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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

I would suspect that if the same interview took place at BYU rather than the U of U, the substance of the article would be entirely different and that Mitt Romney would be the clear winner as every pundit declared last night. This is an example of lazy reporting with a group of students who have a clear liberal bias. They don't represent the State of Utah when Mitt Romney will receive over 70 percent of the vote this November.

LaVerkin, Utah

If you don't know about or recognize what the health panel is that is included in Obamacare, then you certainly deserve your name you have chosen, i.e., screwdriver.

Springville, Ut


You're right, they don't represent the majority of Utah voters. They do represent the state, however. By the way, I don't find any mention anywhere that you were expected to believe this was supposed to be an article about the majority's view.

LaVerkin, Utah

Lets be completely truthful. They represent only a small part of Utah people. They do indeed represent students from the University of Utah who have been fully indoctrinated by the liberal political science department at that University. But, in all truthfulness, they do not represent the State of Utah.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Do you people seriously think President Obama has animosity towards, hatred for, or is an enemy of the United States of America?


Anyone who thinks that needs some serious therapy!

Disagree with his political opinions, sure, but attribute to him perfidious, treacherous, treasonous, intentions and character is not only beyond the pale, it is downright stupid!

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