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Published: Sunday, Oct. 7 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Common sense prevails over right wing extremism!

Ogden, UT

Kudos to Jon Huntsman Sr. for being willing to cross party lines to endorse the quality candidate in the race. Good Job, Mr. Huntsman.

Sandy, UT

While I agree with Mt Huntsman that Rep Matheson has represented or state very well, his decision to run in a district outside of his residence was a mistake. Mia Love will better represent the people of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding communities.

Provo, UT

jpjazz: Matheson didn't decide to leave his district, the Legislature carved him out of it. The 4th District is the "closest" thing remaining.

I support Matheson because of his staunch support of the 2nd Amendment (he is NRA endorsed), and because he never toes anybody's ideological line. I hope Utah will continue to be an example to a divided nation by electing civil, moderate politicians in the mold of the Mathesons, Bill Orton, and Olene Walker.

Tremonton, UT

Really, honestly, Who Cares what Huntsman Senior thinks? I mean, really? Huntsman Senior doesn't even live in the 4th Congressional District. He lives in the 2nd as far as I know. So who, or why, is this even a story in the Deseret News?

In the end, people have to make up their own minds. Celebrity/CEO worship is not a sound basis upon which to make political judgements.

Matheson is a nice guy. But what has he done in his dozen years or more in Congress? Can anyone name one single significant piece of legislation that he authored that actually passed into law? He's been there long enough.

Salt Lake City, UT

Since when is a democrat endorsing another democrat......news? Love will win, you can bet your plastic on it!

South Jordan, UT

Jon, St.: How disappointing! I thought you had better sense.

Hurricane, UT

Jim Matheson has not and does not represent the State at all nor will he if re-elected. He follows the Democrat Party to the letter; only deviating when allowed by the party leadership. Obamacare is a prime example. It passed allowing him to "vote against" to show Utah he is "blue dog". He votes just enough to the right to stay in power without really representing the conservative, Constitutional principles of Utah. I'm disappointed in Huntsman Sr.

American Fork, UT

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...look at junior and take senior's words on politics with a grain of salt. Mia Love is a great example of a non- silver spoon candidate. Utah is ready for another jason chaffetz-like representative.


This is good news. I live in the 4th district and I am looking forward to voting for Matheson. We need more moderate voices in congress.

Kearns, UT

Like I care what Huntsman thinks? I don't care for the kid, why would the Dad be any different?

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT
Common sense (Citation Needed) prevails over right wing extremism! (Citation Needed)


I for one could care less. I can't wait to vote for Mia Love because I believe in term limits and Mattheson has been in Washington way to long. He might have done some good and I think that he is a good man. I would not vote for him just because Huntsman endorsed him. I would vote for him because I thought he was the better one to represent us here in Utah. Well I think at one time he was but now we need new blood there in Washington to get things going so Mia Love is the right choice for me.

Kearns, UT

Everyone says that Matheson doesn't represent Utah, yet he is the only member of the Utah Congressional delegation that is opposing the Ski Link. This is something the majority of the Wasatch Front is against. In this regard, he is the only one in Congress that listens to Utahns about issues.

I have personally asked for answers to questions from our elected members to the House and Senate, Matheson is the only one that actually answers the questions. The rest just return rhetoric that they think people want to hear.

Until another member of the Utah Congressional Delegation stands up against Ski Link like the majority of the Wasatch Front want, Matheson will be in my mind and many others the only one that actually listens to the people of Utah on the issues.

Ogden, UT

The objective of a political party is to do the thinking for the voter, relieving him or her from that important work on their own.

Utah voters are notoriously prone to do just that. Fortunately Jon Huntsman Sr. thinks for himself; he looks at the candidates and makes his choice based on their individual qualifications.

That's actually the way all of us voters should choose who we support.

Group-think got us into major trouble in the last legislature as it virtually shut down Congress while lawmakers wasted an extreme amount of time wrestling with each other over the debt ceiling, which finally turned out the only sensible way it possibly could.

Political parties frequently hinder good government more than any other factor when it comes to governing the nation.

Party loyalties counteract representative government by aligning lawmakers along party lines instead of the along the interests of constituents.

Jim Matheson doesn't allow his party to dictate to him how he will vote and he often goes against his own party for the good of his constituents in the state of Utah.

Mia Love spouts caters to conservative Republicans and feathers the nest of her own political aspirations.

Ogden, UT

Mr. Huntsman having great respect for you I ask you to rememnber Jim selling his Obamacare vote for his brother receiving a judgeship. So much for representing Utah.

salt lake city, UT

The responses on this blog are typical of zealots. If you don't like the message, attack the messanger. Huntsman has done so much good for this state and our community. While you might not agree with his endorsement why would you attack him personally? Can't we have different opinions and still respect those differences?


Meia, unlike Mr. Huntsman, one of the most kind and generous individuals I have heard about, I am so poor I look up to people on welfare. My vote is for you, Utah, and I look forward to you educating the BlacCaucuas. I would like to be a fly on the wall when you explain the facts of life to them. As a moderate. I think there should be a law allowing only one Democrate per county. Well, mayby with a spouse.

Salt Lake City, UT

Matheson's conservatism is only apparent when his vote is not needed by the Democrats and
he is given the option of appearing conservative. Otherwise he is a Demo through and through

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

In a free country, with freedom of speech, each of us has the priviledge to voice an opinion. However, when one opinion is emphasized because he has a large bank account, those who report that opinion should be critized. Mr. Huntsman has one vote, just like you and me. His opinion is the opinion of one man.

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