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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

1. This seems biased against women, since many more women than men are left unprepared for careers when a marriage breaks up, so the subtext to this law is that when women leave their husbands, the husbands shouldn't have to pay alimony. Sounds like a few high-powered divorced men lobbied our lawmakers.

2. Will this result in morality trials in divorce courts? Spouses hiring detectives and bringing in evidence of wrongdoing by their definition? So if a husband wants to get out of alimony, he shows some phone records of calls to men and gets the judge to "convict" his wife and cancel any payments.

I don't see any mention of increasing alimony as a penalty when the payer is guilty, just lowering it when the receiver is guilty.

Durham, NC

Madden - Actually I do get the point, I probably just didn't explain myself well enough. I actually have a friend - male - whose wife cheated on him multiple times. She had always taken advantage of his niceness... but eventually thought there were greener fields elsewhere ( as usual ) and she asked for a divorce. And with it, she asked for the home, and half his imcome as well.... nice huh.

I think the courts need to take this all into account. Was my buddy a perfect husband - nope. But didn't violate his vows either. And yet at the end of the day, it is a no-fault divorce, with the house, and alimony for several years. In this case, I would not be in favor of paying her one red cent. Both kids are college age, and I don't see why any support my friend gives them ever needs to go through her pockets what so ever.

You see, I think there needs to be consequences either way. If the breadwinner violates his contract -they own the spouse for the breach of contract. If the non-breadwinner breaches the contract, they should be get nothing.

Its a contract.

Nice, CA

I can see child support but I never understood alimony, we you get divorced you should not have to pay your ex spouse to not live you. She can go out and get a job. Too many men have been left with nothing in a divorce and the ex is do will and he has to work two or three jobs just to pay child support and alimony, plus the ex get everything in the divorce. I had a uncle who own a business before he got married and when the divorced she got the business Laws have always been un fair to the man in a divorce. I have un Army friend who caught his wife in bed with a anther man will the children were in the house and the judge gave her everything they had, out rages amount in child support plus he had to pay her an our rages amount in alimony and it was all he could do to put food on his table so he could eat and have roof over his head. Law are unfair to the man.

Ann Amberly
Greenbelt, MD

This is clearly a bill made by a man, since very few men get alimony. But this needs to be made an equal opportunity law--I know many women who have suffered years of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse because they are at a severe economic disadvantage because they completely marginalized their careers to be stay-at-home LDS moms. So how about alimony is TRIPLED in such cases, as well as being denied in cases to an unfaithful spouse as the original bill states?

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