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Published: Thursday, Oct. 4 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Springville, UT

That's three wins in a row over your Cougars and 8 of the last 11.

Good luck in your search for a conference.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes are in need of a win.

Too bad Utah can't play BYU 10 times a year. Then every year would be a guaranteed 10 win season.

West Jordan, Utah

Using inductive logic to benefit opinions is naive.

Utah/BYU PAC 12 record comparisons are not equivalent to Utah's head to head record with BYU. Utah plays PAC 12 teams weekly. BYU has a few sprinkled in, where they can get up for them.

USC didn't spot Utah 14 points. Utah took those points. That logic wipes away points off the board for USC as well. Hays threw a pick six? Is that spotting USC? Does that eliminate Fakahafua's play as a wash (two defensive TDs). What about Blechen dropping an easy INT in the endzone? USC got points there.

Fakahafua stripped the ball and scored. Star bull rushed USC's Center and threw him into Matt Barkley (forced fumble). Hays then connects with Scott for the TD (nice throw and catch). Utah earned those 14 points.

The TD called back before the half was a big blow. Utah would have had the halftime lead. Utah bounces back and holds USC scoreless in the third quarter. Utah's offense sputtered but the score was still 24-21 with 12 minutes left. USC then makes two big plays. Blowing the game open doesn't make a blowout.

pocatello, ID

Salt Lake City, UT
Apparently the LA Times wasn't too impressed with USC's win over Utah:

"After all, this was Utah, one of the worst 2-2 teams breathing."


So much for being respected by the rest of the PAC 12.

It's quite obvious, that the Utes are viewed as nothing but cannon fodder for the elite teams of the conference to pad their conference records.


How unfortunate that NO conference RESPECTS BYU. Otherwise they would be in a real conference by now.

Cannon fodder = WAC Legacy = N. Mex St. Idaho, San Jose St, & Weber St to pad BYUs schedule in 2012.

Go Cougars!

Proud Ute


Springville, UT

Proud Ute

Teams lose games. But when they recover from a loss or two and then go on, win a few games, a bowl game, and then get Top 25 rankings then that's something to hang a hat on.

Let us know when you recover "from a loss or two".

Ouch......Must really sting still or you wouldn't have taken the bait.
Not as good as a Ute win but playing you AND getting a personal reply is a lot of fun.

And yes, we got beat by a good team but it wasn't you.....again.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Just accept the fact that Utah got very lucky early in the game to create a couple of turnovers deep in USC territory that resulted in a couple of easy scores and a fool's gold 14-point lead with only 13 total yards of offense.

After that, Utah's drives:

5 yards, punt
4 yards, punt
81 yards, TD
0 yards, fumble
56 yards, missed FG
6 yards, punt
21 yards, punt
4 yards, punt
14 yards, interception
3 yards, punt

For the next 56 minutes, the Utes were DOMINATED by the Trojans 38-7, and it could have been much worse if the Trojans hadn't dropped a couple of easy touchdown passes and missed a couple of very makeable FGs.

Utah only had one scoring drive over 13 yards against USC's 1st string defense during the entire game.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Don't confuse respect with religious intolerance.

The Utes are 0-1 in the WAC.

It's quite obvious that the Utes weren't invited to the PAC because of their outstanding athletic programs - 8th in football, last or next to last in every other sport last season, and looking like it could be even worse this season.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

sammyg -

Let us know when BYU obtains a top 25 ranking at the end of the year based on anything besides fluff.
I'll give you your top 25 ranking for our tough times fighting to get better in the Pac 12 any day. It's great to be in a great conference, even when we struggle ... all part of the journey my friend. But then I suspect you won't be bragging about another top 25 ranking at the end of this season, and why? Because the cougs actually play a few decent teams ... teams they have and will continue to pile up losses to.
So keep talkin. We'll just keep laughing.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

deductive reasoning;

Is that the only game you can reference.....just askin?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah State 1-0 and BYU 1-1 both have better records in the PAC 12, than the Utes 0-2.


An OT win at home vs 2-3 Utah and a win at home vs 2-3 Washington State. Great job we e all know how good both teams would be playing 9 game PAC-12 schedule.

USC is legit. Utah has major problems both on defense and offense. But, first we need to figure out how stop getting 100+ yards in penlites @RES.

We played better but I don't see how we get a win @UCLA and @OSU who are much better teams than us.

Centerville, UT

@ Uteanymous

Really? That's what your life has come to; tracking the number of posts between BYU/Utah losses and the number of posts by each fan base? Please share the data. And when mom calls you up from the basement for dinner you can share your research - she'll be proud.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Just except the fact that Utah with only 2 seasons of PAC-12 recruiting was in the game 24-21 until the 12 minute mark of the 4th quarter against an annual top 5 legacy program.

And all this with a D2 QB vs a NFL first round pick.

Then with one missed coverage and pick 6 later the game was over.

I hate losing but at least we fought unlike @ASU where we got clobbered.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Springville, UT

Proud Ute

Teams lose games. But when they recover from a loss or two and then go on, win a few games, a bowl game, and then get Top 25 rankings then that's something to hang a hat on.

Let us know when you recover "from a loss or two"


When was the last time BYU recovered from a loss or two playing 9 BCS teams?

Call us when that happens so I can mark it down.

As of today BYU is 3-3 vs BCS teams in two years. You didn't get better your schedule just got worse.

Springville, UT

broken motorbike

"It's great to be in a great conference, even when we struggle..."

The new normal...
beat downs = struggles
beat downs = moral victories

The Struggling Utes... LOL

Ogden, UT

who has Byu played? Utah,and The worst Pac 12 team, a bad Big Sky team, the worst boise team in 7 years, The worst Wac team, and A home game vs Utah State. Utah would be 6-0 with the #1 D in the country with that.

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