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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ted H.
Midvale, UT

A C for the offense? Uhhh, No. Not the game I just watched. I bow to the defense. Offense - skip conference tomorrow and figure out how to put the ball in the end zone. It's time for Doman to put up or pack up. Thanks D. You're legit.

South Jordan, UT

Two games now where they only score 6. That is pathetic. Lucky to win. Great D

Mesa, AZ

Wow, an A- for the BYU defense? That seems like grading on a hairpin curve! I guess they didn't score a defensive touchdown, the slackers!

Iowa City, IA

Really A- on BYU's defense? What game were you watching?

Omaha, NE

All I heard and read from ag fans is how overrated BYU's defense is. Almost getting shutout? Is that dominate enough for ya? USU fans need to control their hate, mature up, and think things through logically. It made me SO HAPPY knowing many of them had a long, long drive home! So glad to be done with pesty little bro's and we can know move on to bigger and better opponents who aren't going to flop after playing BYU.

River Falls, WI

A- for the BYU defense? Are you out of your mind?! Sorry, but this is the best defensive unit that BYU has ever put on the field, and it showed again last night. The first team D has not allowed a single touchdown drive (of more than two plays) this entire season, now leads the country in several defensive categories, and has at least three players (Van Noy, Ogletree, Ansah) who will be playing on Sunday next year. There was nothing USU could do last night, and it's not because they have an inept offense--BYU's defense SHUT THEM DOWN. A+ Go Cougs!

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Just think what would happen if we had any kind of offense and kicking game. This is the best defense I believe I have ever seen BYU have. Please get the Offense going and please find a kicker! Please!!!

Idaho Falls, ID

It is just frustrating to us fans to have the best defense BYU has ever fielded only to have an offense that is not even mediocre. What is even more frustrating is that we have the skill players to be pretty good on offense, and yet we still struggle.

Kicking. Taysom Hill was a great kicker and punter in high school. He couldn't possibly do worse in kicking than what we have now. Certainly there is someone in the entire BYU student body that can put a football through the uprights. . . .

Omaha, NE

Penalty to the Deseret News writers for piling on. Justin Sorenson gets the blame for missing the PAT, but it was Riley Stephenson that missed that one.

Saint George, UT

Sorry but kicking should get a F!

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