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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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What Ever
Salt Lake City,, UT

@Midwest Mom; That is harsh. I hope you don't talk to your kids the way you write in the comment boards. Nothing like teaching them young to give up. And just for the record, "all is not well in Zion." Obama didn't help, so all of the conservative ostriches are looking for somebody who might really make a difference.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Why did Obama keep using the term "Middle Class" over and over again?
As though it would somehow change the plight of being underemployed, under water on our mortgages and under performing in our retirement portfolio.
He cuddled up to us four years ago. We don't get fooled again.

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Those who wanted Romeny to "win" the debate will say that he "won" the debate. Those who wanted Obama to "win" will argue that he did just that.

Take away the names. Take away the faces. Just listen to the words and a new picture may emerge. One thing for certain. Romney spent two months preparing for this debate while two more debates will come in the next three weeks. The debate strategists for each side has seen the tactics of the other side. If anything is certain, it is that the next debate will be very different. Perhaps it will be more like what was hyped this time around. Perhaps Obama will be more aggressive and really go after Romney on specifics. Perhaps Romney will be more specific and provide a blueprint of what he will do if elected president.

At the moment we have seen a flash in the pan which will fade into memory by tomorrow. We're still at the football rally cheering the team on. I would say it was Mr. Passion and Mr. Cool. I will only say that Romney sounded much more moderate than he has in many years.


Romney's plan:
A $5 trillion over 10 yrs tax reduction which will maintain revenue neutrality. How? Wait and see. (btw In the debate Romney stated 6 other studies showed his unspecified "plan" could work. But those studies actually do not provide much evidence that Romney’s proposal — as sketchy as it is — would be revenue neutral without making unrealistic assumptions)
Create 12 million jobs (which btw the number of jobs projected if the economy continues the expected trajectory). How? Wait and see.

Obama should just promise pie-in-the-sky too.
And lie.

Romney's Olympic success consisted of the largest influx of federal dollars ever to support the Olympics and his rich buddies.

Bain's mode was/is to leverage up mature (not failing) companies, pay themselves, break unions and in some cases, ship jobs overseas.

The Obamas are not purchasing a home in Hawaii. Just another lie passed around by right-winged sources.

Salt Lake City, UT

CNNs debate sample group thought overwhelmingly that Romney won the debate but the groups pre-debate favorability of Obama was 49-50 and of Romney was 54-42 (this is a really skewed survey since Obama leads on favorability nationally, but skewed is okay if we're charting the same group of people). Post debate favorability? Obama 49-49 (a shift from -1 to 0 net approval, a one point improvement). Romney 56-42 (a shift from +12 to +14, a two point improvement). So Romney effectively did 1 point better than Obama. He trails in 275 electoral votes worth of states (RCP averages) by 5+ (Nevada + Obama's 269) so he's gonna need a lot more than 1 point.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
"One thing that is patently clear in the debate... Romney is not honest and thinks Americans can't do math."

If true then Obama should have capitalized on Romney's math. The question now is whether this is all the punch Obama's got? Undecided voters certainly weren't impressed with what he had to offer last night.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think Romney did a good job during the debates. Some have said that Romney came across as bullying Obama. Obama was not as strong because he realized that the progress over the last 4 years is hard to defend. I don't want Obama re-elected, but I still have a lot of reservations about Romney. Romney as president will be like Bush w/o the comedic moments. I want a president that will get out of these wars the US is involved in around the world. Under Romney I think these wars will drag on for many more years. Another thing that concerns me is Romney's list of possible replacements for the Sec. of Treasury, The guys that contributed to the economic mess that the country is in he wants to put back into positions where they can screw things up more. John Thain? Seriously Mitt? David Walker, former US comptroller general would be a good choice.

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

Since candidates, surrogates, media types, and pundits are fast-and-easy with rumors, stories, lies, and out-right lies, you need the fact-checkers and a little times to reflect on what is said to make any sense of what is being said.

How do you know someone is telling you the truth. You certainly can't depend upon them and simply have faith. Taking someone's word is tantamont to becoming complicit in the fraud. It takes effort to sift through the mess. And because one side may add to the mess doesn't mean it's okay for the other side to make a mess. But recognize the mess for what it is and sweep it aside and don't just step in it.

Centerville, UT

Truthseeker "Romney's plan: A $5 trillion tax reduction" Romney said no that is not true. Obama conceded with "Okay"

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"Obama should just promise pie-in-the-sky too.
And lie."

And this would be different from the last four years how?

Saint George, UT

Which Mitt Romney?


Romney has proposed cutting personal federal income tax rates across the board by 20 percent, in addition to extending the tax cuts enacted early in the Bush administration. He also proposes to eliminate the estate tax permanently, repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, and eliminate taxes on interest, capital gains and dividends for taxpayers making under $200,000 a year in adjusted gross income.

By themselves, those cuts would, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, lower federal tax liability by “about $480 billion in calendar year 2015” compared with current tax policy, with Bush cuts left in place. Extrapolated that figure out over 10 years, coming up with a $5 trillion figure over a decade.

Romney can't/won't explain how he could offset such a large loss of revenue.

There isn't enough revenue to be gained from closing loopholes that only target the rich to make up the lost revenue from Romney’s rate cut.

As for the 6 studies cited by Romney which purportedly back up his claims, only 1 as non-partisan and 2 were blogs. The 1 non-partisan "study" assumed real GDP growth greater than during Bush's.

Saint George, UT

The $5,000,000,000,000 tax reduction is Primary Mitt Romney.

The denial is Reset, Reboot, Etch-a-Sketch Mitt Romney.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Obama didn't say any thing he was going to do to create jobs, except spend more tax dollars.The few green jobs that were created are now pretty much gone and they cost the taxpayer about 500000 per job.No one evan mentioned the train barrelling down the track in 2014 from Obama care that will crash right into our wallets.We can not afford this boy trying to do a mans work -- He doesn't have a clue.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"Truthseeker "Romney's plan: A $5 trillion tax reduction" Romney said no that is not true. Obama conceded with "Okay"


I don't recall Obama saying "okay" but he is not making that stuff up out of nowhere. Romney was emphatic that he was not proposing a $5 trillion tax cut but that’s the figure the Tax Policy Center computed based on the 20% income tax cut proposal Romney has been making and is still making. Not exactly an Honest Abe moment for Mitt.

Meadow Lark Mark

Hopefully for the next two debates they can get the teleprompter set up for Obama!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe for the next debate the "chair" will show up. Would be as charasmatic???

Provo, UT

Telepromters and empty chairs...

So funny.

How about at the next debate Romney is hooked up to polygraph technology!

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

@ I M LDS 2 writes:
How about at the next debate Romney is hooked up to polygraph technology!

How about we hook both candidates up to a polygraph, or do you think President Obama should get a free pass on who he had to bribe to get Obamacare passed?

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Mad Hatter "Nonetheless, two debates remain."

Weird. I just started salivating.

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