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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Works for me. People who cheat on their spouses, destroy their marriages, and inflict pain and suffering on their children should not be rewarded financially for their selfishness.

Durham, NC

For example... a guy has a wife that cheats, tells him she wants a divorce when he finds out, than gets half of the chaps income..... doesn't sound to right to me. Some divorces are truly no fault, they married too early and just didn't know each other for example. But many divorces actually have someone who broke their contract... did damage to the other. The fact that society has gone to the point that we don't hold these people responsible for their actions... it is a sad direction we have headed.

salt lake, UT

great another pointless message bill.

Logan, UT

It sure would have been great to include the abuse, neglect and cheating when I got divorced. It feels like it was all glossed over with the no fault divorce. It sounds good to make the cheating party pay. Not personal at all here. LOL

Buckeye, AZ

Why can't the court simply use common sense and grant alimony (or not) based on the individual circumstances, instead of relying on a law telling them not to reward the guilty??

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

While I can see that having fewer laws and allowing judges more leeway in determining alimony makes sense, the assumption is that the judge has a clue. More laws takes away some of the judges' ability to interpret the situation, but also protects against judicial bias. Certainly the laws need to be updated from the time when alimony was intended for the wife to reflect our current time when it could be the husband who has set aside his career, is the primary caretaker of the children, and is deserving of alimony to help him get back up to speed following a divorce. Some divorces are "caused" by a spouse's infidelity, abuse or indifference, yet most have have contributing factors of bad behavior or poor choices by both spouses. I do like the idea that a financial remedy should exist for those whose spouse's infidelity or abuse is clearly the cause of the divorce. My cynical side whispers to me that sex and money are frequent partners, in or out of marriage, and it will always be difficult to get a clear picture of cause or fault.

Taylorsville, UT

Pointless law is right. Shared property is their only assets to divide. Alimony is wrongfully being applied to divorces. Alimony should be removed from any divorce, each can and should live by their own merits and not on the back of others as dependents.

Proving a case for unfaithful marital partners should have no bearing on divorce settlement. Just as in premarital cohabitation and bearing children has become acceptable lifestyles then this should nullify any and all expectations of alimony by either party. The marriage was a life of immorality to start with and a divorce is the wrong time to try and apply some morality laws for a marriage.

In a divorce, why is the non custodial parent the only one required to pay child support? Shouldn't both parents be required to supply "equal" financial child support funds? Fathers and mothers share costs and the lowest income provider is the basis of child support payments. If mothers income is less, the fathers share can not exceed the taxable "earned" income of the mother and vice verse. Household or joint incomes of new marriages or cohabitation of ex's shall not be a basis to calculate/adj child support.

Alexandria, VA

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but one comment told me this is needed - in response to the bill, the lawyer saying it wasn't necessary argued that the bill would make people work harder to cover their tracks. That's a good thing, isn't it? To make people work harder to skirt the law?


This from the folks who claim we need smaller government and less intrusion into the lives of Americans. What's next "Scarlet Letters"?

Cache county, USA

There should never be alimony period.
Just child support.

Kearns, UT

Why not a bill to discourage divorce? I know that at times, divorce is warranted. But I've seen divorces for no other reason than someone wants to do something different and doesn't want to have the commitment. People should keep their pants on and keep married. No alimony! Yes child support.

Spanish Fork, UT

Whoa, wait a minute here. Someone is proposing a law that makes people accountable for their actions? That's just crazy tall!

Durham, NC

I love all these comments that alimony and such are pointless. Two adults enter a contract - a legal contract - where certain conditions and promises are made... pure and simple. Now we have a crowd that feels that if you do not live by these agreements, well, there you go....

How would these people feel if their banks lived by the same moral standards with their mortgages - that one day they could just say "hey, we found someone we like to lend to better than you - we are cancelling your mortgage... deal with it." Or two companies decide to do a joint venture, and then mid way through the project, one partner could just walk from the legal agreement without any penalty.

Why is a legal contract of marriage any different? You made a contract. You breach the contract - you owe damages, just like any other legal contract.

Commitment and personal integrity seems to be a dying ethic - what feels good in the moment and living without consequences rules the day.

Provo, UT

Take away or severely limit the amount and time that Alimony has to be paid and you will see divorce rates drop at least in half.

During my single years, I dated dozens of divorced women. Many were receiving, or did receive Alimony for a time. Most of these women sought the divorce for no reason other than irreconcilable differences (aka, no-fault). Eliminate Alimony in no-fault divorces then you will absolutely see a dramatic drop in divorces.


I have always disagreed with alimony for anyone but if there are children involved they should still be taken care of by both parents. They had nothing to do with mom or dad cheating and they are still parents


I wonder how the patrons at the oyster bar feel about this.

Spanish Fork, UT

Alimony has its place. Known too many women sacrifice their careers by working to put their husbands through college and graduate programs, have the children and be rearing them when the husband cheats on the wife. How would it be fair to make her go back to work at a lower rate, barely subsistence while he goes on with his good salary that she helped him get? I'd trust the judges to figure out that for a certain period of time he must pay her alimony provided she's using it to get on her feet, get education and into a paid profession or... married again... And to let one party who in some cases is the sole reason for the divorce get away without recriminations -- no. That is not fair.

As to the argument against this saying it will force people in their infidelity to be more careful, that is the bogus argument used in enforcing immigration, drugs and many other laws.

Centerville, UT

It's about time someone brought this type of legislation to the table. My husbands ex-wife cheated on him for 16 years. While he was in the hospital recovering from a brain anurisym she had another affair. When he came home to recover she kicked him out, moved the boyfriend in, and filed for divorce. When the boyfriend went back to his wife and kids and her (then) husband wouldn't move back in she modified the divorce request to include alimony. And she got it!!

People who committ adultry should not receive alimony. Period.


Put a cap on fees that attorneys can charge for divorce which would encourage attorneys to resolve issues between the parities vs stirring the pot and increasing acrimony.

In the event of abuse, the innocent should not be required to pay alimony to the abuser.

Herriman, UT

@UtahBlueDevil - I don't think you understand their argument. They are saying that you didn't want to break the contract, the other person did, yet you are forced to pay them. While two make a contract, it only takes one to break it in divorce.

They should follow up this article with in-depth coverage of the purpose of alimony and child support. US law is very liberal in rewarding damages, even so far as to make a man may child support for a child after he finds out it wasn't his kid - his wife cheated on him before the divorce. The law is built to favor supporting children at pretty many any cost, fault and blame have little to do with it. Is that just? I admit, I'm torn, but lean towards fault being a factor to be considered.

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