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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Students aside, President Obama won.

Centerville, UT

"...liked what he heard then from Romney, said he still hasn't heard enough specifics to get behind a candidate."

Do these college students read, or just get their info from the T.V.? How, at this point, could you possibly not have an inkling or an idea of where each candidate stands on the issues?

I understand that kids just in college are being exposed to different political ideas for the first time. But seriously. It is three weeks before the election. Do you really not know each candidate's general positions?

Mcallen, TX

Some unanswered questions from the debate:

* how did Mexican cartels obtain thousands of American guns?
* we have pipelines long enough to circle the globe. Where is it, and was it built in the past three and half years?
* did Obama pay the same percentage of income tax as the middle class?
* where is the increase of American oil drilling which Obama spoke about?
* how can a weak economy bring the price of gas down?
* why wasn't the deficit cut in half, and unemployment cut to 5.2 percent?

Obama had a bigger bark, but gave no answers.

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

Romney adopted the same tactic as he did in the previous debate match-up, but he was not nearly as successful this time. Perhaps it was having a moderator who would not let him dominate the venue as if he were the CEO addressing the executives at Bain Capital. Romney's attempts to control the debate, trying to have the final word in every instance in order to get his message across was confronted by an opponent unwilling to yeild.

The pro-Romney people had decided the outcome of the debate long before it started. Now they will proceed with their expected criticism of Barack Obama and, as the sun will rise in the morning, find ways to disparage Candy Crowley for "favoritism" and "incompetence". This tactic will certainly find acceptance by the extremely partisan base, but to independent observers, there will be little to like in Romney's performance.

Both candidates glossed-over significant issues, but Romney was particularly inept with some very important issues, particularly women's equality in the workplace and the math regarding his economic proposals. The spin doctors will do their stuff, but the headlines are already reading: "Obama Is Back!"

county mom
Monroe, UT

I was truly shocked at how the moderator interupted the President to correct him! A couple of times. She was protecting him from his own lies!
I am sickened by the continuation of Lies that keep coming from the Presidents mouth. He has had 4 years as President. He was elected to a complete majority in the Congress, House and Senate. What did they do with that? Chrush the middle class!
Those of us with a small business are struggling under a burden of massive taxes and regulations. He did not even promise to lessen that burden. He just kept telling us things will stay the same. 4 more years just like the last 4.
Do you want 4 more years?
Obama is not a leader, he is a golfer, he has had 4 years of vacation and has become very wealthy in the proscess. He has over seas accounts, investments in China, and hedge funds. He is a Hypocrite.


Ms. Crowley didn't disappoint. We knew she would do all she could to help Mr. Obama. Its obvious from some of the comments here that even the Demos. knew that would happen.

Romney has demonstrated that he has the necessary skill set to help solve our economic problems. He's experienced and he obviously has the desire to serve the nation.
Obama has had 4 yrs. He seems to be able to give a good talk,(as long as no one fact checks him) unfortunately he hasn't done a very good job of leading or uniting our nation.

Layton, UT

The debate was clearly stacked against Romney. Heck, The moderator who intervened on behalf of Obama lied (something she later that night admitted to and apologized for) to protect her guy.

Again the President got 4 more minutes of time to talk than Romney. And I'd be interested if the students who claim they don't know enough specifics about Romney have ever gone to his website to research his policies. There's actually quite a lot of information out there, but this is a lie of the left to suggest that Romney's has no specifics.

fountain valley, CA

Comments like Salsa Libre's should replace Romney's name with Obama's. Anyone that has been listening to the Hearings on Libya knows Obama was not telling the truth; Anyone that has been listening to the Hearings on Fast & Furious (the first one) knows Obama was involved (he refused to accept a subpoena to appear. Anyone that has been paying attention for the last four years knows Obama has stopped drilling; fracking; farming; religious donations; Pulpit Freedom and has shown great disrespect for our men and women in Service to this Country. Vote the Bible

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I wish Deseret News would stop their anecdotal reporting. The comments of these students are entertaining but don't constitute news. How big was their "overflow crowd" of students. Does it have any statistical significance? The KSL survey of SEVEN undecided students certainly doesn't.
We ask the media to provide us with the truth, to rise above the rhetoric.
Instead we get more cute stories that are meaningless for the voter. We can get that at the water cooler.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

As a life long republican i found the debate to be a draw. Neither Obama or Romney dealt any major blow to the other, Romney was better on Economy, Energy and issues that the government should be involved in and Obama was better at appealing to women, which cannot be overstated in its importance in this election.

On that point i want to know what is so hard about getting contraceptives? is it really that hard to plan a family? My parents were able to do it without government help. Why are we unable to do it now? why is this even an issue? did they stop manufacturing condoms all of a sudden? The Government should stay out of our bedrooms.

Danbury, CT

My questions:

1- What specific policies does Obama have to get our economy moving again? How does "leveling the playing field" make that happen? I've heard it a gazillion times but don't see the cause-effect. "Needs more time" isn't an answer.
2- Which candidate will work more effectively with the opposition party in Congress to actually pass budgets and other
important legislation?

