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Songwriter said words came to her following a spiritual dream

Published: Saturday, Oct. 13 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Mill Run
westfield, NJ

It should be on Youtube for people to listen, not Itunes first. What's more important, making money or paying tribute to Susan? No offense, but if it's not better than her other music, I would not pay for it. Even 99 cents.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT

@Mill Run

The money collected from the sale of this song will go to the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, a non-profit started by Chuck Cox to help victims of domestic abuse find the help they need to get out of bad relationships. So, yes, making money is more important in this case.
However, for those who want to listen to the song for free, you can search YouTube for 'Susan's song "A Dream Away"'.

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