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Published: Monday, Oct. 15 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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David King
Layton, UT

What exactly is a "spoiler"? Far as I can tell, it's anyone who messes with the simplistic two-party narrative and offers something other than the status quo. In our crazy upside-down world, the candidate who actually offers something different is derided as insignificant at best and a spoiler at worst. Mitt Romney talks a great game about spending and debt, but has never produced the numbers that would lead to a balanced budget. He promises to cut spending for PBS, but have we made progress if all that money just goes toward building a fence and increasing military spending? Ralph Nader and Gary Johnson deserve a lot of credit for pointing out the flaws in both parties. The irony is that we mock the likes of Nader and Johnson for ruining the story, while our two parties give us more debt, more troops in more places, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and a host of other costly schemes.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

There is a need for Libertarianism if they could just get it right.
The idea that many things ought not be the bailiwick of government appeals to many Americans.
But then they start talking about legalizing street drugs, bringing all the troops home from everywhere, closing the public schools and opening the borders so the market can work freely...and then they lose us.
So close, and yet so far away.

Abe Sarvis
Cedar City, UT

If you need someone to call Mitt "wacky nuts" on any other topics, just let me know.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Romney didn't know just how right he was when he called it "a no-brainer" to build a fence along the U.S./Mexican border. Brains were not employed to come up with the dumbest idea the U.S. has ever concocted in immigration policy.

I disagree with much of what the Libertarian Party believes in but some of its platform planks show a common sense that is badly lacking in the country.

Diligent Dave
Logan, UT

This story shows again how anti-Romney and anti-conservative the DesNews really is. While I agree that a fence won't necessarily help, it is what Romney had to say to secure the Tea Party vote. But people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, either. And Libertarians are notorious for an "anything goes" approach to the legality of things. Gary Johnson himself (by being a Libertarian) is "nuts". (Will the DesNews disallow this comment, though the article does it, of making an ad hominen attack)?

Should we try to further stop the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico, just to legalize drugs (like marijuana) in the US, otherwise, as Libertarians propose? Or, can we save white families from committing suicide, by hastening that with legalized prostitution, which Libertarians support? Talk, about pecans, cashews, and other "nuts"!

Illegal immigrants have been more of a salvation to the US, by the sheer number of babies they've born, overall, than a detriment. Most Americans bear a sub-replacement number of babies per lifetime. It would be stupid, I agree, to kick them out.

But, to do anything, as Reagan pointed out, Romney must first get elected. I fear Obama more!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I will be voting Libertarian once again - Gary Johnson 2012.

Been voting Libertarian ever since I left the GOP 24 years ago.

Gray, TN

Ah, the 3rd Party Candidate... no chance to win, but acting as the "don't like the other two" vote cancels out votes for one of the candidates. So, even though there is no chance a 3rd party candidate could win in THIS election - it may cause some indigestion for Romney if the 17% of evangelicals really decide they can't vote for a "mormon" and vote for the 3rd Party which then becomes a vote for Obama.
The best bet for the Libertarian ideology is for them to fight to get their ideas onto one of the two main Parties' platform - like Ron Paul eventually did - at least the ideas get some notice without voting haphazardly out of spite and get an even less ideal outcome with the election results.

Saint George, UT

Only immigration?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"....The best bet for the Libertarian ideology is for them to fight to get their ideas onto one of the two main Parties' platform...."


What history has shown is that third party ideas get absorbed into one or both of the two major parties only after they start demonstrating voter appeal in an election.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: WHAT NOW? Saint George, UT

meantime federal prosecutors and the FBI in the final stages of a criminal probe into allegations that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. misused campaign money to decorate his house.

A politician from Chicago in trouble for breaking the law? Say it ain't so. Maybe Obama can give him a pardon.


Who let the kooks out?

Far East USA, SC

"While I agree that a fence won't necessarily help, it is what Romney had to say to secure the Tea Party vote."

Ah yes. How sad. one has to take stupid positions to secure the vote. Kind of like telling Florida that we need a moon colony. Sorry, but it happens on the right far far too often.

Rifleman, Do you feel that Democrats cross the ethics line more often than Republicans?

From where I stand, both parties seem pretty equally challenged when it comes to ethics.

Farmington, UT

Just another media darling to howl and gnash his teeth after Romney wins.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

You have to be really careful about influence peddling and your house. You might look at the vacant lot next to the Obama home in Chicago which Barack and Michelle bought for about a third of the real market value of the property.
The seller? Tony Rezko.
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

@Diligent Dave
So, you're an advocate of growth at any cost.
So is Alan Greenspan when he talks about illegal aliens.
Me, not so much. As a nation we've made millions of reproductive decisions which would indacte that we want less growth. What gives the elites the right to overrule those decisions? What gives them the right to ignore the law in the name of cheap labor?

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Mitt -- The Soviet wall in Germany didn't work. China's Great Wall didn't work. What makes you think an American wall would work? All it would do is raise our national debt.

Herriman, UT

If you want to vote 3rd party in Utah, go for it. Romney has the electoral votes locked up here. However, if you are in a swing state, you should consider swapping your vote (legally). Essentially, you agree to vote for the lesser of two evils (e.g. Romney for me), and in return, I being in Utah agree to vote for your 3rd party candidate (e.g. Johnson). It gives the 3rd party extra votes and a bit more influence at the table behind the scenes - and to qualify them for matching funds - yet doesn't lead to somebody winning (e.g. Obama) in a tight race because you threw your vote away. Check out the Wired article on the Vote Trade and see if it is right for you.

salt lake city, UT

Gary's right. Romney is a wacko and a terrible leader to boot. Look no further than his one stint as Govenor where he did not run for a 2nd term after turning his back on the people who elected him. He had a 35% approval rating and the budget and infrastructure were a mess. Ever since Nixon whenever this country turned to a Republican to restore fiscal sanity things have gotten worse. Now is not the time to hand over the keys to the city to Willard. Other than making himself rich and becoming the face of the Mormon Olympics what has he done to have us think he is ready for the job? Sorry Mitt, but you'll be back on your Cayman Island jet ski in just 4 more weeks. Johnson in 2012!!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

As we told Ron Paul, Get your own room!
If Libertarians cannot stand on their own, why try to co-opt Republicans?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Just another media darling to howl and gnash his teeth after Romney wins."

Gary Johnson is a "media darling"? Wow. Yep, I guess you are just too smart for me.

Say no, it's not true what you are saying about the Obama house in Chicago. You don't have your facts straight.

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