I'd love to hear Romney remind the debate audience how we got here RE the huge deficit and gridlock...Obama passed 3 huge packages (2 stimulus, 1 Obamacare) between $.7 and $1 trillion each without engaging the Republicans (which he promised to do) in his first 2 years when he controlled both branches of gov't. As a result, voters got fed up and voted in the Tea Party, creating even worse gridlock. But let's not forget how we got here.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

What kind of 'students"? Seminary?

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Romney is a salesman, not presidential material.
He took a good gut shot from the Pres last night.

The next and last debate is strictly on foreign policy...

Excellent for the President, as Romney's only clue about any foreign policy is that he has money hidden in offshore accounts to avoid taxes.


Clearfield, UT

Country mom, Romney has overseas accounts and most likely similiar investments like the one you mentioned. You and many others hate Obama so much you are literally blinded by it. Tune in Limbaugh and Hannity and I guarantee you will hear Obama's name within five seconds. I am not voting for Obama, I just don't hate the man like so many openly do. I can't help but question the motivation. I honestly believe that for a vocal minority race and religion are factors. Few if any will openly admit it is. I certainly never would if I felt that way. Mitch McConnell openly admitted the day Obama took office it was the republicans goal to destroy OBama's presidency. Republicans have certainly done all within their power to demonize him. Listen to Hannity. If a guest says anything positive about Obama Hannity becomes uncomfortable and does his best to ignore it. I have been following politics my entire life and never seen the country this bitterly partisan.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Actually, too much of that from Romney.
Obama had the goods last night.

While I do not support Romney or any republican, especially here in Utah,
(you can't legislate morality in the absence of moral legislators)
I want to, but yet haven't heard anything from Romney other than smoke screens, rudeness, lies and theory.
No plan, no details, no nothing.
He doesn't have the maturity, tact, or experience to lead this country.

Orem, UT

I am not sure why the Deseret News bothers to interview students from the University of Utah what they thought of the debate. These are children with little experience in politics based upon their answers. That aside, while it is true that Barack Obama may have come out more aggressive in last night's debate, there was very little substance in what he said. He mostly rattled off his redistributive philosophy about the middle class having a fair shot. Mitt Romney gave far more substance to what he would do as President while at the same time fending off the misleading and false attacks Obama was throwing at him. I doubt that many minds were changed. However, besides the sheer number of prevarications made by Obama, he made a fatal mistake that will surely play heavily on Monday's debate on foreign policy. He claimed that he stated the next day he announced the Benghazi attack was an act of terror. When Candy Crowley stated she made a mistake in saying it was, that opened the Obama team to a major question regarding their veracity about this incident. That statement may cost him the election.

salt lake city, utah

When you start with an economy that is losing 9% GDP per quarter and 700,000 jobs a month and end up with an economy that has added 5 million new jobs and has positive GDP growth for nearly three years.."needs more time" is in fact an answer. Especially within the contex of the world economy where much of Europe has slipped back into recession, and the supposed growth economies have all lost GDP growth over the past two years (China, Brazil etc.). The explanation needed is how does lowering individaul tax rates 20% create 12 milion new high paying jobs? Any comparisons to Regan are pure fantasy. Lowering tax rates when marginal rates were 70% in a overly heated demand situation don't have anything to do with current circmstances.
Deficit= '09 (GWB) 1.4 trillion '10..1.3 trillion '11..1.3 trillio '12..1.1 trillion. Is that headed in the right direction?

Cache county, USA

Both were wrong about auto guns.
They ARE legal with a class 3 license
As far as the moderator goes, well I will remain quiet. The DS will just shoot down my thoughts there.

Far East USA, SC

Request from the Left and the Right.

Please do not show ignorance by insinuating that the president (R or D) is responsible for short term swings in gas prices. It is merely a talking point that probably does have an affect on the "low information" voter.

But the reality is that the swings in gas prices typically move with the global price of oil which is affected by global supply and demand.

Gas prices under George Bush were as high as $4.12 in June 2008 and as low as $1.61 a mere 6 month later. Did Bush cause gas to spike to $4.12? Of course not. Did he do something which then brought prices down by over 60%? Of course not.

Gas prices dropped because there was a global economic slump which reduced demand. That's it. That's the sole reason.

So please, R and D, stop cherry picking dates and prices to suit a narrative which has no basis in reality. President DO NOT AFFECT short term gas prices.

So, unless you consider yourself a "low information" voter, please leave gas prices out of presidential discussions.

Kaysville, UT

The basic issue for any President of the United States of America is the integrity quotient. All of the rhetoric aside, our current President is lacking in that type of quality. As a military person, I cannot believe that we would have a President not tell the public the truth in this instance. If the Ambassador and his military and security staff requested additional security for themselves in a hostile environment and did not receive it, as the President said last night, the responsibility falls on him. He is surrounded by advisors and Czars that are to keep him out of trouble, and even the Secretary of State who should know better from her 8 years as first lady and as a U.S. Senator from New York.

These students have a lot to learn. I was sitting on a review at the University of Utah for a person getting a Masters' degree and he showed a lack of integrity and the board put him off for at least another six months due to that factor alone.

We need to ensure students learn character while in any Utah university as integrity is part of that and is what is needed

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