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Published: Sunday, Oct. 14 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Motor Bike

You are spot on, I think TJ wants to argue, but I have no idea what about? He seems to think that after less than 2 seasons, that the Utes will always be at the bottom of the PAC 12. It's a good thing Arizona and Arizona State didnt' think that way. Also, there was some obscure reference comparing Utah to Idaho. Utah is about to collect over $45 million in TV revenue in the next 3 years. Why in the world would any Utah fan ever consider or want the Utes to leave the PAC 12? I doens't make any sense to me; especially knowing that a little over one year is quite different than forever.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

We got our money. We don't care if we never win a game in the Pac. Football or basketball. It is all about the money. No more hiding in the MWC and then throwing together a good game plan for the bowl game like in years past. At least tickets are going to be cheaper when the football team tanks for a couple of years. Wait they can't lower ticket prices because it costs more money to be in the Pac? What?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm with you Spokane ... bottom line, there's a lot of jealousy from the boys in blue. They don't seem to understand that arguing things like whether or not the U should have walked away from an offer to join the Pac-12, simply expose their jealousy and nothing else. I think we call this grasping at straws, right?


I'm a huge BYU fan. But c'mon cougar fans, leave the Utes alone. If you're not paying attention BYU is not playing any better.
In my opinion you should only post here if you are correcting a Chris B prediction or mis-quote.

Pls stop accusing the Utes as "celler dwellers". As I've said before, if BYU were in the Big12, what would be their win loss record?

Mesa, AZ

tandj--"I will repeat what I said about Idaho. They made a wise decision in leaving the PAC if that decision was in fact there decision and not the decision of the PAC to boot them."

Idaho was never in, "The PAC", as we've known it....They were in the original PCC which was disbanded in the late '50s....Heck, Montana was even in the original-version of this conference.

Nah, PAC-12 bottom-dweller w/b byu going 1-2 this year against our conference, w/their only win against WSU at home in their very first game transitioning into Coach ML's new-system....I doubt the same result w/h happened had WSU-byu played later in the year.

Face it, reality has hit the byu-fanbase especially hard this year, w/the slight step-up in SOS [although byu's SOS currently ranks #65 nationally, whereas UTAH's ranks at #6, and byu's will take a serious hit come November].

I love being a BCS School and take our initial-struggles in stride as we transition/adjust [i.e., DEPTH, WEEK IN, WEEK OUT GRIND, etc.]....Enjoy it while it lasts, byu-fans.

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