respondents after this second debate which kinda matters since all polls say Obama won that debate. The Real Clear Politics average of polls (which includes Gallup) has Romney up 0.7 points. It wasn't too large for a Romney comeback when Obama led nationally by 4 so a 1 point Romney lead sure isn't too large for an Obama comeback.

Plus it's the electoral vote that counts and at the moment Obama leads in the RCP average 201-191.
Tossups listed in order of Obama's lead/trail are Pennsylvania (O+5.0), Michigan (O+4.4), Nevada (O+3.0), Iowa (O+2.3), Ohio (O+2.2), Wisconsin (O+2.0), New Hampshire (O+0.8), Colorado (R+0.7), Virginia (O+0.8), Florida (R+2.5), North Carolina (R+4.7).

So down the list. Obama has 201. +PA 221. +MI 237. +NV 243. +IA 249. +OH 267. +WI 277 and the win. All states Obama's up 2+.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

We can only hope (and vote)

Salt Lake City, Utah

Gallup got into trouble earlier with the Obama Administration for releasing another unfavorable poll about this race. The liberals should have listened to Democratic strategist James Carville last year when he had just one word of advice for President Barack Obama: Panic.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Watching Polls is like driving down the Freeway looking in the rear view mirror - they only tell you about what's behind you [last week's news], not what's current or right in front of you.

Meanwhile - Here's the ONLY poll that matters:

Obama = 294
Romney = 254

270 Electoral College votes needed to win.

Salt Lake City, UT

I messed up the order there, Obama leads in Virginia (by 0.8%) so that should go before Colorado on my list. Point is, he can lose two states he current leads in (NH and VA) and a state he trails by less than a point in (CO) and still win the election so any declarations of Romney winning are definitely premature. (That's not to say Obama will win, I think Obama is only a narrow favorite to win, just anyone declaring victory right now is being ridiculous).

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The "polls" are paid for by the media who wish to disseminate their information. Up until a week ago they pretty much "polled" in favor of Obama. After the poor debate performances by the administration in both the first presidential debate and the v.p. debate they could see that they would need to change their "polling" numbers to reflect reality or lose what little credibility they had left or no one would believe them much.

Did you know: 91% of people called - hang up? So, in order to get 900 responses they (theoretically) call 10k people? Much of how they "weight" the responses are proprietary, (much like Google)but we do know that they extrapolate (guess)based on past elections. They have mostly been using data from the 2008 election rather than the 2010 election which, obviously, would be "weighted" towards Demo. victories.

I'm a Romney supporter, but I still don't trust the "polls" much - until the day after the election.

Salt Lake City, UT

Voter Fraud will give it to Obama.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT


"In two minutes, let's freak out about the Gallup Tracker that includes basically no post-debate data," Slate's Dave Weigel tweeted.

It's a statistical tie, anyway. The only good these number games are doing is to give pollsters, statisticians, and pundits a paycheck.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I know not to fully trust polls, but one can only hope for the sake of this great nation that this poll is indicative of what Election Day will be.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

If polls don't mean or show anything, then why is the media and this barrys regime spending soo much time airing the numbers?

We know how much numbers can be fudged. Just look at how unemployment has dropped in the last two months. As barry would say the math doesn't add up. When the number of jobs created grow at a slower pace than population growth, you're not getting ahead.

Maybe barry's thought is the same with the debt. The more debt you accumulate the better off you are. But then again the man said he doesn't even look at his finances because a net worth of $11 million isn't worth keeping an eye on.

Then again when your base is mostly clueless, welfare dependents you don't have to worry about tough questions. You just need to drink a beer with them, tell them jokes and smile, and say everything is alright as he squeezes the remaining life out of the nation.

That is change alright. Just the wrong kind.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Wow. I didn't know we elected presidents by popular vote.


"Voter Fraud will give it to Obama."

Care to cite some examples of how that will happen?

Cedar Hills, UT

I'm not sure what it means to be untruthful during the debate on issue after issue and then be called the winner? The winner of what? Obama was untruthful about the oil and gas lease cancellations on federal land and he did not tell the truth about the embassy mess. I really doubt this CNN poll has much credibility since anyone who hasn't been living on Mars for the past month knows the ugly mess regarding the Embassy attack and coverup especially since the congressional inquiry is still on going.This last debate didn't move the needle at all for undecided voters - if anything it moved in Mitt's direction since he clearly won the economy portion.

American Fork, UT

We need President Obama to win. Unless the future holds some sort of scrap in or with Iran. Then WiMiRo can have it.

Cedar Hills, UT

How does Romney win on nearly all individual issues, yet lose the debate? The only way is that Obama was about 1000 times better than he was in the first debate. So, it looks like he won the debate just based on his own glaring performance improvement. I suspect that if Obama had shown up and even tied Romney in the first debate, it's very possible that the second debate would be perceived as a tie, if not a victory for Romney.

1000 times zero is still... zero, and Obama has no vision or plan for growth. All he has is the demonization of Romney. He counts on gullible people believing a lot of distortions and outright lies. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those people.

North Salt Lake, UT

Unfortunately, the popular vote does not determine who is elected President. Please remind us of the probable electoral votes.


These polls do not count anyhow. On the ground counts, turnout counts, no apathy counts. Come out in droves, over broken glass to vote out every Dem , Obama and liberalism. For liberalism is the real enemy that has made this nation: Greece and put us in danger domestically and internationally.

spring street

So I just went and read the actual poll and low and behold once again the DN gets it blatantly wrong. Romney is actually up by four not 6 and the margin of error is 3. while interesting hardly the commanding lead (especially given other polls results) that the article writer would make it out to be.

Bountiful, UT

National polls don't matter. In all probability, it will all come down to what Ohio voters think. If Romney goes up by 6 there, I'll then become interested.

Meadow Lark Mark

I trust Mitt Romney much more concerning the economy. He will do a much better job. We need smaller federal government and lower taxes. We need Mitt Romney as President!!

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