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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

@ute alumni
"it appears to be a no brainer, who could get behind the empty suit know as barry obama?"

Obama's the empty suit? Romney's a madlibs policy platform. Just insert whether or not he wants to ban all abortions (has supported the normal exemptions, but has supported a Personhood Amendment), cut taxes on the rich (he says they're overburdened with taxes, in the debate he said he wouldn't cut their taxes), increase taxes on the bottom (he says they're dependent on gov't, the 47%, and that we need to broaden the tax base, in the debate he said he wouldn't increase their taxes), and well... you get the picture.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The Democrat’s strategy is to try to assassinate the character of your opponent, not run on your own merits!"

I'm pretty sure more Obama voters are pro-Obama rather than anti-Romney than Romney supporters are pro-Romney rather than anti-Obama. That's why there's a favorability gap in favor of Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

"It's akin to getting thumped 42-0 in a football game and then crying afterwords saying the other team cheated - somehow."

Oh, so it's like losing 54-10... okay so by BYU fan standards I can say Obama's debate loss was a fluke or not a result of Romney winning but Obama not trying. Actually I shouldn't do that because odds are Obama will win one of the other two debates now that he can gameplan for Romney's gross lying.

"Get ready for Romney hates children and Romney lied about everything in the debate (never mind no specifics given)."

Romney said his plan helps those with pre-existing conditions. This is deceptive since it only protects those with continuing coverage. Romney said his plan doesn't lower taxes for the rich (but he thinks they're overburdened with taxes) nor raise taxes for the poor (but he thinks they'd too dependent on gov't handouts and is clearly not fond of 47% not paying income taxes). Romney thinks a deficit reduction plan is to repeal Obamacare (repeal increases the deficit, CBO analysis) and getting rid of Big Bird, while increasing defense spending.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


Does your revisionist version of the healthcare ordeal also include the American people uniting in strong support of the bill as well? And in your revisionist version of the events, did Obama post it online for all to see for 5 days and consider input before signing it? Did Pelosi and others read the whole thing and "find out what's in it" BEFORE signing the bill?

I thought so. No matter how you spin it, the manner in which Obama passed Obamacare will forever be a black mark on his record.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

It's interesting hpw polls make a difference when your guy's numbers have improved. Also, there is the contrast in how those who once blamed the "main stream media" and polling organizations see everything differently when they have positive stories by the same news organization.

Ah, politics.

Cedar Hills, UT


Here is some questions for you. Name the Romney "gross lies". Name one. Name anything. Hard to name the lies when there WEREN'T any lies. Secondly IF Romney was such a terrible liar how bad does it look for Obama to NOT even recognize the lies and be able to rebut them...during the debate? All Barack did was look down like a lost child (minus his teleprompter). Finally, how exactly does Barack "game plan" for Romney's lies? This is absurd and you know it. The bottom line here is this..

1. Obama was clueless - defending his OWN policies and rebutting Romneys. This had nothing to do with lies - this had EVERYTHING to do with Obama being EXPOSED for the first time in his life with no teleprompter and no lap dog media to bail him out. Obama has NO IDEA how things work unless his teleprompter tells him. So who is the REAL actor here???
2. It is one thing to say someone is lying. It is another to actually define the lie in detail. From where I was setting during the debate it was ROMNEY that rebutting all of Obama's lies!! OBAMA EXPOSED!

Saint George, UT

Which Romney

Rexburg, ID

Can anyone who watched the debate really say Obama is a leader or presidential? Without his teleprompter to spew out lines, he truly is empty. At times I almost felt sorry for him.
Almost....but was amazed at his vigor once his teleprompter was re-connected and he didn't have to "face" his challenger.

Lowell Steele
Farmington, UT

For a more granular look at the predicted results from a team with an enviable track record, go to colorado dot edu, scroll down under news headlines to "Updated election forecasting model." The University of Colorado model examines electoral votes based on state-by-state data. They are predicting 330 electoral votes for Romney, 209 for President Obama (270 required to win). The model has been consistently accurate in the past.

Boise, ID

I can't wait to see what good 'Ol Joe Biden has to say in the Vice Presidential debate. He is a loose cannon and I bet the democrats are shaking in their boots.

The next presidential debate should be great to watch as well.



Name just one lie told by Romney?

Here's one:
"In one year, (Obama) provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world … into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1."

#1 The money ($90b) would've been distributed over longer than one year.

