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Published: Thursday, Oct. 11 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

wrz Ogden, UT


"Nobody's mind was changed in Utah last night."

"Perhaps. But there were thousands and perhaps millions of people whose mind was changed around the country... from a Biden to a Ryan supporter."

Can elephants fly? It this just more malarkey? " . . . thousands and perhaps millions" may also say the moon is made of green cheese.

Laughter is a useful debate tactic. It helps to keep the Chicken Littles of the world in perspective. Sure, Paul Ryan is a serious man, a true believer, and firm in his commitment to his world view. Unfortunately, he's on the ticket with a man who doesn't share that view. For appearance sake, he has to play by the other guy's rules and adopt positions antithical to his own.

Perhaps that is why he couldn't bring up his "personhood" rights claim for fertilized embryos. It might have generated more embarassment and increased the laughter quotient in the debate. Whichever way you slice it, from my view, Ryan was in water far over his head. But, then, it doesn't matter because conservatives will dismiss me along with the 47% they consider free-loading moochers.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Now, the question for voters is this:

If the president were to die in office, who would you want meeting with foreign leaders in the time of crisis?

1) The guy who rolls his eyes and snorts every time he hears something he doesn't want to hear?

2) A rational adult who listens and then counters with his own thoughts?

Salt Lake City, UT

In the debate Mr. Biden lied about security in Libya, he was disrespectful and laughed when Ryan brought up serious issues and he was unprepared to discuss substantive issues. And to think he is a heart beat away from the presidency. Buffoonery is not a substitute for substance and Biden is without substance. It was disgraceful and Clint Eastwood was right.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Several days ago, some in here were looking forward to seeing Ryan mop the floor with Joe Biden. That's not the tune being sung in here today. Ryan is a tough campaigner who gave as good as he took in the debate. I don't hear him whineing or crying foul today about anything that happened last night. Regardless of who you think won, his supporters can be proud of his showing against a very seasoned political debater.

Nice, CA

The wing is trying to clam that J.B. mopped the floor over P.R. and yet the poll's show P.R. with 48% win to J.B. with 44% so as I see it the left can't read and count. (me I can't spell)

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"The wing is trying to clam that J.B. mopped the floor over P.R. and yet the poll's show P.R. with 48% win to J.B. with 44% so as I see it the left can't read and count..."


I suspect that viewers who were already supporting Obama, thought Biden won. Likewise, the Romney supporters claim a win for Ryan. Overall, I thought is was a good debate.

What Ever
Salt Lake City,, UT

"lies should be met with contempt and ridicule".

Grown men that are the Vice President of the United States should show a lot more class in a public forum.

salt lake, UT

its humorous that all the far right your commentaries on these threads think they have any idea what the "middle" thinks.

Saint George, UT

If ryan won, why so many whining comments from ryan supporters?

Mr. Bean
Ogden, UT

@Mad Hatter:

"What is very evident is the amount of space dedicated to condemning Biden for his manner and attitude."

Biden's ginning, laughing, and carrying on when his opponent had the floor is what is being criticized. He likely was told to be sure to make his presence known throughout the debate... which he translated into his inane grinning and giggling.

"However, those not familiar with debate skills, one doesn't sit like a lump on a log and passively listen when the opponent says things which you believe to be false."

Debaters are supposed to take turns expressing their views and addressing the points of the opponent. Trying to steal the scene when the opponent is speaking is not a debate... it's childish conduct.

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