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Published: Thursday, Oct. 4 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I'd imagine you Utes would even admit that the score was not as close as the game was played. Except for the quick two turn-overs, and I give your team credit for capitalizing, your offense was anemic and has been like that the last few weeks. This obviously doesn't hone well going into the heart of Pac 12 play. Week in and week out, the quality of the Pac 12 is so much stronger than the mwc. You gotta shore up your QB situation or this will be an even longer season for ya'lls! I'll give you this much, Star Lotulelei is an absolute beast. I enjoyed wathcing him last night and how SC's O-line did a better job at containing him as the game wore on.

St Louis, MO

I tuned in when it was 24-21, and from that point on it was nothing short of comical. That pick 6 . . wow. That play made Riley Nelson look careful with the ball by comparison. The last time I saw a decision and throw that poor was in my son's freshman game . . by the backup.

That one play had me even feeling a little sorry for *gulp* Chris B. Now that's saying something.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

Hey, I read today that the Utes were going to the Rose Bowl?!?

Unfortunately for them, there is a huge difference between playing AT the Rose Bowl and IN the Rose Bowl! Next week may be as close as they ever get...

Mcallen, TX

Time to lick your wounds and head back to the mountain. Don't get WAC-ked on the way.

Cedar Hills, UT


"yet Utah fans scarcely have time to focus USC, because they're so obsessed with BYU."

I'll try and "focus" harder next time??? So this is how byU beats Idaho every year? I'll work on that.

"the Utes are now 4-7 against the PAC 12 since they joined the conference; the Cougars are 8-4 versus the PAC 12 in their last 12 meetings"

So you are taking games over what, a 10 year period for byU and comparing those to Utah's last year and a 1/4? Nice byU "fan" stats. I'll take them for they're worth

Lincoln Park, IL


"So you are taking games over what, a 10 year period for BYU?"

Nice try at obfuscation, but you already know that BYU is 8-4 versus the PAC in the last 5+ years.

Regardless of how you slice it, however, 8-4 is a whole lot better than 4-7. It's very likely that several of BYU's current players were already part of the program when BYU beat Arizona to start the 2007 season.

It's funny how Utah fans pretend that 2008 was like yesterday, yet 2007 is like ancient history.

btw, Utah is 6-10 versus the PAC since 2007.

Spin away!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU fans are funny. I haven't seen comments on BYU articles from Ute fans that come close to the comedy I'm reading from BYU fans on this Ute article.
I take it back ... I've seen Ute fans respond like this on BYU articles before, just not in the past 12 months or so. There was something about that 54-10 game and a Pac-12 schedule (win or lose) that just has Ute fans less and less interested in what's happening down south.
Good luck with USU tonight, should be a good game.

Springville, UT


I guess you had to push your motor scooter back from Logan, eh? Sorry, I would have offered you a ride had I noticed you off the side of the road. Was just up there last week.

Tough losses piling up lately for your Utes. Last night the Utes did put up more points than what I imagined but 14 were really 'gifts'.

Which bowl game are you shooting for? New Mexico, Kraft Fight Hunger or the No Bowl?

Dying to know!

Cedar Hills, UT

Loneone and killar

So why 5 years? Oh, because that fits your argument better huh.

I don't have a problem looking beyond 07. Let's say the last 10 years vs PAC teams?

Utah 11-11
byU 8-10

And.......spin away.

Park City, UT

I love how Y fans continually call turnovers gifts. Did you see how we stripped the ball, actually muscled it away from Barkley? Did you see Star knock the O line back and cause the fumble? Those are both ATHLETIC plays gentlemen! Not, little gifts as you call them. It's like saying we gave them a "gift" with the pick 6. No way! That was a great read by the USC player and it went back for a score. Or saying we gave them a gift by getting a penalty called on the TD pass, nope, it was just a dumb penalty and it happens in every game. You guys have to realize that TO's are part of every game and quit whining about them as gifts. I'll say it right now, Utah was beaten by a bigger, faster, more athletic team last night. The Utes have a lot of work to do to be competitive in this league for sure. Time will tell, but maybe we should let the future play out instead of you "seers" thinking you know how it will happen. Worry about your own teams lack of Offense and your coaching problems.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


So why 10 years? Oh, because that fits your argument better huh.


Why not look at something relevant, like the Bronco/Kyle era?

Bronco 9-6 (60%)
Kyle 8-10 (44%)

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


"Worry about your own teams lack of Offense and your coaching problems."

BYU ranks 51st in total offense at 402 yds/gm
Utah ranks 103rd in total offense at 299 yds/gm

While it's true that BYU's offense does need to improve, BYU's offense isn't nearly as pathetic as Utah's.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Congrats on the win. You are spot on on your take of Utah. Gotta get the QB situation in order, and yes Star is an absolute beast! Good luck the rest of the way.

I see the usuall trolls are out. Always a classy move to rank on a team after they lose. Oh well, just consider the source.

GO UTES >---------->

Proud Ute

I was at the game and it was tough.
Barkley had way to much time to sit back and pick the defense apart.
Almost every time USC needed a third down or a big play it was there if the Utes didn't bail them out with a penalty.
Despite all that there is a foundation to build on and hope for future.
Besides.... it could be a lot worse, based on the posts we could be a fan from tds and have the agony of three straight losses in the only game that matters to us hanging over our head for another year.
Gee.... I'm sorry (snicker).


@ 79ute

Your comment was plain laughable. Speed kills Quote " People say we are so much faster than BYU, our problem tonight was USC was much faster than us" This is plain arrogance thinking that now we are in a AQ conference we now are so much better than anyone in the state. (thats funny USU beat you and you will probably not play them any more, why because they can beat U) Just because you now have RED nike shoes and are in the PAC12 does not make U all of a sudden faster than your big brothers.
You were either drunk or drinking more than grape juice or you are drinking some one else's bath water> U are no better than either BYU or USU. LOL

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Actually, Utah is better than BYU; they beat them; remember? Here comes the spin

Centerville, UT

@ CougFaninTX

As a Ute fan, I’d like to acknowledge your post as being impartial, unbiased and accurate. Nice reporting! Utah is not good and your post provides no reason for any Ute to disagree.

@ Phoenix, Elmer Fudd aka Duckhunter, and Sammy aka Kenny G

As for you haters, keep it coming! The obsession is flattering. Last week, you carried the ASU flag, before that USU. I guess the next two weeks are UCLA and OSU. I’ll bet the closet is getting full of opponent gear – hilarious! When you pick a team, let us know.

Since the season is over for Utah, we can now prepare for your lame summer diatribe comparing recruits and their meaningless stars . . . a discussion as tired as the BYU ’84 championship, Utah BCS' and who’s coach won more MWC games.

Oh yeah, and keeping with the lame form of others – All of Utah’s turn-overs were “give aways” and all of USC’s were “great defense” by the Utes – Pathetic!

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Spokane Ute

So was 10-loss Colorado better than Utah last year?

just sayin'

Springville, UT

Proud Ute

Teams lose games. But when they recover from a loss or two and then go on, win a few games, a bowl game, and then get Top 25 rankings then that's something to hang a hat on.

Let us know when you recover "from a loss or two".

Salt Lake City, Utah


"As for you haters, keep it coming! The obsession is flattering."

Don't kid yourself; the volume and tone of comments from BYU fans is barely discernible compared to the screaming and piling of Utah fans every time BYU loses a game.

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