#2 That $90 billion, as described (in a report provided by the Romney campaign), wasn’t provided in one year, wasn’t distributed primarily via tax breaks, wasn’t primarily provided directly to companies, wasn’t primarily spent on solar and wind, and wasn’t spent at all on Fisker or Tesla.

More than 60% of it was directed to state/local governments/utility companies for energy efficiency, transportation and electrical infrastructure.

And another:
"Obama doubled the deficit"

The final CBO baseline deficit projection before Obama took office showed a fiscal year 2009 deficit of $1.19 trillion. CBO projects that for fiscal 2012 the fiscal 2012 deficit will be $1.09 trillion.

Iowa City, IA

Hi atl134,

You speak of "gross lying", but do you remember that one tax study that President Obama keeps citing as "proof" that Romney's tax plan won't work (even though every other study makes the opposite claims)?

Here's what the author of the study, Princeton economist Harvey Rosen, said in response:

"I can’t tell exactly how the Obama campaign reached that characterization of my work. It might be that they assume that Governor Romney wants to keep the taxes from the Affordable Care Act in place, despite the fact that the Governor has called for its complete repeal. The main conclusion of my study is that under plausible assumptions, a proposal along the lines suggested by Governor Romney can both be revenue neutral and keep the net tax burden on taxpayers with incomes above $200,000 about the same. That is, an increase in the tax burden on lower and middle income individuals is not required in order to make the overall plan revenue neutral."

Salt Lake City, Utah


Your story of Republican participation in the health care debate is a complete fantasy, but it's obvious you've got a reliable source of Democratic talking points at your disposal.

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

ute alumni Tengoku, UT

Just love the zingers you come up with. Such wit! "Empty suit". Classic!

Salt Lake City, Utah

I wouldn't think the far right would even care about the polls. Remember they are biased, they don't count the right numbers, they don't ask questions the right way etc. etc. Mr. Romney won the debate hands down, give him kudos for that.

The funny thing is he ran away from the far right and suddenly became a moderate. Whether he lied or told the truth only Mr. Romney knows the answer to that question. The bottom line is he looked like a moderate and talked like a moderate. America is CENTER right, not far right. The things that Mr. Romney said appeal to the CENTER right.

The question is would you bet $10,000 that what he said is what he believes and what he intends to do as President? I am one of those CENTER right people, who is not sure I believe him. I am not sure I don't believe him, I am just not sure.

The problem Mr. Romney has is Americans will walk into the voting booth not knowing which Mr. Romney they are voting for which may lead them to vote for the President who they do know.

Cedar Hills, UT

the polls are NOT tied. The post debate poll numbers don't come out until Thursday for Rasmussen. Expect Mitt to get another nice bump on Thursday.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Name the Romney "gross lies". "

1. His claim that he won't lower taxes on the wealthy. (Has repeatedly said that job-creators are overburdened with taxation).
2. His claim that he won't increase taxes on the poor. (Has repeatedly said that we need to broaden the tax base which means people at the bottom, the 47% in particular, would pay more).
3. His claim that he won't change anything related to Medicare for current beneficiaries (getting rid of Obamacare would re-open the donut hole).
4. His claim that getting rid of Obamacare is part of a deficit reduction plan (since he's not keeping the Medicare cuts or tax increases in Obamacare, a total repeal according to the CBO increases the deficit).
5. His claim that closing tax loopholes on the rich would pay for his otherwise nearly 5 trillion dollar tax plan making it budget neutral (google "factcheck romney impossible tax promise", closing all such loopholes, and it's highly skeptical that he even would, would not be enough to pay for the bill, which probably explains why he doesn't detail which loopholes he'd close).

Modesto, CA

Can you say "Hillary 2016!!!. Regardless of the outcome, soon after the election is over it will be nothing but Hillary speculation. If Obama is re-elected the mood of the country won't be so great for another democrat.

Saint George, UT



The Right-Wing does not believe in polls...

That was yesterday?


The daily operative question next to what's the weather today, is...

what's Which Romney's position... today?

Salt Lake City, UT

The first comment I read was about Obama being an "empty suit." What I think really happened is that Obama left his suit home, because he looked for all the world on that debate stage like the emperor who had no clothes. How embarrassing.

Anyway, nice to see the two go head-to-head. It was pretty clear who won the debate, and who would do the better job as president. 70 million viewers saw that for themselves, unfiltered by mainstream media commentary.

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