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Published: Sunday, Oct. 14 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Some like the black uniforms? Do they like the Blue Smurf in Boise where the home team gets to wear blue unfiforms, too?

It's a little much when the U has a black-out; why does the Y need one too? This is just the latest trend, like socialized medicine, round-abouts at every intersection, etc. Traditions are fading fast.

Bronco needs to get a grip on his coaching staff---they have been loose cannons this year.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"Hey Y fans - You got beat by 18 at home to a team with their back up QB and you think you're going to beat ND on the road?"

Jenny obviously did not watch the game. It was close until Riley heroically snatched BYU out of the jaws of victory!


I'm all for giving people second and maybe third chances. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I had faith that Riley could prove himself a worthy QB. However, I have lost a lot of respect for him. Either he was still hurt, or worse yet he was healthy and what we saw in the fourth quarter was the true Riley. Either way, Lark should have been given a chance. He couldn't have done much worse than Riley in the final minutes.

If Doman goes with Riley for this game and doesn't put in Lark, then I'm all for firing him as OC. I have been patient, but he's had too many strikes now that keeping Riley in the game will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

We do have a chance of winning @ND, but not if Riley starts.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Why is BYU afraid to schedule Colorado?"

Only in your dreams is BYU afraid to schedule the Buffs. BYU is 3-1 versus Colorado in their last four meetings and hasn't lost to the Buffs since a 7-9 set back in 1947.



"Yet we have a losing record against the PAC 12 this season. Does that make sense?"

Who's we? Got a mouse in your pocket?

It's laughable that you chide BYU for only being 1-2 in the PAC, when your Utes are 0-3.

What makes more sense is Utah being 0-1 in WAC, since the Utes only won 2 WAC champinoships in 38 years. Ironically, not much has changed for the Utes since joining the PAC. The Utes are still conference also rans and BYU is still Utah's bowl game.

Salt Lake City, UT


OSU Head Coach Riley said there was very little separation between OSU's top two QBs and BYU hung with OSU score for score until the closing minutes of the game.

You should try actually watching games before cluelessly spouting off about them.

Orem, UT

No hope this weekend.
Score will be:

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ sammyG

Yet 3-0 vs. BYU over the last three years. You never mention that stat; now that's curious.

As far as the game goes, I would love to see BYU knock of Notre Dame, even though fans like you make it tough to support the Cougs in any fashion. I know the majority of BYU fans are all right. I think it will be a close game, but Notre Dame will prevail at home; 28-17.

Cedar Hills, UT

"In the 3 games that BYU has lost, they were and are the btter team." WOW!

Lots of if only, if onlys from byU "fans" on this thread. Pretty funny.

Just go beat'm! Of yeah, you still have Riley. Never mind.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Why are BYU fans bashing on Riley?

Heaps, Lark, or anyone else on your roster has been able to beat out Riley.

It's either:

A) You have no talent
B) Your coaches can't judge talent

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

Funny thing is we are only a few plays away from an undefeated season.


True, but your are also a few plays away from a losing season (3-4).

Saint George, UT

James Lark needs to play

Cedar Hills, UT

well one thing is for certain in this game - we know what BYU's score will be - 0! As for ND I suspect a decent BYU defense will finally succumb to the great field position they will get all game long and put up at least 24 points.

Syracuse, ut

Well, unfortunately my Cougars will have at least three or more turnovers and will put the defense in terrible position to try and stop ND. I hope I am wrong, but I fear it could get ugly.

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