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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I haven't understood why more teams haven't thrown it 50+ times against byu. byu does not have a secondary. Never has, never will. Even the DesNews ran an article a month or so ago admitting it was hard to recruit "secondary type athletes" to byu.

Even if teams are typically better running the ball, when you are going against a secondary like byu, you should throw, throw, throw. The secondary was exposed big time, even when bronco admits only 3 guys were rushing.

Look for Rees or Golston from Notre Dame to have career passing numbers this weekend.

Notre Dame 40(or until they get bored)
byu 9

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

For a coach with a 4-12 record against top 25 teams, speaks volumes about bronco letting his team get overconfident.

This wasn't a WAC team. You seriously thought you had a chance to win this game?

I admit my Utes are struggling to adjust to being in a quality league week in and week out. But its a process like Whit talks about and I"m confident within another two or three years we'll be battling Oregon and USC for supremacy.

Meanwhile, you'll be fighting for yet another WAC title.

Good luck to byu and utah in their future WAC/Pac12 title pursuits, respectively.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ...... and I"m confident within another two or three years we'll be battling Oregon and USC for supremacy".

You really stuck you neck out on that remark. You live in a dream world, Chrissy.


I appreciate the stats from the BYU/Oregon State game. This was BYU's stiffest challenge and it doesn't get any easier this week. Thanks for a well-written article.

West Haven, UT

Silly penalties (one of the most penalized teams in NCAAF) and overconfidence are just some more of the examples that Bronco is losing control of his team. Remember Gary Crowton? First the issues on the field and with 3 consecutive sub 0.500 no bowl seasons and ended with multiple players being suspended for team and honor code violations. Holmoe had better see the symptoms before it gets too late. Being independent, the Cougars program cannot afford losing seasons, or the only teams they will be able to get a game with will be Snow College and Provo High School.

Cedar Hills, UT

I see 3 more losses this year for the cougies, finishing 6-6. The loss to SJSU will especially sting.

Next year byU will be sub .500. Van Noy will declare for the NFL and the cougs will be left with no D and a qb situation that is even worse than this year.

Those are the facts. Deal with it

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Hubris seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Bronco Mendenhall has the lamest excuses. His team is unranked and playing an opponent ranked in the top 10 and he wants to say that his defense came in over-confident. His team was simply outplayed and severely out-coached. That man could really learn some things from a real coach, LaVell Edwards.

River Falls, WI

RE: "I"m confident within another two or three years we'll be battling Oregon and USC for supremacy".

I hate to be the first person to bring this to your attention, but the University of Utah is located in Utah. You may have occasional winning seasons (a la 2004, 2008) but "supremacy" will never be in the equation. Get used to being at the bottom of the pile.

Millie Bess

Wow! This is quite the aritcle to spark so much dialogue! I love to read what others think and appreciate the remarks made by all. However, I for one think that BYU has a great future!

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