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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 10 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

I would love to say hello to this CEO.

When will he be in Park City to meet with customers?

Lehi, UT

Wow, so if I were thinking of buying a Westgate time share I think I would wait until after the election. Statements like this are not brilliant.

Springville, UT

As part of the budget deal cut last year there is an automatic cut in defense spending. As part of that law the Democrats included a provision that all employee reductions required the firms in question to submit 'red slips' 60-days prior. This was done as its own election threat. They thought it would cause these voters about to be fired to vote for Obama. Now they realize that over 100,000 'red slips' will go out days before the election, and the Dems are bragging about cutting defense. Now Obama and crew have begged these defense firms to NOT submit the slip as required by law, the law they put into place. The most recent, they will pay the fines for violating this law.

Now we have a large private employer who insists that he is going to pass along all tax increases to his company, which will result in people losing their job. Lots of statements going around about the harm of Obama's re-election.

Clearly, the Obama team is bad for America, and their own actions even show this.

Springville, UT

Quick note about Obamacare. Are you aware there is a 3% tax on all income property? While this sounds fun think about the margins, certainly in todays realestate market.

You put a home on the market, pay a realtor 6%, possibly even cover some of closing costs on top of that in order to incentivize someone to buy it in todays market. Now, you pay another 3%. Most people are struggling to break even, let alone make a profit. Adding a 3% tax on income properties will hammer investment properties. For a business like his, almost entirely reliant on investment buyers, it will destroy it.

I know, we like to villify the very people that pay roughly 75% of all taxes in America as the evil people who don't pay enough. So we jack another 3% on their investment properties because dang them, they need to pay more! At some points margins just disappear and people stop buying and selling. This is what is faced here.

And on top of the 3% targeted at businesses just like his, we have the Democrats wanting to raise income and corporate franchise taxes on people like him.

It destroys him? Shocker!

Salt Lake City, UT

No Romney Ryan sign......but I do have my empty chair with a video cassette on the seat on the front lawn!

I too am firing my staff if Obama is elected.......


Clearfield, UT

I have never heard of him and hope to never hear from him again. His employees should join together and file a class action lawsuit against him. In a democracy people should be free to vote their conscience without fear of retaliation. Comes across as nothing but an egotistical bully.

Patrick Henry
West Jordan, UT

So he wants to retire in the Caribbean? I think he is doing well off for himself. Most seniors struggle to make ends meet. I sure hope I can become wealthy enough to tell my LAZY good for nothing employees that I'm going to retire to a tropical island.

Sandy, UT

That businessman is only being honest and giving his employees a heads up so they know what to expect if Obama's policies keep going in the next 4 years. If you think this is an isolated case, you are mistaken. I work for one of the largest private finance companies in the country, my sales staff calls hundreds of large corporations daily offering our lending/equipment finance services and dozens of CFO's each month tell my staff that they are barely hanging on to see if Romney gets elected or if Obama gets re-elected. If Obama is re-elected, they will promptly close their doors. Under Obama, we now have the highest corporate tax rate in the world and Obama wants to raise taxes and costly regulations further and further. (plus Obamacare will just skyrocket small business insurance costs!) We are on the same path as Greece and Spain (bankrupt governments with 50% and 25% unemployment and Obama does not understand even basic economics to change paths and won't stop his unprecedented budget deficits until he spends us to that same path!

Provo, UT


If margins are so tight, and this three percent is such a problem, then why are corporations making record profits? Unemployment is still high, but business owners are raking in the profits... What is wrong with that picture?

Las Vegas, NV

Telling employees the reality of possible layoffs is a very good thing to do. Some of the liberals out there may think this is trying to influence the election but these employees need to make plans for Christmas and beyond. Will they have a job or not. Not sure where all his properties are located but he is not influencing anything in Utah. Also layoffs are not the same as getting fired. If they get laid off they will just be added to Obama group of getting unemployment and food stamps.

salt lake city, utah

Terry, large businesses are going to shut their doors if Obama is re-elcted..seriously, I mean seriously. Report after report shows record profits for large businesses from banks, to cars, to many retail companies. Of course the profits are being made on the backs of employees and consumers..but they have money. Closing really? If large corporations were on the verge of closing, the stock market would not be at 13K+ it would be in the tank.

