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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Oh, this is absolutely horrifying. To think struggling families will have to pay even more to the incompetent and corrupt powers that be. Well, I guess someone has to pay for things like the AIG-GM-Solyndra debauchery.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

yes, but some are getting free obama phones and other things. barry keeps buying the electoriate with taxpayer money. he is a total disgrace.

Colorado Springs, CO

Settle down, Ute. He's not going to win. And then you can lay high praise on your annointed one for four years, and continue to blame Obama for anything that doesn't go right for Romney.

American Fork, UT

Don't worry, you cen elect mittney. He'll do to GM and the FDA what he's going to do to big bird, just as long as you keep a tax break. After all, we're an entitlement society and the biggest entitlement these days is that taxes are modeled on the dim sum concept. We only select and pay for what benefits each of us as taxpaying individuals, and everyone else is a mooch.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

its not going to be painless for the U.S. to stop deficit spending and to start to work to pay off the national debt. Repubs and Democrats alike give lip service to the national debt while just continuing to further kick the can down the road. Just to get back to even without even paying off any of the debt is going to take huge changes, yet Romney says he wouldn't cut defense spending, not even a little. Americans in general don't want to hear the cold hard truth about the huge danger of out national debt and politicians on both sides are very eager to oblige the Americans.

Sandy, UT

@caleb in new york

"Americans in general don't want to hear the cold hard truth about the huge danger of out national debt and politicians on both sides are very eager to oblige the Americans."

I hope you are wrong. Most Americans were opposed to the bank bailouts. Most were opposed to bailing out GM. I think Americans in general are tired of elected officials, in direct defiance of the will of their constituents, giving hard earned taxpayer money (or borrowing that money from China and Japan) to special interests keeping them in power.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ute alumni
"barry keeps buying the electoriate with taxpayer money. "

As opposed to the party that wants to hand out more tax cuts we can't afford?

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

Pay More Taxes + Election year = NOT

Salt Lake City, UT

Strictly speaking, these are not tax increases - they're the expiration of temporary tax cuts.

Killing off Big Bird and other Republican nonsense will get you about one tenth of one percent towards where you need to be in terms of deficit control.

Eventually, you need to take a hard, realistic look at defense spending, non-Social Security entitlements, corporate subsidies, and yes, at overall tax revenue including what you and I pay.

Do you, or do you not, want serious deficit reduction?

Hayden, ID

Government paying for PBS programs (including big bird) is just a symbol of all the programs the government is paying for that it should not be! If we want to save our economy we must cut federal spending and end wasting money on Solynda loans, funding GSA parties, and reduce or eliminate unnecessary the federal government departments of energy, US fish and wildlife, education, the EPA and many others and turn these tasks over to the state where they belong. Washington DC needs to look like a ghost town compared to the money sink hole it is today!

Sandy, UT


Did you really just call tax cuts a handout? Awesome.

Salt Lake City, UT


Try this - take all the money the federal government spends on PBS, and spent on Solyndra and GSA parties, and add them all together and tell us what percent of total federal spending they represent. Let me know if you succeed in getting up to one half of one percent.

You don't like the Fish & Wildlife service, or the EPA, or the DOE? So you're saying you're OK with poisoning our air, land and water?

Oh, you say you're going to have the states take care of this?

You think they'll do all that for free? State taxes won't have to be raised to pay for services previously provided by the feds? You think fifty separate EPA's and fifty DOE's will be better than just one?

Who do you think you're persuading with that argument?

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Why do I feel like I'm standing on a school playground watching children hurl taunts at one another? This thread is simply ridiculous with all the nonsensical blather being bantered about. It will be a good thing when this election is over!

As for those who claim a university education and can't develope a coherent argument, were you asleep for four years (or however many it took)? Simplistic insults don't go far in convincing others that your position has merit. It only denigrates yourself as someone without intelligence.

Layton, UT

These were temporary tax cuts that are set to expire. They were never intended to be permanent, all Republicans should be rejoicing, the deficit will be well under the 1 trillion mark.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

The Bush Tax Cuts were "temporary" and were suppose to expire two years ago. Now is the time to let them expire. This NOT a tax increase. Congress should do its job and protect the people who voted them in to office and not the special interest who seem to control it.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

@ mad hatter - maybe you have been reading the wrong thread. This thread has been full of few insults and actual policy discussion and has minimal political rhetoric. Arguments have for the most part been quite coherent although not perfectly developed because this is a newspaper thread and there's not enough space for extensive argument support. Also in this thread not a single claim has been made about the level of education the commenters have. Maybe you should form some thoughts about the national debt and participate in the discussion instead of acting as thread monitor handing out citations that you have imagined.

Sandy, UT


Barack Obama has gotten us $5 trillion more in debt than when he took office. Yes, I blame PBS, Solyndra, and the GSA. Yes I blame the Fish and Wildlife, DOE and the EPA. Yes, I blame countless other special interests you have failed to mention. No one can really know where all of that money went. We are headed towards bankruptcy. It shouldn't cost $5 trillion dollars to clean the water and air. Smells to me like corruption, inefficiency and incompetence. Given the fact that we are well over $15 trillion in debt and counting, I say no more PBS, no more Solyndras, no more Fish and Wildlife, and on and on down the line of backscratching special interests looking for a handout.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Did you really just call tax cuts a handout? "

If we have a trillion dollar deficit and you're demanding to pay even less in taxes than currently... then yes, you're looking for a handout because as far as the budget is considered, less revenue and more spending both increase the deficit. There is no functional budgetary difference as far as the deficit is considered between paying 1,000 in taxes and looking for a 250 dollar program for yourself and wanting to pay only 750 in taxes instead of 1,000. Either way you're passing on a 250 dollar bill to future generations. I don't think they care if the deficit they're being handed was called a tax cut or a spending program, they just want you to get it under control.

Provo, UT


"Try this - take all the money the federal government spends on PBS, and spent on Solyndra and GSA parties, and add them all together and tell us what percent of total federal spending they represent. Let me know if you succeed in getting up to one half of one percent."

Yeah, unfortunately, the Dems say this about everything. "It won't even put a dent in the overall deficit." And then they just keep spending like there is not tomorrow. The logic is "It won't reduce the deficit completely; therefore, don't cut spending anywhere." Brilliant.

We have to start somewhere, whether or not it solves the entire problem. And it is only common sense to start with non-essentials.

non believer

At 16 trillion in debt, we are all going to have to pay more! Reduced spending is nice, but that will only eliminate a very small portion of the deficeit. We have to generate additional revenue and tax cuts have not worked and will not work! How many times do we have to go down this path to realize this? Looks like one more if Mitt gets elected and thinks trickle down is the answer like all of those before him!

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