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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Big U Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

It's great to know the kids can continue their dreams on the road to state. They are a bunch of great young men who had no intention of doing it the wrong way. I hope the school, especially the Principal and the Athletic Director, make the changes necessary so that no student athlete or team will have to suffer such consequences that are out of their control. I would hope the same to any school whose athletes have worked so hard together to pursue their dreams and goals. High school athletics is about learning, camaraderie, growth, achieving goals, adversity and life lessons to name a few. Good luck to all the young men and women in the state with their athletic and academic goals this year in particular to those who are about to enter into the utah high school football playoffs.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow good thing East isn't in Region 8.

All those jealous schools would have stripped them of thier Region Championship and made them forfeit every game...

Nice to know there is a Region led by people with common sense. In Region 8, they punish a team for a clerical mistake by an adult in the office that isn't even there anymore. Nice to know they don't punish the kids for an adults mistake...

Alpine, Utah

What a joke!

"We're trying to punish the school. The biggest thing is, besides the four players who played who are ineligible, there are 126 players who did it the right way, and they deserve a chance to play."

If that is their argument, the same should hold true for Timpview last year, there was only 1 player in question... the other 126 players were stripped of their region title!

While I agree that it may have been in error that the kids were allowed to play, the SAME thing holds true in most other cases.

I think it was a Cottonwood kid but not sure, who moved from California and because an uncle signed his parents name, that kid was not allowed to play.

SO you will punish HIM for what others did, but not the rest of the East kids?

Again... what a JOKE and a TRAVESTY.

Shame on all involved in this decision!

Golden Helmet
Salt Lake City, UT

Not so fast, they are meeting at the state tomorrow at 9 to allow the state to make a ruling.

just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

Memo to rest of UTAH, put or take more away from other programs in school to fund the penalty fee (small beans) $1500 annually to skirt this rule. Wow hopefully, UHSAA will crack down harder on this violation. It doesn't discourage breaking the rules does it. A starter, wow...Way to do the right thing region 6.


Sorry but if the UHSAA does not step in and vacate these wins, the whole system is a joke. The hearing tomorrow is about the UHSAA doing the right thing. Hey, everybody has a story to go with their reasons for moving and transferring. But the rules are clearly spelled out. Blame who you want, but East High broke the rules and should forfeit all games in which they used ineligible players.

If the UHSAA does not make the necessary changes tomorrow, it is time for them to disband and let everyone do whatever they want. The rules are there, and I don't care who at East messed up. But where you have already gone and punished others, the same punishment should be levied here in this case.

Highland, UT


This is a decision by the principles of that region, just as the Timpview decision was made by the principles in that region. That is how the system is set up. Also Timpview had some other very serious problems occuring there so they were repeat offenders although not for the same violations. The situations are completely different.

Salt Lake City, UT

In th words Ed Lover "C'mon son!" Since when does "we didn't know" excuse breaking a rule. There is no grey area here, if a player plays and has not been cleared then its a violation of the rules.

Take Jordan for example, they had two players ruled ineligible to play this season because of choices an adult made. If we were to follow East logic then Jordan should have played those players and when caught (and they would have been) said "well we didn't know, dont punish the kids because the adults messed up".

It might seem cold but thats the way it is. A right is a right and a wrong is a wrong. Thats just my opion though, we'll see what happens with the state meeting tomorrow. If they let East slide then I say give Timpview back its reigion 8 title from LAST year.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Alright state ruling you are up next, here is some help from your own guidelines.

*Article I Section 8 (c) - This one proves that the coach knew
*Article II Section (a), (b), (c) - These ones prove that the coach and the administration knew exactly what was happening and tried to get by it thinking nobody would catch it.
*Article III Section 1 - This one proves that the Principal knew.
*Article III Section 10 - This proves that the students knew

Announcers announce before every game the Raise the Bar Motto for Utah High School Athletics before every game, and now you are asking the kids and coaches and administration not to live by it and tell them it means nothing. If you are going to take action, take action. If not, then get rid of the rules because you choose not to live by them anyway.