Secondly, this whole Obamacare is going to crush small business is a pure lie. Businesses with under 50 employees are exempt..which includes almost 90+ % of small businesses, and it includes 100% of the businesses portrayed by the right as going to be crushed (the corner bakery, the auto repair shop, the landscaper etc.). What you can count on is if Romney is elected 30 years of wage inequality, 30 years, of opportunity decline, and 30 years of educational decline will continue. Plus oh by the way women..you will lose your right to equal pay, and your right to make decisions about your own health.

American Fork, UT

Instead of going after his staff I'd like to see him hold his breath until he gets his way. That's more like the behaviour of a six year old that this guy seems to want to emulate.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If only this response to a black president was an unusual thing. But the facts are that millions of businessmen have exhibited the same attitude over the last 4 years. They have withheld investing and hiring in a deliberate campaign to defeat President Obama.

Further, it seems that the campaign was not the work of an organized effort by a group or party, it was just the left over hate from the days of segregation.

one old man
Ogden, UT

What is truly frightening is that so many people posting here are gullible enough to agree with this guy.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

businesses with 50 FULL TIME employees may be exepmt from Obamacare, but their owners will still ahve to pay the taxes to support it. It just means, like Red Lobster and Olive garden, they will cut their full time workers' hours so they are part time.

why are prifits high? cutting costs.
a 3% return on sales is high for many businesses. taking 3% more from them would make many insolvent, there is not much else to cut - except personnel expense.

hahahahaha!!! the tired old race card? that's the best card you have in your hand?

salt lake city, utah

Lost..what taxes? The only taxes that are proposed..again proposed, is an increase in the marginal rate to 39% from 35%the rate businesses were paying ten years ago when you couldn't get in their doors they were so busy. There are new fees on various medical field businesses (and their profit margin is not 3%, it's multiples of that), not on the corner bakery..in fact..there are specific tax breaks if they decide to provide health care for their employees. So truth no new health care taxes only tax breaks for small businesses.

By the way the increase is not taking 3% more from the business it's a three percent increase in the marginal rate..go look it up.

Wilsonville, OR

This kind of threat is the same kind that McKinley supporters used against William Jennings Bryant. When are we going to come into the 21st Century?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I guess you missed it, but the SCOTUS decided last June that Obamacare was a tax.

sorry for the typos
ahve? ouch
prifit? oh my!
exepmt? geez louise!

did a quick google search for average corporate profit margins. Best I could find was 3/13/11 from Bloomberg that said average corporate profit margins for 2011 were forecast to be 8.9%, whack that down by 300 bp to 5.9%, and you see that the 3% tax increase reduces the corporate profit margin by 33.7%. so yeah, it's significant, especially to the small business owner who has to leave most of the income in the company.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

lost in DC

A person has to play the cards he has been dealt. In my case that means that my being has been effected by the racism of people in the United States. But only for the last 70 years or so.

I do not believe racism toward black people stopped being a major consideration in the personal feelings of people. For most of us there was nothing we could do about the laws that sought to equalize the opportunities and we settled into an acceptance. But for the rich and powerful the laws were just regarded as challenges to be bypassed.

The bad economy is blamed on President Obama. Yet from my point of view he seems to have done much to satisfy the republican wants. He even abandoned his supporters and allowed his name to go on a health care bill that is more like what business wanted rather than the reform desired by the American people.

I cannot find any logical reason for the businessmen to hold back their investments and jobs. So I am left with the suspicion that the reason is hidden and not to be spoken.

SLC, Utah

The problem with Opinion Polls and this sort of comment board is that few if any of the respondents are business owners.

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