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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The truth come out.

Obama and Biden want the producers in this country to be slaves of the redistributionist government.

Then they wonder why producers don't want to work as hard, just to support the government bureaucrats and their dependent "takers". We need to get this Marxist President, and his buffoon of a Vice President replaced as soon as possible.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

leave it to Joe. Truly brilliant. That will stimulate more jobs. o to go, and take biden with you.

Orem, UT

Yes, by all means, take another $trillion away from those people who earned it and put it into the hands of bureacrats. Surely, they can do a much better job at making sure the money is well spent...Can't they? After all, GSA Vegas trips, Solyndra investments, and the like help the little guy way more than private enterprise ever could.

Sarcasm aside, even if all the rich people only used their money to buy luxury items for themselves (the caracature that liberals try to paint them with) it would still be better for the millions of middle class workers who build cars, boats, airplanes, tvs, clothes, and the like, than to just give more of it to the government to waste.

Yes, we need government in order to perform necessary functions. But government at all levels has bloated to about three times its needed size and we wonder why there is so much waste, fraud, and abuse.

Colorado Springs, CO

Romney's plan will raise taxes on those making between #100,000 and $250,000. Which group is that?

Besides, this is not news. Obama has been running on this platform for a long time.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: xscribe Colorado Springs, CO
"Besides, this is not news. Obama has been running on this platform for a long time."

We've saw Obama debate Romney the other night and Al Gore tried to blame his shocking inability to perform on the high elevation in Denver that may have left to the poor chap with oxygen starvation. If Obama knows what his platform is why wasn't he able to articulate it?

Cinci Man

I am 100% in favor of raising the taxes of the ultra rich who seem to have access to many ways to avoid paying taxes, including the loopholes for the rich. And I'm in favor 100% of the plan Obama promised in his first year to do exactly that, but to also add huge incentives for those whose portion of their taxable income can be sharply reduced when that income is shown to have created jobs. So increases taxes on the rich while increasing deductions for creating of jobs. And he also promised to punish those who send jobs overseas at the expense of American consumers. He kept neither promise, because Jamie Dimon and other ultra-rich CEO's who do what he would punish them for have him in their hip pockets. It's funny how politics works. Whomever says it's no time to raise taxes on anybody, isn't thinking about those who send jobs overseas and hide their income in foreign lands. Politicians on both sides of the aisle will not do what is right on this issue.

Provo, UT

@DN Subscriber -- The reason that producers want to work hard to make more money is that they'll have more money! Even if their taxes are raised, they'll still have more money! I think sometimes people don't understand that when you go into a higher tax bracket you're not paying that higher rate on all your income. You're only paying it on the amount that is above the next lowest tax rate cut off point. I've never met a person that actually makes a lot of money that thought they didn't want to make more money because they had to pay taxes on it. Think about if you've ever really heard anyone say that who was actually in the top tax brackets. The only people I've ever heard say it are people who are paying well below the top rates (and are probably the people who are not even paying taxes because they are part of the dreaded 47%), and I think it's because they just don't really understand how tax brackets work.

Ogden, UT

If they are such successful job creators, where are the jobs? Hint -- there aren't any.

Give tax credits after the jobs have been created, and levy sanctions to the people or companies that send jobs overseas.

Obi-Jon Kenobi
Bountiful, UT

Oh, Joe. You just keep opening your mouth to insert the other foot in it. Can't wait for the debate with Paul Ryan! It will be like the T. Rex devouring the lawyer in "Jurassic Park."

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

Both Mitt and B.O want to take away deductions for Mortgage Interest payments, property taxes and Charitable Contributions (Think Tithing). Its a dirty little secret neither party wants to publize. We can't forever be going to the Chinese and borrowing money (though bonds sales) from them. I can't offer any smart solutions other than lets all work together and get Americans working again, PAYINGS Taxes AND rethink being a world power !!! Even Rome realized its Empire could (or should) only stretch so far..

