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Published: Sunday, Oct. 14 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Cinci Man

Oh no. Normally I would be looking forward to our playing such a powerhouse. But this year, I cannot bear to watch the creaming of my beloved Cougars. I wish next year would come quickly.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Can you say "butt kicking". Without a quality quarterback BYU has no chance in this game.

Layton, Utah

Notre Dame and T'eo are going to lambast, destroy, trounce, take out back of the wood shed, etc. the Cougars, This will not be pretty. Riley may not make it out of the game alive.

Farmington, UT

The first item that will be different from last week is the lack of the silly black uniforms. Get the "black-out" hokeyness out of the game (and the blue smurf turf) and settle into playing quality football.

Another question that seems to have been answered with a huge NO is "Will we see Lark play?" That is difficult for me to understand, since Riley gave up a turnover when BYU could have taken the lead, gave up a turnover with a pick-six that sealed the defeat, and threw another one when he should have chucked the ball out-of-bounds....Riley is back to being "Riley".... and threw to Apo's kness and feet, too.

Funny that after getting a field goal and successful PAT's, the punter shanked a couple of punts when there was NO rush by the defense.

It was a great game, very entertaining, through 3 quarters. Maybe we can get 4 quarters this week, if the defense goes back to the basics and doesn't get faked out of their shoes (#6) and the offense can catch the ball (#82). I guess anyone can have a bad day, as observed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chances are not very good for a Cougar victory. However, as far as I'm concerned, this Saturday we are all Cougars.


Saint George, UT

BYU by 30.

Danbury, CT

Would love to see BYU for once get really pumped up to play top level competition, rather than being nervous, unsure and mistake-prone. As long as Riley is QB, we will always make stupid mistakes. What is it about our guys that they can't be fed up enough to really play tough??

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

Well, the positive point is that after Notre Dame, there's only one more real game and its on to the cream puffs (Hopefully!). San Jose State though is playing relatively well though and they did score 27 points against Utah State.

Park City, UT

Soon to be 4-13 against ranked opponents under Bronco's mediocre leadership. No excuses against Oregon St., the defense was exposed especially #6 Jordan Johnson. Bronco why didn't you bench him and bring in his backup, or isn't there someone else who can provide better cover? Wasn't Jordan Johnson responsible to giving up 2 or was it 3 TD's? Sure would have been nice too to give Lark achance? Well just a shame the Cougs aren't 6-1 like they should be. Oh well until Holmoe replaces Bronco with someone who believes winning is #1 even though it isn't stipulated in the contract the football team will never return to national prominence like it was under Lavell's leadership.

Richmond, VA

Ok, the reality is that it looks like my beloved Cougars have a slim to no chance against the Irish. However, here's my fantasy for this weekend...BYU somehow escape with a win, Utah tops Oregon St., and the Aggies continues to roll in the WAC. If that happens, it'll be so sweet. We redeem ourselves, the Utes can be proud because they did beat us and it'll reflect well on their strength of schedule, and thus a measure of respectability is restored to the Utah schools. I know is more like a pipe dream but I think anything can happen.

Go Cougars! And good luck to the Utes and Aggies too!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Unfortunately, Utah teams can no longer beat the better teams. Both Utah and BYU beat up on the little schools, but get pounded by the better schools. I would love to see BYU knock them off, but it aint gonna happpen.

Woods Cross, UT

Enough already. Holmoe needs to fire Bronco and bring in a real leader.

Allen, TX

In my sincerest sympathetic way, let me issue a preemptive OUCH. ND by 35.

BYU fans might want to pray the rosary.....

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm technically a Catholic although I haven't been inside any church in years.

But this weekend my faith is restored in the Irish and Touchdown Jesus

Notre Dame 47
byu 10

Cottonwood Heights, UT

We will need a true miracle and it won't come from Riley. Still, I am a Cougar and will be screaming my head off in support while they are on the field. I'd hope they would at least try to make us all proud.


Attention BYU fans.

It's time to end this outrage. Demand that BYU schedule more games with Idaho, New Mexico St, Weber St. and other cream puffs to guarantee a 10 win season!

Cedar City, UT

Love the bandwagon cougar fans, especially the win at all cost fans. I would just as soon have them move to a bought and paid for national powerhouse school that don't mind lying, stealing and cheating a little bit for a chance at a championship. As for the Cougars, as long as they are giving their best, doing it the right way, and being competitive. From what I've seen so far the Cougars have been competitive in every game.

Murray, utah

Best of luck to the Cougars this Saturday. Not much chance for a win with Riley at the helm though. I like Riley, pretty much everyone likes Riley. He is not hated as some would like to portray. Tremendous competitor, athelete, great guy, etc, etc. Only problem is he is a safety playing in the QB position. Not his fault, he gives his all on the field. Too bad Bronco can't see that his talents have been misused. Riley's scrambles for occasional first downs are nice but you can't recover as a team from multiple picks, fumbles, and umpteen poor passes during the course of a game against quality competition. It was amazing to watch what the second string OSU QB was able to do with his precision passes. Obviously he is talented as well as well coached. Emphasis on the well coached. Shades of bygone days at BYU. Luckily Doman was trying to protect Riley more with his playcalling for this game resulting in 24 points instead of the usual 6.

Layton, Utah

Attention, let's end the outrage Utesie fans, we should go back to the mountain west and play WAC teams so as not to be the perennial doormat of the Pac 12.

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

Funny thing is we are only a few plays away from an undefeated season.

If we execute on the 2-point conversion against BSU. If we make the FG against the hill. If Hill isn't hurt and we make a few more plays against the Beavers.

I think the Cougars are going to sneak up on ND and beat them in front of their own fans!

BYU 17 ND 13

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