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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

I found a $5 hotel room at Palace Station in Las Vegas to rest overnight on a trip to Utah. My $5 pre-paid room became over $25 on departure with the added on 'resort fee'. All I wanted was 5 hours of sleep and a shower, so I guess it was worth it. I still tell folks I stayed in Vegas for $5 and it was a clean comfortable room, contrary to what some readers may assume in error. (Many Utahns will not even stop in Las Vegas.)

American Fork, UT

Price outbundling is an insidious practise that should be regulated out of existence. They get to advertise the flight to atlanta for $99 but how much did it end up costing? Four, Five times more? And don't kid yourself, airlines don't outbundle 'optional' items to make their flights seem cheaper. It's all stuff you have to have for the flight. And hotels will do the same. As a previous post noted, vegas is really bad for the 'resort fee' thing already.

Michael De Groote

I am building on the information in this story to take an in depth look at hotel fees in another article. I had a great conversation with Bjorn Hanson at NYU about why hotels do this and how to get around some of the fees.

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