Salt Lake City, UT

This may be news but it's not new, we already knew this since repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the rich is about a trillion over the next 10 years.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

I love that guy...he reminds me a lot of Bobby Knight when doing a post game interview...you never knew what was going to come out, but you always knew it would be bizarre and offensive.

I'm looking forward to the VP debate as well...the only thing Ryan will have to worry about is to not hammer Biden too much. He'll need to hold back even though there will be plenty of red meat to pounce on. If he attacks too much it will look like elderly abuse and could turn people off.

I hope Biden acclimates himself to the altitude before the debate.

Salt Lake City, UT

if wew are too raise taxes....lets start by raising it on those who don't pay any.....afterall Obama said everyone deserves a fair share!

m.g. scott

Let's see, a trillion dollar increase on the rich, over what, 10 years? How is that even going to dent the deficit of 1 trillion dollars a year that Obama has been spending? When are "they" ever going to learn that the only path out of this financial mess is to grow the economy with jobs, jobs, jobs. Tax increases on the producer class only decreases jobs. When will they ever learn?

Cinci Man


Please explain how the ultra rich are automatically labeled as a producer. Can you not see that some who are rich avoid paying their fair share of taxes by placing their cash and assets overseas? Even those like Jamie Dimon who amassed his fortune paid to him by revenue from American consumers in the wake of him sending thousands of jobs overseas and laying off American workers, got it all by not producing a single job, except the ones taking care of his house and yard. He gets more than $20 million a year from Americans in reward for his doing his 'business'. He spends millions of American dollars severing American workers and building facilities in foreign countries to create foreign jobs - with OUR (not mine) money.

I say let him pay for the food stamps and unemployment of every worker he laid off in order to create jobs overseas. That's fair. American dollars should NEVER be used to send a job overseas.

Centerville, UT

Weird. Obama was against this before he was for it. In 2010 he said it didn't make sense to raise taxes in a weak economy. 2 years later it is weaker still and he wants to raise taxes now? That's not an economic plan. That's an ax to grind. He didn't give any indication of what he might do in his next term if he gets one. Why?

Layton, UT

I love seeing this common theme of average Americans defending the rich. This just in people, this rich do not care about you nor will anyone on this forum ever become a member of the 1%. Taxation policy has proven year after year to have only a marginal effect on growth rates and the Republicans keep commenting on reducing the deficit, guess what, you need to increase taxes and reduce spending, they go hand and hand.

m.g. scott

Re: Cinci Man

You're talking about the super rich type and yes there are certainly some jerks who contribute nothing to the economy. The rich being referenced by Biden are the people who own businesses that employ people. Many of these people have gross worth in the millions, but they themselves work very hard to provide service or product to America. And in doing so employ people. That is where the vast majority of jobs come from in this country, not the multi-national corporations. These are the middle class jobs that need to be created to bring tax revenue to the government to pay off the debt. Taxing the rich, even if you took 100% of their money, would not bring in near enough money to solve the debt. And in so doing it would put these people "out of business", which means more unemployment. See how it works? Obama doesn't.

Meadow Lark Mark

The rich should pay a fair share in taxes. And what is a fair share? And all the poor serfs who feel the world owes them a living should pay their fair share also!! With some people they think everyone should pay their way through life. There is great inequality on both ends of the spectrum. If everyone would contribute it would be better for all of us, and perhaps more people would be concerned what happens with their tax dollars instead of wanting someone else to simply pay their way through life. We need Romney now more than ever!!!!


The Bush tax cuts were passed by reconciliation but Senate rules don’t allow bills passed by reconciliation to create deficits more than 10 years in the future. Thus, the tax cuts had a 10-year expiration date. In 2001, the Pew Research Center found that 37 percent of Americans preferred to use the surplus to fund Social Security and Medicare, 23 percent for domestic spending, and only 19 percent for a tax cut.

Time for them to expire. At a minimum we should let them expire for those making over $250,000 and maybe extend them 2 yrs for everybody else.

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