UtahBruin - AMEN!!!!!!

Washington, UT

I read the entire story, and still have no idea what "wrongs" were committed. What, exactly, made these four kids ineligible to play football? Is this the gestapo at work here? fourth string subs? kids who attended East for a year and a half--and they're ineligible to play football? you haven't explained exactly why they are ineligible, and who cares? is this a grudge charge by a rival school? Am I still living in America?

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Gotta love high school football in Utah! This story would receive 2-3 lines as an after thought in a sports section, but not hear. Such indepth reporting!

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

Hey dumprake and company - the UHSAA has rules that are set up. East did not follow them, and Highland turned them in for it. What is it that you are not understanding here? East got caught cheating. Had Highland not turned it in, East would have gotten away with it.

Principals, AD's, and coaches are trained every single year by the UHSAA. Coaches are required to take rules clinics every single year before their season starts. I don't know what to tell you other than East High's incompetence cost a lot of innocent kids a football season. Tomorrow the UHSAA will strip the wins and they will be done after their game tomorrow night.

Provo, UT

I agree with those who say to reinstate Timpview's 2011 Region title if UHSAA does not vacate East's wins this year. I am a Timpview football parent and have seen our eyes blackened far too many times to want to let this one go. The inequity between the two decisions in both regions, if not corrected by UHSAA, will prove that Timpview is ALWAYS untreated unfairly when it comes to football.

Big U Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I think most commenters on the story must have read a different story than I did. No players were recruited. Two moved because of custody issues, one had not played football for two years because of a heart condition. They all would have been eligible had the AD followed through and the UHSAA done their job at the beginning of the season. But if you read the comments, kids were recruited and put in peoples basements, documents forged and payoffs made. I said it in the other story and I'll ask it again:

For all of you who seem to think there in no difference between
willfully cheating the elligibilty process and a clerical oversight in
which not intent to decieve and an imeasureble about of effect came fom
it, should ask yourselves if you are willing to go to jail for tax fraud
when you make an arethmetic mistake that benifited you $5 on your taxes
in 2010?
credited to Oly87

salt lake city, UT

Big U Fan , I agree with you 100% they are reading a different story and posting it on here.

Bountiful, UT

It bothers me when a team, school or coach uses a player's life situation as a reason to ask for forgiveness when caught cheating. Every kid has something going on in their lives that makes it difficult to be a student-athlete. There were a total of 4 ineligible athletes on this team! Not just a simple oversight. Please stop playing the sympathy card. It is not fair to those kids to have their private lives paraded out in public...unless that has been the plan all along.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of people don't realize that this is not a situation that is unique to East High School, but things like this go on at other schools more than you realize. I witnessed a starting high school quarterback at a Utah High School sluff an entire year in some of his classes, basically attending school half a day most of the year and playing the other part of the day, sometimes getting in trouble in the community. This included an entire year's worth of failing grades in classes such as band, for simply not bothering to show up to class. His advisors would pressure certain teachers to come up with a plan to do make up work to make him eligible. He then took two weeks of summer school and valiantly made up enough credits to declare him eligible with erased year long failing grades in those classes. Other students in that school somehow had grades transform from failing to passing with no input from the teacher that issued the failing grades. An entire basketbal team went from ineligible to eligible when game time rolled around. The young quarterback was hailed as a comeback inspiration that fall.


The coach know and he played the kids. thats all I need to hear about the story. they should be 0-8. Same situation as timpview. The difference is that the timpview situation doesn't really matter anymore. They just released that one in the paper. UHSAA is too gutless to do what they need to when the people are standing right in front of them.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Reading again the data about "why" the players could be ruled ineligable... I could not help seeing the reoccuring excuse of "while they are good, we would still be successfull with out them"
School officials... you don't seem to get it! Its not ok as long as they were not good players or they did not contribute to the win... the win or lose does not matter!
If they were ineligable, then that is that. No matter if they have a great story or not.
If they were ineligable, then the games need to not count, period!

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