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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 9 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Obama groupies:
Your boy is behind not because of his pathetic performance in the debate but because of his horrible policies and his total failure as president. Americans finally figured this out to be the true Manchurian candidate.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Eric Schulzke - an obvious Deseret News shrill for Mitt Romney.
Day after Day he searches the World-Wide-Web in search of ANY shred of posivitve news regarding his man, Mitt.

BTW - Eric,
This is STILL the only poll that matters:

Obama 294
Romney 224

270 is needed to win.
[and that even AFTER that 36 point switch]

Saint George, UT

Which Romney has the edge in two new polls?

Salt Lake City, Utah

So are these good polls with the right people polled, and the right questions asked?

Salt Lake City, UT

The Pew poll that had Obama up by 8 had a 10 point partisan affiliation split in favor of Democrats (you know, the sort of thing Republicans claimed polls were biased over). The new Pew poll that has Romney up by 4 has a 5 point partisan affiliation split in favor of Republicans. That's basically the entire difference right there. Independents were basically the same in the two polls. Obviously Romney has gained a lot of ground, but he had a lot of ground he had to make up and bounces tend to fade slightly over time.

I'm just glad I never thought this election was in the bag for Obama, I recommend Romney voters do the same. This is far from over and Obama's preferred debate style, the town hall, is next.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: WHAT NOW? Saint George, UT
"Which Romney has the edge in two new polls?"

The one who was prepared when he showed up for the presidential debate with the one that wasn't.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

BTW -- I've listen to 3 months to Romney fans telling us all that polls don't matter, and at the Liberal Lame-Stream Media is wrong.

But NOW they are right?

Just like their poster boy, laking any integrity.

Colorado Springs, CO

According to Ute Alum, apparently those voting for Obama are not Americans. I knew we had a lot of immigrants here, but I didn't think we had that many, to put the election at a virtual tie.

With that said, frankly, I don't believe Obama even wants to stay president. He's trying just hard enough to make it look like he's running, but he can't wait to hand this country over to Romney.

Las Vegas, NV

It's awesome to see the Liberals in total panic. The truth always win - the truth that Obama has no experience and no clue how to be a leader, and the truth that Mitt is a true leader that shows up in the debate. prior to the debate the only thing the voters knows about Mitt is the mis-information provided by Obama. Now the truth comes out and Obama does not know how to deal with it, besides name calling, that's very presidential, ain't it?

Bye-Bye BO - Go back to Chicago!

J Thompson

The Obama apologists are telling us that America is stupid and that Americans really didn't see Obama for what he really is when he "debated" Romney. He didn't debate Romney. He stood there as an incompetent school boy who hadn't done his homework. He was unprepared. He had wasted our time. He thought that his "good looks" or his "charm" would get him through the "debate". He was mistaken. Sixty million or more Americans saw him for what he was - a total incompetent who was supposed to be Commander in Chief. They saw that he had control of a military where their sons and daughters served. They saw that he had control of the embassies where their fellow citizens served. They saw that he had control of all spending and that he had spent us into bankruptcy. They saw OBAMA for what he was - a fraud who was unprepared for a debate.

No thinking person could still tell us that Obama deserves to be President, yet those who have abandoned logic still tell us to vote for Obama. Do they really think that we are fools?

Saint George, UT


Thank you for responding to my comment.

I appreciate your thoughtful clarification...

Just one question...

The Which Romney that was prepared for the debate...

Was that the severely conservative Which Romney from the primaries...


was that the one night severely moderate Which Romney?

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Is this the electoral college poll or popular vote? Which one matters?

Highland, UT

Regardless of which side you are voting for, polls don't matter.

Alpine, UT


Romney had the lead all the time...its just bigger now and so disparate that the liberal pollsters can't obscure it any more.

That being said I hope everyone knows they are not getting a real conservative here. do you seriously believe a Conservative could get elected and operate like he did in Massachussets? Time to come back to reality.

No doubt he is better than the current socialist-in-chief but my fear is we have another big-spending George Bush on our hands.

We need a fiscal conservative to get this country off its current financial kamikaze mission.

Colorado Springs, CO

What, exactly, makes a president a fraud? Obama was elected because the entire world, including America, was tired of Bush. Romney will be elected because a little more than half of America is tired of Obama. Does that make Romney now a fraud?

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@LDS Liberal

Like the integrity of your spelling?

Romney has shown integrity throughout his whole life. That shouldn't even be a talking point anymore. Maybe we should shift the talk of integrity to Obama who does what he wants when he wants. Like giving 1.5 million to the Muslim Brotherhood and adding to the national deficit. Or lying just about every time he opens his mouth by making promises that he has not and will not ever keep. Integrity . . . look at your own boy before trying to tear down others.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

MiddleofNowhere, Utah
@LDS Liberal

Romney has shown integrity throughout his whole life.


Was that before or after he –

...passed Romney-care?
…he liked mandates, because mandates work.
…he fought for stem cell research?
…he thought minimum wage should keep up with inflation?
...he signed Gay Marriage in Massachusetts?
... he said he'd always protect a woman's right to choose?
…he said Roe v. Wade is the law and we should sustain and support it?
…he was a big game hunter all his life?
…he desired to go off and serve in Vietnam?

I could go on and on, but I only have a limit of 200…

Integrity, it's all about who you REALLY are.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Rifleman said:
"Which Romney has the edge in two new polls?"
"The one who was prepared when he showed up for the presidential debate with the one that wasn't.

The one who brought a cheat sheet, when notes were clearly NOT to be used according to the rules?
Romney showed he is used to ignoring rules because they don't apply to "him."

Sorry SS Integrity does not mean chameleon like in ideals.

Salt Lake City, UT

The one who brought a cheat sheet, when notes were clearly NOT to be used according to the rules?

Earth to flat earthers......that so-called cheat sheet was proved to be a hanky for blowing ones nose........NEXT?

Centerville, UT

Obama's presidency and 2012 campaign will be talked about for years to come when people talk about what not to do. He got elected with the least credentials of any modern President. He was swept into office in the midst of an economic crisis with a very non-specific campaign theme of 'hope and change.' He road a wave of young voters looking to make history. His lack of economic experience has shaped his policies for four years and led to the weakest recovery ever. The whole time nobody dared question him on his philosophy or ask him to add up the numbers. Then comes a debate with a man who does have some experience in the economy. It was the perfect recipe for disaster for Obama. The ONLY comeback the left has is that Romney is a liar and a cheater. (That's not what the American people saw, by the way.) If you think the debate was bad, wait until election night. I still think the polls are questionable.

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